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    Hi There,

    I just read the post about your experience with your Mom's doctor. What a very sad thing to be at the mercy of such a crook.

    I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother. It really was too much for you to go after the doctor and pharmacist at that time.

    It just mystifies me that people go along with all the pleas to stop high monetary awards to victims of medical malpractice. There are cases when the only fair restitution is money because the doctor has taken something way more important from them.

    I have a friend whose daughter was chosen, along with about 20 other 2 year olds in a mid-size Kansas town, to become a guinea pig for a crazy doctor. He cooked up a diagnosis for these babies that would allow him to do colon surgery on them and try a method for "healing" that didn't include a temporary colon bypass. Needless to day they all got deathly ill and 4 of them died. The ones who survived spent years trying to stop hurting and get well.

    The Chicago board of medicine ruled that the doctor had to pay millions to each child, but refused to pull his license. Last I heard, he was a practicing pediatrician in Phoenx, AZ.

    My doctor has the nerve to have a petition at his sign in desk for his patients to say they would like to have their right for compensation taken away. It seems to me it would make more sense to put a limit on how much an attorney can get for suing a doctor.

    It's a wonderment! I encourage everyone who is mistreated by a doctor or pharmacist to make a loud noise and refuse to be victimized. I hope I will be strong enough to do that if I need to.

    Thanks for listening! It's a subject I care about--bet you could tell. I thank you, Bambi, for telling your story.

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    I agree with you, Francie...hope she gets this post.
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    is that you can do all the right steps like I did and still have nothing to show for it. I had my husband take a day off work, he and my step father went clear to down town Phoenix, waited my turn, and then read my complaint to the Board of Medical Examiners. I gave dates, the situation from A to Z about what happened to my mother and it was pretty awful for all of us, but especially me being an only child.

    Well they sat with glazed eyes and at least appeared to listen, then wanted to just immediately dismiss my case.
    The only non medical person on the board stood and said "Wait a minute here, this doctor has multiple open complaints against him, a very bad history and has refused treatment for drugs and classes for prescribing. This case warrants more investigation". Well it obviously didn't sit well with the Board but they agreed to look at it in private "later on".

    In the end I still got the letter saying my case was dismissed and they
    "quoted" several things I had read to them wrongly..not even CLOSE to what
    I'd said (example: "The doctor would not agree to see her son."

    It was her HUSBAND who was refused an audience with the "doctor") but there were several as unlike what I actually said as that one. So they didn't even READ the letter I left with them after I read it to them. So, he may have left the state from what I've recently heard but I'm not sure of that. One woman finally won a case against him in court, she hung in in spite of many delays by his attorney. But he had cancelled his malpractice insurance and put all his assets in some safe place, a trust or the person didn't win any cash. I think she was more after the victory anyway.

    If I had sued along with my step father and my daughter for our loss, we intended to ask for $ be sure noone could say it was for money which is most definitely was not. But my FM was flaring of course and my anxiety levels were through the roof
    and I just knew I couldn't hold up to
    what could have been years before we
    got to court. Most people gave up for that reason..the long wait. I would have waited it out, but I just might have been dead from a stroke or something from the stress by then.

    But I AM a fighter and I DO write tons of letters to websites that are
    putting out false information; FM is not a progressive disease, it's all in our heads, pain medications don't
    work (not for ALL but for many they
    surely DO) and other issues. I have
    written to Senators and Congress persons, hospital name it. It's just the only WAY I can fight, with words. I hope we all be
    advocates for each other's point of
    view and in the end for the things we share most in common..these dd's! As long as I have fingers and a way to
    email I will be doing it!

    Every time I'd think of the seniors and others he was still treating after my mother's death I cringed. I wanted to park across the street from his office with a big sign warning his patients,but I didn't have the
    stamina to do it. For two years, maybe 3 I did put Birthday cards and Christmas cards under his office door
    saying how much my mother was missed and remembered and that I hoped he remembered her also. There was never anything intimidating or threatening
    and it was only twice a year so it wasn't even harrassment. But I stopped, realizing only his office manager probably ever saw them.

    For all of us, hang tough and never give up! Hugs, Bambi