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    I thought about you on Memorial Day-with the parades etc. I marched and played on every Mem. Day (many times more that 1 parade) since 1973 consecutively until 1999. I haven't since my son was born-now we just watch and clap, but I prayed that God would carry you along the route with stamina and a cool breeze. Hot days in hot uniforms are the worst! I imagine you must have graduation ceremonies coming up yet...Do you teach summer school or private lessons as well, or do you get a break? Cindy
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    It is good to hear from you. I hope you had a good time with your son's birtday and were feeling up to it.

    Actually I had some difficulty with the parade this year. I have heel spurs really bad and our drummers must have had the adrenaline flowing because they took our typical march tempo of 120 about 134! I was in such pain when I got home from my bad foot that I didn't think I could stand it.

    It is much better today so I am very thankful. Yes, when I marched with my community bands the years I was just playing professionaly and private teaching I remember marching two parades on July 4 in our wool uniforms. Boy, those were the days. I could never do it now.

    I can't play anymore because of my neck surgery. I am not sure if I have mentioned that to you or not. I had it in 2001 and that ended my playing career unfortunately.

    I teach junior high and elementary so I don't deal with the Pomp and Circumstance a million times. LOL I have been there and not that though.

    I had a retirement party tonight and I am beat so going to bed now. Good to talk to you.

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    Dear Friend and Lover of la musica,

    When you were describing the pain in your heels, a vivid memory of our first chair flutist came to my mind. A fine Christian young lady she was, she held that position in our Concert Band, Concert Orchestra and the "Marching 100" (the name of our Marching Band and the number of players). [The senior class I graduated from numbered 867 people]

    One early fall day found us marching our hearts out at 7:30am; we had been practising for an hour. Suddenly, our band director brought us to a halt. Nobody knew why. Then, off to my right, I saw two seniors carrying off Nancy towards the Nurses Station. Nancy was weeping silently. It was only later that we found out about the awful pain in her feet, and cramps in her calf muscles. There was great dedication, forty years ago, in the hearts of young people.

    Tell me, is that depth of dedication found in public schools, today? I would love to think so.

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    That parade must have been just miserable for you. Does ice help? (after the fact) When I was in the army, we marched-of course and stood and played constantly-daily. I typically played cymbals-which I love-it was much easier on my neck and back than sax or clarinet. I think the constant arm motion helped. But boy, would I ever get knotted up. When you say you can't play after surgery, does that mean AT ALL?!?!?!
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    I have been teaching for many years and I have seen a change. Our society has changed and therefore the product of our society are kids that are in some ways very different that when we were growing up but in many ways the same. Kids still want to be loved and nurtured much the same as kids of all generations.

    I am very fortunate to teach in a wonderful community that values kids, education and moral values. I have wonderful students who are amazing. I am in a very high powered and high achieving school district which values music. What I see in my students is that they are pulled in a million different directions. I live in a wealthy suburban town which has many, many things to offer kids. The typical student is into many sports, private music lessons, etc. I think you get the picture.

    It is harder and harder for the kids to find time to practice when they are juggling all of these activities that their parents think they should do.

    I still have some wonderful students in spite of all of that.

    So I hope I have answered your question.

    How are you doing now that Memorial Day is over? I hope you are getting past that awful nine days of flashbacks and horror. Take care.

    In Christ
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    I playead clarinet and sax growing up. I remember marching a parade with a Bari sax. Oh my gosh. It just about did me in. Never again. I remember marching a parade and I stuck next to the cymbal player. I knew I was in trouble when I saw that he was wearing ear plugs. LOL

    I truly could not hear for the rest of the day. I thought my ears were going to be damaged for life!

    Yes, the poor oboes always get stuck carrying the banner or whatever in the parades. My oboe players are always disapointed when they find out they won't be marching with their oboes.

    I have one more day of school and I am absolutely wiped out so I am going to call it a night and go to bed. I am really ready for a break!

    I will talk later. I hope you are doing better after your flare.

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    I hope your last day is a fun one! Are YOU retiring? I have my boy's birthday party tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. Lot's of slimey, funny fun. (Fear Factor party) I've only been sleeping about 3 hours a night,(too much on my mind lately), so I really need to rise above feeling ouchy for the day. I rode bikes with my son after school yesterday. He was SO happy. Usually I lie down when I get home. So anyway, you didn't answer about if you can play at all-just for pleasure...I hope you can relax this weekend...with Love-Cindy