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    I thought I had lots of good reasons
    Why I just could not possibly be
    Selected for use in God's service.
    I was sure God would never choose me!

    I pondered my faults and my failures,
    And knew I could not measure up
    To all God's great saints, with their talents ~
    Not me, with my frail, meager cup.

    But, God showed me how He has chosen
    The ones who are weak in our eyes
    And those who are broken and shattered,
    To share God's great love with the wise.

    For, Moses had trouble with speaking
    And David had blood on his hands.
    And, Paul persecuted the Christians,
    While Jonah refused God's commands.

    It seems all great saints had their problems
    Before God chose them as His own
    And, yet, when they yielded for service,
    God's power in their lives was made known.

    There's no one who's fit for God's service,
    If on his own power he'd rely.
    But, when one is filled with God's Spirit,
    His talents and strengths multiply.

    So, I offered the Lord my small talent,
    While I prayed for His power, from above,
    And He graciously used this poor sinner
    To send forth His message of love.

    © 2002 by Betty Jo Mings