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    Beauty if you can help me any you are a saint> I recently went for annual visit to dr. cheney and also visited carolina health center in asheville, they have an md and a guy trained acunpunturist and masters in oriental medicine but he does computurized vega
    testing, i've been having on top of all other CFS sykmptoms the reflux
    again, CATCH 22 again, cheney says alkalkine reflux meaning not digesting
    food per digestive anaylysis testing, and i'm down to l30 lbs. at 6 l ",

    so dr. bonner suggests a trial of prevacid they have a way of testing suppls
    with computer probe put on acunpressure points in fingers toes, i was taken
    aback as they are complimentary medicine, i noted that i'm extremely
    senstivite to meds and even supps at this poitn and actually is family
    history of med. sensitivitey

    i've got some naturpaths i've worked with and they are right anything like
    meds, are unnatural to body, and i guess my body tells me that with the
    problmes i've had in past with prilosec and zantac and tagament nausea
    headache then i can't eat period, so i don't have any asnwers,

    i've read a lot on acid blocking drugs and many times it is poor digestion
    diet, ph factors and etc. that need digestive enzymes now i've gotten to
    where they even hurt my sotmach, i'm so worried because and discouraged
    because i'm even refluxing veggie juice,

    pro ton pump inhbitors will further hinder my poor digestion, cheney said
    compl. digestive test show not digesting food lower intestine too alkaline
    and pete at CHS says in chronic illness the delicate acid/alkali imbalance
    is very upset as i knew, i have no clue what to do and i pray and pray

    I’ve been jucing for some time, but also freely admit to fighting major binging episodes as I’m bedridden, hypoglemic, and gut ecology is shot says dr. cheney and CHS,

    also trying to juice around food IGG allergies on a rotation which is a nightmare,

    even the dig. Enzymes seem to hurt stomach, I’ve read a food allergy book where potease can irritate the stomach and the lady who wrote it even became senstivite to the apsergillus fungi from which the enzymes are grown,

    I’m more and more hypersentivites I think do to the pourous or leaky gut,

    I hate meds, and am figthing taking acid blockers but when I’m refluxing even veggie juices, and a ultimate meal supplment mixed in for my wasting body, what does one do,???

    i am at basic survival on top of all the pain and cfs probllmes i'm so discouraged becuase me gut ecology is such i'm even refluxing small amounts of the ultimate meal and vegetable juice, stomach still hurts a lot i stay starved, but dread eating cause even enzyme hurt stomach and i reflux and that does exascerbate teh sandpapery dry burnign fire ants tingling rasply feeling, i
    2. i realize now when i poorly attempt to describe that top symptom that started with extreme dry burnign cough, dr. bonner and others thinks the acid reflux causess the symptom, it does make it worse, but it's more like a autoimmune senstation and truly think it's a PH thing
    the only thing that ever helped was jim clements of total health marketing in salt lake city sold me on time FIR heaters for low temp. infra sauna affect, he has studied bernard jensens the guy in CA studies and devleoped a program mostly for fibro, the catch there was i couldn't stay hyrdrated enough to stay in the bathroom with the heaters to sweat and when i did made me more exhausted, did helep digestion for several hours body pain , and depression even, something about ATP prodcution and chaing the PH,
    So i wnet to my female famioly dr. today to update her and get cheney's ct scans of adoment and to rule out lympnoma set up, she's mainstream but i fille dher in and she's very opened minded gave me samples of prevacid, nexium and
    prevacid gave me headache and nausea just like priolosec, i once worked with a naturpath over the e mail which is difficult to do at least i spent hrs. with you and dr. b and he said you can't drug a body back to health and i agree,
    but what do you do in a bad pinch,???
    I never liked drugs and in past in 98 was intolerant to priolsec and tagament as i told you all
    but what do you do when yo can't even not reflux veggie juice combinations, and stomach hurts a lot???
    i'm in a bad situation with everyting a catch 22, also my
    it's easy to say, don't put anything like med or unnatural in the body and i've always leaned that way, but what do you do at l30 lbs. and dread eating cause of refluxing,
    i've got to do something or i'll slowly starve to death besides dealing with all of the symptoms, no where around her to do IV therapy and those vitamins are synthetic anyway, i've somehow got to heal the gut and reflux enough to at least tolerate veg. juice and ult. meal w/o relfuxing it
    i had reflux under control at one time but as food cravings, and illness have progressed it's all gotten worse, it's pretty much though int he cfs research the central nervous sys. has a lot to do with the problems
    I am shooting to come back in 6 months,
    please read my fax and answer it and this when you can, and the letter to my dad from dr. b. would help,
    i got the remedies today, and started them, maybe they will help, when dO I START the urine teste and detox max?
    DID you say when the bottles get l/2 empty fill with water????
    Thanks for your time in reading this
    God bless paul Mark
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    She talks about nature's biotics and juices. Perhaps this approach would be worth looking into.

    So sorry you are continuing to have such a difficult time.