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    sorry thta it has taken me so long to respond. I use kutapressin as part of a comprhensive protocol. I also take glutathione/ATP injections, co-Q,Imunovir (i but it from Canada) and the usual suspects.

    I started KU in 1999, after three years of intensive treatment. I have been sick with CFS LYme since 1980-more than half my life, but I had problems with insurance and with physicians, so I didn't recieve treatment until 1996.

    My virals titers were high for EBV, CMV,and HHV6. I was testing borderline on the AMASS cancer test. My natural killer cell count was 18 with 60% function. NOTHING was working...we started KU very slowly, and we combined it with B12. At first, the herxes were terrible-this stuff made me REALLY sick.

    It took a long time to work-after six or eight months, viral titers showed some improvement, but my natural killer cell count had only gone up to 21, with no improvement in function.
    The great thing about KU is that it works well with other medications-my physicians and I feel that KU is synergistic with all of my other medications. Without Ku nothing else works as well. We also feel thta the KU that I received in the last year and a half was problematic-we are not sure if it involved product efficacy or corruption/contamination. As hard as it has been for me to be without KU, I'm not sure thta my physicians would continue to prescribe it to me given all of the Schwarz red flags, and the co.'ds disengenous behaviour. We have serious reservations about Schwarz's ability to manufacture and distribute a safe drug.
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    I also have terrible viral problems, especially in winter.
    I am currently trying to find a doctor willing to prescribe the kutapressin. I don't know if the hepatopressin is prescription????????? I have been reading about isoprinosine(imunovir). Is this, which you get from Canada prescription????????? Is it tablet form, or capsule?????
    Where do you live. I looked at your bio but it didn't say.
    I'm glad to connect with a person who also has the viral stuff. Its now my worse thing. Hate it once winter comes; its like a flu hits and I don't quite get over it and then the next one -- or is it the same one all along?

    In the warmer weather I'll get a short term viral thing, a couple days or a week but then have lots of time in between until the next one and so its more tolerable. In winter its like there are no good times in between. Yuk.

    Obviously you don't know yet how the hepatopressin works.
    Oh, forgot, is the hepatopressin injection or tablet????
    thanks. Talk with you later beckster