To Behan and to those who answered CactusLil'!!!

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    I have tried Behan to respond to that beautiful writing. I have not read that and do not know from what source it comes from but would like to know so that I may study more; very peaceful. Thank you. Lil'

    To those who wrote me about prayer and my son....God bless each of you and I, with my son pray each and everytime we separate that we will be protected until we are reunited again. I will ponder your suggestions. The suggestion about church is good. Although Will and I are Mormon's, the father is agnostic but has expressed a willingness to take Will to a church in the town where he lives. We live in close but separate communities. Of course this suggestion was made on the first visitation only. Forgive me, but this ruling is not right in our situation. I have learned of other things one of which is a situation involving a "misunderstanding" wherein Will's dad was suspect in a child abduction in the college town where he resides. The child in the matter, later recanted the accusation but it is in the public newspaper. I will be acquiring a copy of that, even though the man was vindicated. This and a couple of other questionable things were kept from me fearing I would be "reactive" and end up in the local klink. Your prayers are vital for us. Thank you so very much.

    About my breast problem. I'm in prayer....I believe I will explore other possible methods of removing this microcalcification. Love, CactusLil'
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    are actually ancient druidic in origin and when the Christians converted the pagans of Ireland, t'was a case of waste not/want not. They took the beautiful Irish pagan poetry and adapted it the new concept of Christiantiy and it is indeed some of the most beautiful poetry ever written in any language. The later poems of the gadelica are also beautiful in the extreme. You can still here them in remote services where Latin or Gaelic is still the language of the services (mostly Latin)

    There are several centres of study for this poetry and I can find them for you. I'm hoping their beauty brings comfort.


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    Thank you. They do bring a comfort and this is new ground. I would love to read more. CactusLil'
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    God's Aid

    (231; a morning prayer)

    God to enfold me
    God to surround me
    God in my speaking
    God in my thinking

    God in my sleeping
    God in my waking
    God in my watching
    God in my hoping

    God in my life
    God in my lips
    God in my hands
    God in my heart.

    God in my sufficing
    God in my slumber
    God in mine ever-living soul
    God in mine eternity.

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    has some of the gadelica poetry on it, don't know if you have to type in the first part or the whole thing.

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    How ironic - I'm here becasue cactus lil made a suggestion and your post is to her. I'll be excited about seeing it too!