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    This is obviously a touchy subject. Nobody has made any unfounded claims about the FFC. I'm sorry you are taking all of our opinions as negative claims against the FFC.

    It is absolutely wonderful for the people who are being helped through these clinics, thats all anyone here wants for themselves & each other.

    We all are searching for that Dr or Clinic that is going to be our guide to recovery, so we can live normal lives. I don't think that my opinion or anyone elses opinion will be the way a person who is suffering bases thier decision on whether or not they go to an FFC.

    All the information about the fees, what you have to pay, when you have to pay, what insurance will reimburse,etc. is all needed information.

    There are those of us who do not agree with the fees, etc. So what, it's very normal to disagree with outrageous fees for healthcare. I'm sure there are very good Dr's at the FFC, there are also very good Dr's that do not work for the FFC. I praise the Pain Managment Clinics, that is because of the help & treatments I have received there work. But, the next person may say these Clinics are worthless!

    There is so much to say about this subject but, I will stop here. I am not out to have a bickering session, I am entitled to my opinion & have my voice heard. Your opinion & voice is being heard, let the rest of us share our thoughts & feelings without feeling attacked!!

    I hope you continue to receive such great benefits from your trearment program. It's always nice to hear that there are treatments out there that can help people with FM/CFS when so many believe this to be an illness that nobody can recover from.

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