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    Sorry it took me so long. I just got the doctor's name today that is in Stone Mountain. Her name is Lisa Robbins, MD. According to her website she has taken a couple of courses that Dr. Tietlebaum (wrote Fatigued to Fantastic) teaches.
    I do not know of her personally. I gave the name to my PCP this afternoon. She was going to check the name in some website that gives the goods (I guess) on doctors.
    You can go to robbinshealth dot com and there is a little information on her.
    Who knows....... she might be worth checking out.

    Good Luck and keep me posted please on what doctor you decide to go to.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have worse health problems at this time. Keep your chin up and know that I am praying for you.
    I had an appointment with my regular primary doctor. She was not too thrilled with the FFC's recommendations. She told me about a doctor (Dr. Ou) in their practice who has started a new treatment protocol for patients who have chronic symptoms/conditions. She didn't have that much information about what he does. I received a call today from her office saying my doctor had spoken with Dr. Ou and he felt he could help me. They told me they would put me on his waiting list, that it could be a couple of months before he could see me. I'm going to call on Tuesday to schedule an appointment.
    If you're interested, his site is drdaveou dot com. He is located in Conyers.

    Take Care,
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    and Good Luck!