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    HI Bluerose, got a question for you, need some help when you do the Reconsideration i`st. appeal do you go in front of a judge? or what happens? need your help you`ve been be there for me before,, i`ll be going for some physical therapy this tues. my legs and back ,shoulders are killing till i hear from ,,thanks again,,gmom,,,
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    for Bluerose
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    Bumped! for Bluerose7!

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    When appealing for Reconsideration do not go before a judge. You only go before a judge when denied a second time (in most states)

    But what happens on Reconsideration is pretty much the same as when you first applied, only someone else will be looking at your case. The person who denied your intial claim will have nothing to do with the decision on your appeal for reconsideration.

    I hope your Physical therapy will go well. Hope you get some relief.

    Best of luck & many Prayers

    P.S. Please look and read over my post "For those of us Applying/Fighting for DIsability". There are some really good topics and good tips....
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    THANK YOU ,AGAIN!! oh before i forget in my appeal the question there asking is how is my illness affect my ability to care for my personal needs? i need help there,bluerose,,, is that like combing my hair ..etc.. i have the paper in front of me and also they want to know if i have new physical or mental limitations as a results of my illness. need help,,gmom ,,, i feel like very helpless person,,, gmom,,,
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    Hi Gmom,

    Not to worry we all need a little help now and then. Fileing for disability and going through all the process can be so I know how your feeling. I dont mind helping at all if I can...Never think twice about asking for help...OK :)

    How your medical conditions and illness affect your ability to care for your personal needs?
    ** Yes this can be things from Bathing, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, getting yourself dressed, cooking etc...

    Example(personal needs) What I have problems with!
    1.) I am no longer able to shower everyday like I use to, due to many of my medical conditions for instance... chronic fatigue and pain. Now I try to shower every other day. My husband has to often help me.

    2.) I am no longer able to stand to brush my teeth, I have to sit down on the side of the tub while brushing my teeth. I cannot stand but for short lengths of time.

    3.) When brushing my hair, I have to take breaks and even have my husband brush my hair, my arms and hands are in so much pain and so fatigued I cannot continue.

    4.)When getting dresssed, I have to take breaks and lay down inbetween getting dressed due to _____________.

    5.) If you you longer cook..tell them why you know longer cook!! For example....My husband often prepares the meals or we have take out. Im no longer able to fix a full course meal due to_________________.

    ***Trying to give you examples here on what there asking for when it comes to how your illness affect your personal needs. But the above type of things are what they are looking for you need to be very detailed in explaining why your not able to do these things are why you need help!!!

    What there asking about any new limitations or conditions!!
    ** They want to know sence you filed your first intial claim have you had any other medical conditons arise. Has any of your current medical conditions gotten worse. Are there any new things your no longer able to do physicaly or mentaly sence you filed your initial claim??

    Hope this helps some!!

    Gmom...Would you please list all your Medical condtions in your post back to me???...Maybe I can help you more if I know what all your medical conditions and illness are??????


    P.S. Gmom also when you send this stuff in with your appeal, if you are on medications go to your pharmacy and have them print out your record for the past 2 to 3 years of all the medication you have had filled. Also...Have your closest family memebers and one friend write letters to SS on your behalf....If you have a doctor backing your claim for SSD ask your doctor will he/she write a letter on your behalf to send to disability.

    Also...IMPORTANT....Make Copy's of every single thing you send to SS....Please make sure you make a copy of everything they send you to fill out and any extra things you send them.

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    HI Bluerose! well i went to the therapy wow!everthing flared up bad! my app was at 8:eek:oam and my pain is so bad i don`t know what happen but when i got home i slept till 4:00 home at 12:00 ever part of my body hurt,got to again thurs. i`ll take a pain med before i go. and thank you for everthing i send off the papers {appeal}.keep me in your prayers,,,gmom,,,
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    Sorry, I muct have missed your post yesterday. Sometimes the board moves so fast, its hard to keep up!!

    I am so sorry you had such a bad flare yesterday. I hope you are feeling better today!! Yes I would suggest taking a Pain pill before going to therapy.

    Do you have a hard time getting going early in the morning?? If you do, you may want to see if they will schedule your therapy a little later in the day.

    Im so glad you finished your appeal paper and turned it in. Did you let SS know you are doing physical therapy??

    Hope today will be a better day for you!! Many Prayers going out for you!!

    Hugs & Prayer
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    HI Bluerose ,,,yes they know about physcial therapy but i`m not feeling to good they increase my paxil to 40mg.from 20mg. i feel sluggish and sleepy ,i`ll try it again tonight see what happens do you think can take only on some days that i feel i can`t sleep ,my mouth has a funny taste ,,yukky! but any way see what happens!!! gmom

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Im so sorry your not feeling much better today. Yes having a increase in your med like that may take a few more days for you to adjust to the new dosage...

    Give it a couple more days and if your still not feeling better you may want to mention it to your doctor, you may have to go a little slower at increasing your med!

    Hope you feel better soon!!
    Hugs & Prayer

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