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    Hi sweetie ya we could get some real great tans with this stuff,lol,no i havent found a suportt group yet but so much has been happening in my life right now with my husband loseing his job and now not having any ins for awhile iam also in a bad flair right now,alot of pain so forth and so on. Well take care of yourself i hope everythings going good for you,angelkisses
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    Not having enough time or the energy I think is why, a lot of us don't go to, Active Support Groups.
    I know I have less energy lately, but I do believe it is due to my Neck/Jaw problems that are plaguing me right now.

    Have seen an ENT Dr. and was told it's the Neck, due to the SS and DDD. Plus this Stupid weather, makes me ache all over.

    So Looking forward to this Summer, we will be taking out Boat out, that's the best activity for me, I just lay there on the Fold out bench, and DH, takes the Boat , to a fast speed.
    Makes ya feel, like you can Out Run the DD's of course you can't, But the feeling is good. lol

    Next month, I am going to a Small, Reunion, of my Classmates , we went to Wilson High. A bunch of real Sun/Water baby's, we even have our Reunions close to the water.
    last year it was at the Hotel on PCH, by the old marina.

    This year it's at the One on 2nd st and PCH. I am so looking forward to it.

    Well enough about me, tell us about your Life, in LB .
    Do you read the PT, Tom Hennesy's column, I am sending him another article about FMS/CMPD, hoping someone will read it and put it in the Letter's to the Editor if nothing else.
    May 12th is our offical Day, for awareness, but I write to any and all, that I think may help to inform People about our Syndromes.

    Sorry about being so Gabby, that's me tho, lol.

    I lov, the photo of you and your Family, your Girls sure look like a Handful,(pretty girls are ya know), bet life is never dull for you.

    If you need some Info on Clinics that you can go to, without Ins. let me know.

    Have a Sunny Day,
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    remember that dance? lol, lots of bruise's but a lot of fun.
    Oh wait, your younger, than me, probably never even heard of it, lol, lol, lol

    Hope your Day's a Sunshine one,

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