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    sorry I used the word drugs, I meant medication. I'm in the same boat as you,. My family thinks I'm a little druggy. That I take pills to be slim and buzzed. my wieght is fine. I don't want to gain any so I'm careful what meds I use. It would be hard for me to gain wieght because sometime I have pain in my legs.
    also my younger son Bradley is on 4 different meds a day.
    My older son is suppose to be on meds but prefers to self medicate. So frankly, I gotta say, I hate pills. I feel like trowing them all across the room. In fact I have done that. I am so jealous of people who take a multi vitamin a day just because the think its the right thing to do.
    well God Bless them, I shouldn't say I'm jealous.
  2. NewEnglander

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    If its not too Late
    thank you
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    Not on as much as she used to be, Hopefully she'll check in soon.

    Did she give you the "It's Med's not Drug's" Lecture? lol
    She's right about it, but it cracks me up how Hot under the collar she can get.
    Maybe that will bring her out of hiding, huh Lil?

    Been meaning to ask how your doing and if you have starte any Treatments for the AS?

    I have a Mastiod Disease, didn't you have something like that too? Anyway Hope you and Wil are ok.

    And Lisa, I to feel like throwing my Meds across the Room or in the trash, but then I remember the times I couldn't get any Pain relief and how it effected my Life.
    So I do what I can to stay active, and I take my Meds as I should, don't need high dose's except for during Flare's, like Now.

    My Hubby and I joke about going and Picking up my "Drug's", but that's just between us, and not in front of other's.
    Folks give you a Tough enough time just saying my Meds.

    Hope you have a Great weekend, and keep bumping the message, she'll get it, I hope.

  4. NewEnglander

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    for responding to my post. Is it okay to say pills. I'm not being wise, really, just wondering. I just started a new Medication (how's thatLOl) wellbutrin. so I feel like puking right now. can I say puking? just kiddin,..just don't feel good right now. thanks again, can't type now.
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    So sorry you are sick. Do you think it's because of the new Med? What do you do, when your nauseaed?
    I eat a cracker, and that usually helps.
    Just depends on how bad the sickness is. UHG!
    You can say Puking, I call it tossing my Cookies, lol.
    But there are times I say I'm puking my Guts out, that's during a really bad flare tho.

    Hope you feel better soon.
    If you check LiL's profile, you will probably find one of her websites, she has one called paperbackwriter.

    Hope you have a Great Weekend.
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    It was the new med that made me sick. But now I'm eating jelly beans so I think I'm good for now.
    thanks for asking and hope you have a great weekend too. Its raining here and wicked cold, like 54 degrees out. But will make the best of it.
    Take care now
  7. Cactuslil

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    Girlfriend! I have come as close to the "edge" as I care to short of "the big one".

    When the sleep apnea was discovered and the results of the latest spinal MRI came back showing progression, the doc changed my med from 10/500 you-know-what to 15/30mg. morphine. Well, my ignorant, non-caring family got wind of this and next thing I know I am staring at the ceiling with ass-blinking EMS digging for an artery to treat me for a ARE YOU READY...a drug overdose!

    So I lie there, awake but unable to use my vocal chords, my 10 yr old son trying to tell the EMS my med condition..yelling to look at my medic alert I wear...grabbing my diabetic kit..and all they were saying was get out of the way kid!!!! My always in trouble 35 yr old was yelling I had took a "cocktail" and I was still having esophageal/pharageal (sp) spasms!

    I really wanted to jerk my earrings off and kick you know what! And me, a former paramedic! I was so mad you have no idea!

    So while I am in intensive care, yelling at the top of my two two bitches...ref' my two daughters...authorities finally thought to question them!

    When I got home, it was stripped and in my double carport! My father was still, 79 and counting, trying along with my daughters, to have me committed!

    So.....thus is my tale for the moment of "drugs". I now, and I would advise everyone on here to do this, have a valise or attache, whatever works for you, that contains your meds, important matters and car keys so if you have to hit the highway, you are ready!

    It has been about 3-weeks since I got out of the hoose-gau; My doc called adult protective service at my behest as my "family" would not return my meds to me. My father still thinks I forged his signature (the docs). Turns out I am seriously allergic to morphine ie. anaphalectic shock and am back on the old regimine....for now.

    It is powerchair time and I have the one daughter still here, she is 28 and is acting like Custer's last stand. I have filed criminal tresspass on the elder daughter. And yet, no one in my family has asked me what ailments I have!

    Toxicology is floating somewhere in outer space. I want to be sure one of my darling "seed" did not try to give me the big one! Love and keep your guard up! CactusLil'
  8. kredca4

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    Sound like you have been through the Ringer and back.
    Why do well meaning (?) family members make it harder on us than it already is?

    I was wondering how you and your Daughter were getting along, guess it's the one who dosen't live with you that is causing the most Problems? Hmmmmm.

    You can Hide out at my Place any ole time, just follow the Yellow Brick Road to Ca. I'll be at the other end.

    Take care Lil, and give Wil a big Hug for me, over the 3 years that I have been talking to you and reading your Post's, I feel as if you all are Family, and that "Kid" is growing way to fast.

    God Bless You and hang in there
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    What kind of Jellybeans? I Love them, but they are a thing of the passt for me now, can't wear my Store Bought Teeth, they make me want to Puke, and they Hurt my CMP so bad that I can't stand to have them in for more than an hour or so.

    Anit Life Grand, and I want to live to be an Old Old Woman?
    Well maybe I do because I sure would like to see an answer if not a Cure for FMS.

  10. NewEnglander

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    So sorry about your teeth, and all you guys who are going through such tough times. It so breaks my heart. Prayer is all I know and I have been going through a really tough time myself. I was in a car wreck on march 16th. I was in such Pain that it made child birth seem like a back rub. All I wanted to do was give up. I was in a constant state of pain. non stop flare. I think I was losing it. I was saying and doing strange things. scaring people. Last night I balled my eyes out to my husband because we didn't have icecream (poor guy).. I have been crying everyday. But that was a good thing. before I use to cry and say I don't want to do this anymore. I was taking 2 vicodins (not to mention other meds). every 4 hours for pain and it was not working, I think I'm starting to pull out of it now. did have a very painful night. I write to let people know that I so know your pain. When I'm hungry its like pary time, I eat whatever I can get my hands on, junk food mostly,. people are my Joy and somedays I want so bad to reach out to people who are suffering but just can't find the words. I did pray last night that we would all get a good night sleep. did we? Sharon I the jelly beans I ate are the Jelly Belly brand. I had to eat them. that was all the sweets we had in the house. some times I toast marshmallows over the stove (told you I was scary) I'm get a little odd sometimes. its just the pain in your body truly effects your thinking. Hang in there everyone and God Bless you all
    Love Lisa

  11. kredca4

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    of JellyBeans, I just knew it, ;o)

    Thanks for the Prayer's I know that God hear's them, I may not alway's get the answer I wanted, but, I have learned a lot from having this Syndrome, FMS, along with other condition's. I would never have made it threw the Toughest times of my life, 7 years ago, without being lead to Doctor's who were going to help me.

    Instead of the Lousy Doc's in Idaho. It was scary, but I made it through, got a dx, my hubby even moved from Idaho to Ca finally, this past year. So I know that sometimes you just have to Wait.

    I would like to get some Teeth before the big Hi School Class Reunion, there are a lot of us, who have disabilitie;s, I figured we could all sit togeather, and tell about the Good Old day's and the Fun we had.

    The main problem tho is the CMP, my gums swell alot and they also get really raw, like now. I keep whittleing them, but no luck yet.
    I will have to take a couple of Vicodins, tho, if I do go.
    I don't drink, FMS, took care of that. Darn.

    Well my Neck is killing me today, lousy weather and I have somthing going on in my neck, so waiting for test's. It's gonna be a loooong weekend. hubby's home, lol.