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    Hi Cath - back again.

    Here is what it says on the bottle of LACTOFERRIN PLUS "has the proven ability to synergistically strengthen immunity, creating an immune system strong enough to fight off viral, bacterial and parasitic invaders. .. Also has the added property of regulating the inflammatory process."

    Whenever my husband, and then I took it, in the beginning of symptoms - it knocked out the viruses. My husb. takes it everyday to strengthen his immune system.

    They sell it at Pro-health. You could look up the ingredients listed there, and check with your Dr.. If she says there is nothing to HARM you, then please think, and pray about taking it.

    How are you feeling now??

    Love, Judy

    p.s. If you don't feel well enough to look it up, I will write you the ingredients. We need to strengthen your immune system!
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    Thanks so much for the info Judy. I have never heard of it. I looked it up on the pro health site. The problem is I have to pay exchange rate, shipping, gst,pst( 2 taxes that are 16%) plus duty. I am on a pension and can't afford that. But I am going out this afternoon so I will look around and see if there is something similar here. The problem is natural stuff is so expensive and you have to pay cash for them. That sucks and it is a whole other discussion. There has to be an answer to this somewhere some how. Man life suddenly seems so complicated. Coming down on the prednisone has me all messed up and I will be back on it this afternoon after I have the assessment but it will lower my immunity again. The other problem is trying to get a straight answer out of anybody about using natural meds. The pharmacy says talk to your doc and my doc says duh I don't know. So what are you supposed to do? Sorry for sounding grouchy. Man I can hardly wait till we get to heaven and here the Lord splainin why He did what He did. But He does know what He is doing. Anyways enough babbling for now. Thanks for your concern and prayers. As always it is great talking to you.
    Love ya