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    I noticed you tried the JMT technique. I'm doing it now.

    How'd it go for you? Were you able to finish all the treatments and feel better?

    I just had my first appt and am going through the detox phase next week, then start the real thing the week after. Evidently it's gonna take approximately 6 months for me to finish all the treatments since I have so many pathogens.

    Did you believe in the muscle testing they did and this whole thing? I'm still a little skeptical. But my acupuncturist/kinesiologist has been in practice for 17 years and has been doing JMT since it came out and goes to all the new workshops, says he spent over $100,000 on his education, so I guess he wouldn't do this if it was all a scam, huh. ??

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    I went thru the muscle testing part and was gonna try the other but I ran out of money to go. I did have to question the muscle thing cause you dont really know if its real or not. I guess it turned me off when she made me yell out certain things and she was yelling out also. I'm just not the kind of person to yell out things..I felt like I was at one of those churches where people get up and yell. Maybe it was just me..I have found that the deep muscle massage that I get has helped me more.
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    Weird, I never had to yell anything out. I know what you mean about the muscle testing thing. Sometimes I would think he pushed my arm down more than others, but other times I KNEW it went down automatically. Plus I liked how you didn't know which vial was in your hand so you couldn't subconsciously lower you're arm and make it weak like you wanted the mycoplasmas or something. And for lyme it went so limp the minute he put it in my hand it was weird, very real. He wouldn't tell me which vial I was holding till afterward. But he did stress that you really have to do them all or you will remain sick. If you didn't finish them it wouldn't work. This holistic thing is weird to me, it's one of the things I really haven't looked into very much at all. But I figure I'm at my last leg here, so it woudn't hurt to try it.

    I'll let you know how it goes with me and if symptoms are starting to disappear or not. But like he said, it'll take 6 months of treatment at almost everyday too. I try not to judge anything before I try it so we'll see what happens, I know I can't get much worse is all....

    Wish me luck! They say almost all fibromyalgics get 100% pain relief from it, so I'll be the judge of that!