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    i just got back on the boards after being out ot town for nearly a month and am catching up

    saw your reply to FM/ME/CFS and sex and your question about "Hitachi wand?".....

    hitachi wands are absolutely fabulous, marvelous, i take it every where i go and don't care if homeland security raises an eyebrow --vibrators. they have a rounded, kinda tennis ball head, two speeds, and are external vibrators. they are great for pain relief; i buzz my TMJ points and my face even. but originally i think women discovered the wonders of the wand because of the great groovy orgasms....seriously i don't leave home without it! i've carried it to northern ireland and on the eve of the millennium, plugged it into the wrong attachment and blew out the lights in half the hotel! it was a memorable moment and i couldn't stop giggling when the hotel manager came to the door.

    a couple of years ago, they were impossible to get in the US...too many world wide requests and something else going on at hitachi-japan that kept the export numbers at zero... every woman i know panicked. a group of us tried many others, but nothing like the hitachi buzz. when the returned to the shelves, every woman i know went to good vibrations by phone, person or email and bought at least two!...

    when dubya blows up the world later on today, i'm turnin on the wand and goin out with a smile on my face! make love not war. buzz don't bomb. f---;don't fight, masturbate for peace (there really is a web site about this)

    oonagh Ryan-King
    Oakland CA