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    I wanted to share this with you. You know how I think the Lord speaks through other people to me...I call it God's little messages to me..I think Beth Moore calls it God's stops.

    Well anywho, I was doing my homework in my workbook and while looking in my bible I found a coin place in it on Psalms 38.

    I bought this coin a long time ago and it has a healing message on it and a magnolia flower. I think it was made for representing some kind of cancer and supporting it.
    I can't remember which cancer. I bought it to give to mother-in-law but it came up missing.

    I just figure I gave it to her already or misplaced it.

    Well, I read the Psalms 38 and 39 and I was totally freaked out. I called my husband in there and asked him if he placed that coin in there.

    He said he did but he said he just opened the bible to anywhere, just opened it and put it in there.

    I asked him if he read the scripture in where he placed this coin and he said no I just put the coin there where I opened your bible and closed it.

    I asked him to read it please. He read it. I asked him what he thought. He said it sounds like what I am going through. Like it is describing me.

    I asked him if he knew what that coin was for. He said no. I said it was a cancer support coin. He said really and read the coin. He said the coin talks about healing of the body and soul on it.

    I thought I would share this with you. This was last night experience when I was doing Beth Moore's workshop book.

    What a God Stop!!!!!

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    And I just saw this posting. Sorry. This board moves so darn fast that it is hard to keep track of other peoples posts.

    Yes, the Lord is really good about giving us little messages in the most peculiar places and clever ways! Don't ya just love that about Him... He really knows how to surprise us. Like I keep hearing people say...."you cannot put God in a box!!" Everytime you think you know how God is gonna respond to you, He comes up with some special way of getting His will accross to us.

    Well have a blessed weekend Lora!

    Keep Praising Him.... CarolK

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