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    Hi. I saw your post the other day about living in the sandhills of NC. I saw that and thought you meant near the coast. I have never heard of that phrase. Anyway, I live in N Wilk. I saw that you live in Millers Creek. We are very close. It is so neat to see someone so nearby. Did you read about this on a local community voice or just find it on the web? Anyway, I just wanted to let you how close we are. Take care.

    PS if you see this and don't mind would you please tell me what doctors you go to. I don't have a primary care doctor and need to find one. I go to doctor Wodecki in Statesville for my rhematologist. I like him but feel he doesn't give me enough medications for pain. The only thing I take now is zanaflex at night. He did prescribe it for three times a day, but I can't take it during the day. It makes me faint and fall down. LOL! I take plaqunil and he just put me on sulfazine ec a couple of months ago. My hand and arm have started killing me even more. My forearm has started tingling and aching and I can't even let it dangle. He said my arthritis is terrible in my hands and has been asking me to start methotrexate for years. I have to decide by my next visit. Sorry to give so much information. Just hoping you may have some hints or doctor recommendations. Thank you.
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    I go to Statesville also to see my doctors.

    I see DR. McCall for my fibro and arthritis.

    He gives me Vicodin500mg taken every 8 hrs. but I
    take it about every 6 hrs.

    He also has me on Ambien 10 mg ,one at night for sleep.
    Zanaflex 4 mg, 1 or 2 at bed time, but sometimes I take
    1/2 pill during the day if the muscle spasms get
    really bad.

    He gives me Effexor xr 150 mg twice a day.
    HE gives me Klonapin for anxiety attacks and nerve
    pain. Celebeex for osteoarthritis.

    I have been seeing him for several years. He is
    always willing to try new things to help with pain.

    His office is close to Iredell memorial.

    He is always telling me how sorry he is that he can't
    do more to help me.

    I also see Dr. Walters as my internist,

    I have been seeing him for over 10 yrs.
    He is a wonderful man. He never gets in a hurry
    and is willing to answer questions and prescribes my
    other meds.

    He gives me Lopressor and Tiazac for high BP.
    Prevacid for acid reflux. Lasix for fluid.
    Imitrex for migraines.

    I am on so many meds that sometimes I rattle
    when I walk. LOL

    Hope you can find more pain relief.
    Have a good night (((cathugs)))

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    Thank you so much Cathugs. Is Dr Walters in Wilkes?

    I went to doctor McCall for a few years but we had a little run in when I filed for disability and his office manager treated me badly. She talked to me really ugly when I called after the fourth time of asking them to forward my records to Social Security. SSA had sent them forms twice to get my records and they didn't send. Several months passed and I called and asked about it first time and then waited several weeks and asked again. She treated me awful. I said no more and my gyno in statesville told me I shouldn't go back. He sent me to W. I am so glad you have had a better experience there. Thank you for letting me know.
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    Dr. walters is also in statesville.
    His office is on davie ave.

    He is a very good primary care doctor.
    he is very patient caring and kind.

    Sleep well. cathugs
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    Thank you Cathugs! I appreciate it. It is so nice to know someone is close by in this big cyber world.