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    Hello, neighbor!

    I read your post in reply to MrPain's pic that he had posted.

    When you mentioned that you only had one suit that you wore in the "We Are Marshall" movie, I knew that you had to live close to Huntington WV!!!

    I read your bio and see that you are from Ashland, KY!!! (Yeah! Home of the Judds!!!!!)

    I am from Northeastern KY, too, and live down the river from you!!!!

    What a small world!!!!!

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    Yes it is a small world. I was born here and moved to Richmond, VA for 17 years. Now I am back.

    I enjoyed being a part of the We are Marshall movie. I only did 2 days but actually have a shot at being seen.
    I can't wait for the premier.

    It sounds like you have a very wonderful life with your family. You are truly blessed to be surrounded with people that love and understand you.

    My case is be careful what you ask for. My work life was centered around people, I was an exceutive asst for 3 different corporations over 15 years.

    Was on the "front line" so to speak. My last job I was a liason between upper mgnt and 50 tenants in commercial property mngt.

    The last years I worked were the worst. All I wanted was to be left alone. Now I have it. I love it most the time, but I truly have no one to fall back on. That is scary sometimes.

    I got very ill around Memorial Day, went on for a week before I drove my dizzy self to the ER. I had no one to take me. I was worried if I didn't go I could die and lay here for days before it was noticed and my critters would have to fend for themselves.

    I was more worried for them. I do have 2 wonderful freinds I have known since high school. One has had RSD for 10 years and rarely leaves home. The other has been a nurse for 30 years and was dxs with severe hep C 4 months ago and is being treated with interferon. She had gall bladder
    surgery shortly after her dxs. Went back to work for a week then fell at home and broke her leg!

    They are there for me on the phone, but we rarely do anything together.

    I work part time at a attic shop. The owner and her family are very good freinds of the Judds. Her mother lives across the street from Moma Judd. Did you know that Kings Daughters wanted to buy her house so they could expand.

    She refused but finally they decided to move her 2 story house 10 blocks to it's current location. They left the furniture and everything in it. It was a big deal for our small town.

    Once they moved it, she added on to it and totally redid the outside. You would think with all that money she could live anywhere but here. But she had lived in that house for over 30 years said she was too old to pack up move.

    Sorry I am long winded sometimes when I come into human contact,lol. I really do go for days at a time and not talk to another human, except here.

    Your farm sounds lovely, Do you have horses? I was a city girl too, but now love the peace and tranquility of the county.

    If you ever come this way, stop by. Will you come for the preimer of the Marshall movie? Both of the Matthews will be here along with the other stars. I did get to see Matthew Mc but did not get to work with him.

    I hope you are having a great Sunday, it is a little less warm, not really cooler,hehe here. Thanks for saying hi- Carla

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    for Janet
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    If you don't mind, I'll answer this tomorrow. It's after 2:00 am and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open!!

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    Must have been one heck of a sunday family dinner!

    Write when ever you feel like it. Carla
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    I was born in Portsmouth OH and moved to KY when I got married almost 35 years ago and have been here ever since!

    I bet it was a really interesting experience being a part of the "We Are Marshall" movie! Was it really hectic? If I were a part of it, I would also be chomping at the bit for it to be released!!

    I'm not able to get out much, so I don't know if I will be going to see it in a movie theater or not. Most likely, not. My DH and I normally wait until everything comes out on the premium movie channels on our DirecTV and watch it then!

    Yes, I have a wonderful family. I am so fortunate that all of my children are still in the area and aren't scattered all across the country.

    Are you married, divorced, single, etc.????? Any children?
    I know you mentioned that you were alone, so I assume that you do live alone.

    My live used to be centered around my job, too, until I retired in 1999. Now it's around my family, and my TV!!!!

    It sounds like you had a really interesting job ... and was probably really busy! Was that the job that you had before you moved back to KY?

    I also talk to a lot of my friends on the phone and via email, but I never do anything with them because I am not able to go out. I am almost totally housebound now.

    What type of attic shop do you work at? and what do you do there? Is is close to KDMC?

    I followed the story of Momma Judd and KDMC wanting to buy her house and how she held out forever until she got the big bucks for it, then had it moved!! I was up at KDMC for something when they were in the process of preparing her house to be moved--they had some type of supports under it getting it ready!

    Regarding our farm ... we've never had a lot of horses. During the years when the kids were young, we would have 1 or 2 for them to enjoy, but that's about it. We have also had flocks of sheep, but don't anymore--they were too hard to raise due to the wild dogs and the ocassional wolf getting in to them and killing them. So, we just stick to the cattle.

    You said "both" of the Matthew's will be at the Marshall movie premiere. Who was the "other" Matthew? I was curious about those who got to work close with Matthew Mc -- he has stated on TV talk shows that he doesn't wear any deoderant, cologne, etc. I would think being out in the hot sun all day with no deoderant would not make him a very good-smelling guy!! LOL I remember seeing on Entertainment Tonight, or one of those shows, where a famous ex-girlfriend of his said that is why she broke up with him -- because he would not shower for days, or weeks sometimes, would not use soap nor deoderant, etc., and just plain stunk!!!! I thought you could be a famous, good-looking movie star with a ton of money, but if you smelled like a skunk, you still could never keep a girlfriend! LOL How funny!

    I can't wait for these hot, humid summer days to end and for some cool weather and fall to get here!!

    Good health, and have a good week, too!!!

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back, I lost my phone this morning as well as the neighbors. Finally got it back at 10

    It;s amazing what you can done simply by removeing a laptop from your lap,lol. I do spend a lot of time on here when I could be doing other things.

    I did magange to sand almost half the pine floors in the 3rd bedroom. Cleaned some drawers, organized bills, and balanced both checkbooks. yippeeeeeee, just in time for this months to come in.
    I am having a hard time typing. I have a ceilng fan over my couch and the chain to the light broke, of course in the off postiion.

    I have a real hard time seeing the keys, I have to move the screen down for light then move it back to see what I wrote.

    I will write again tomorrow, I have a 9 am Dr appt so I need to get to bed, Just wanted you know what was going on. Carla
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    My daughter took me to the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Ashland yesterday for groceries and everything else you can buy there!

    We took my two grandsons, too. This was their last trip with us for a while, thank goodness!! They start back to school week after next (in Ohio).

    My mother was at the Ashland Town Center shopping and came over and met us for lunch at McDonalds. Wow! What a place to meet someone for lunch!!! LOL (Cell phones--how great!! All this was arranged via quite a few cell phone calls between my daughter and my mom .... "Where are you now? When will you be ready to take a break for lunch? I'm leaving Belk's now and going to my car! yada yada yada!)

    We left my house at 11:15 and I didn't get home until 5:00 pm!!! Then a friend of mine was in my driveway at 5:15 to pick me up to go to an educational seminar at KDMC regarding the gastric bypass surgery. Didn't get home again until 8:30pm

    I was about to die!! Really. Took a pain pill before I went to the meeting, thank goodness. Set with my heating pad watching TV when I got back, with my feet propped up until midnight and could not move.

    I've been putting up my groceries all afternoon -- well, I didn't get up until 12:30 pm!!! Finally got the last ones put up about 6 pm!

    Felt awful all day. Yesterday was just way too much for me.

    Have a good weekend!

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    Hi Jlh

    Wow it has last week and never left my house, and didn't accomplish as much as I had hope to. Then this week were more Dr appts, mom's appt and I had to work Fri.

    It is a shop called Reggie's Attic. It is down on 31st and Greenup across the street from the BP. I like it, it is from 12-5. She understands my illness and doesn't expect a lot of busy work if no customers are in. I take my laptop, pay bills, work on my check book.

    Then there are days like yesterday, I bet I talked to more people in one day than all month combined,lol

    I have a 32 year old duaghter who has a 15 daughter and a 11 year old son. They live in Harrisburg, PA. I used to visit several times a year when I lived in VA, it was under a 3 hour drive. Now it is at least 7 or more. I am planning a trip in Sept. She is having carpel tunnel surgery and I am having all of my teeth pulled for dentures. I reallly have been putting this off for 2 long and recently broke another one. Chemo was very hard on my already bad teeth..So we are going to let her daughter take care of both of us,lol.

    It took my 3 days to get the ceiling fan up, I have hung about 15 but this one was giving me a hard time. Without it I can't see the keypad on th computer. Plus no phone line for 2 days I didn't get on much. I wasn't able to check on Rene, I fell so sorry for her, she doesn't have anyone to help her. I totally understand that.

    I have been able to get every thing done the last 4 days going non stop. I am so glad I am feeling better, I hope it lasts. It felt so good outside today since it cooled down, I got my weed killing and whacking done, the cut the grass.

    When I got my phone line back my website messed up last night, so I had to spend some time on that reloading pics, ect. Then I took my dogs to a different area to walk because I am still having trouble with Butter, leads us and I am trying to train them to follow me not anyone else. The Ceasar way.

    There are a lot of small hills no matter where I go in walkiing distance. But about 2 miles down the road there is a level road that is over 3/4 mile strecth. So we drove over and parked at the church. As soon as we got out there were 2 big dogs coming over from accross the street but my 2 loud mouths turned them around.

    I like to have never got them called down the entire walk. It was a new area to them and dogs were here and there. I just kept snapping the leases and saying no or sshhht. Ceasar makes it look so easy. I just want a nice walk without a crisis everytime. That usually happened when Butter goes with us.

    Wow what a day at Walmart- don't you love it. It really is my one stop shop. Sounds like you pushed it to the limit. How far fo you live from Ashland? I use to live in Greenup, just down from the dam many moons ago.

    Well, I think my nite nite meds have kicked in :) I should sleep good tonight after all I did today, It just felt good to be able to get threw a productive day. Just hope I can get out of bed in the

    I hope you enjoyed the weather we had today, so much better than the 90's that would never leave. Have a great Sunday-Carla

    I just re read the thread and realized I didn't answer some of your questions. The 2 Matthews were Matthew Fox from Lost, I have never watched the show but he has a big following, then of course McCaughnay. I did see him from about 30 foot but did not get to meet him.

    The movie experience was amazing and long. It is hard to beleive how much work it takes to get a one minute shot. I was there one day for almost 12 hours, most of the time in holding, then they would usher us in, do many takes, then back to holding, rinse and repeat,lol

    The second time I was there for about 5 hours, and shot a scene inside the Keith Albe. It was an interesting experience.

    I think it will be a great movie, I saw the pre-trailer on channel 3 news the other day and it really has been treated with the upmost of respect.

    I didn't get out of bed until 11:30 today. I am tired but in a good way because I accomplished so much yesterday. Today will be a restful day, I am so glad it has cooled down. Maybe I will sit on the proch and read my 2 new art magazines I got in the mail this week.

    I hope you had a good Sunday with your family and have recovered from you outing to Walmart and KDMC. Carla
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    I'm not up to much now, it's 1:30 am and I've got to get to bed, just logged on to see about some articles that I recently posted.

    I kept my youngest grandson (8 yrs) overnight last night and he talked my leg off! Had to get up early with him.

    We live in the rural area outside of Greenup.

    I am having knee surgery at SOMC this Thursday.

    Have a good week.

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    I hate to hear you are having knee surgery, is is a replacement. My 80 year old aunt had one last year and she is doing very well.

    Where is SOMC- Portsmouth? I hope it all goes smoothly.

    I read some of your articles, but I have a hard time with long ones. I have the attention span of a knat sometimes,lol.

    When I first got sick, I spent so much time on line researching anything to do with FM or CFS.

    The last 2 years have been so busy with empyting my mothers house, then remodeling mine, I just have not kept up on the research.

    My Drs, even my psych Dr said there really is not much to do for me than I am already doing. I get the meds I need, thank god for my great Drs, so just try to live my life each day. I work on days I feel like, sometimes even when I don't feel like it and rest, read play with my dogs, ect. on the other days.

    Today is a relaxing day, I finally finished putting my circular saw together and the stand that came with it. I bought it in March, I took it out of the box in May and it has been sitting in my old kitchen since.

    I have about an area of 2ft by 2 ft in the 3rd bedroom that the pine floor needs to be sanded. I worked on it yesterday but the belt on my belt sander broke, it was my last heavy grit one I had. So it will have to wait until I go into town again. Then I have to go over the entire floor with the lighter grit before I can stain it.

    I hope all goes well on Thursday, you will be in my prayers-Carla
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    Yes, SOMC is in Portsmouth. I have to go where my surgeon goes!

    No, it's not a knee replacement at this time. However, next year I am going to have to have total knee replacements on BOTH of my knees! Yuck!!

    This is just to get me by until then, HOPEFULLY!

    Saws, sanders ...... my, you're a much better woman than I!!!! LOL

    I can barely get out of my recliner due to my knees and back!! The fibro doesn't get me down that much, it's mainly my back, and knees. The arthritis, lupus, and fibro/cfs are right after them, though!!

    Good luck on your house remodel!

    And thanks for the prayers for my surgery ... I really appreciate it!


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    I just wanted to check in on you and see how you were feeling.

    I hope your surgery went well.

    I have been feeling better, thank goodness. I hope it lasts. I got a B-12 shot and a script for folic acid and B-6, so I am hoping that was my problems.

    I am at work today, planning on working on the 3rd bedroom this weekend. I hope I can get it stained and polyed.

    I saw a post you replyed to about psorisis. I have scalp psorisis too. Oh it has been a real pain. I finally got a script for a steroid solution, felt like my head was on fire. But it does help. No more open sores.

    Well, I need to go, let me know how your are doing

    Oh, I saw were you watch Passions, I do too but not everyday. What happen to Sheridans baby? One day she was in the hospital, then I didn't see it for a few days and there she was in a skinny dress- with no baby. I do not like the new Sheridan. I wonder if the old one is coming back after she has her real life baby. Carla
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    Did the steroid solution clear up your scalp psorisis for good? Or did it come back later? Mine is driving me crazy!!!

    So you're a Passions fan, too!!! Sheridan got some premature labor pains and was rushed to the hospital. Then, they stopped the labor pains and sent her home the next day. While at home recovering, Luis shows up--home from Rome--and tells her that her father (Alistair), Beth, and their son, Marty, were in a firey train crash that went over a mountain and they all were presumed dead. She got so upset that she miscarried her and Chris' baby.

    She was treated at home by the Emergency Squad, but refused to go back to the hospital. She grieved and stayed depressed for a day or two, then you saw her up and around in her cottage with a "regular" dress on!

    I don't care very much for the "substitute Sheridan" either, it doesn't seem like she has very many emotions, facial expressions, or something! I'll be glad when the "real" Sheridan is back, too!

    I think she is supposed to be back early September, so it won't be long! I subscribe to a couple of the soap opera magazines, and according to them, she definitely does plan to come back.

    I like the new Miguel; however, I do NOT like the new Fox!!! The new Fox just doesn't have the charm that the old one did! What do you think about both of them?

    Do you like the new guy, Jared? Teresa's new boyfriend.

    Did you know that the actress (Liza Huber) who plays Gwen is pregnant in real life? Her baby is due in December. They are not supposed to be writing it into the show.

    Do you watch any other soaps? I like Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, too. Of all three, GH is my favorite!!!

    Getting tired, gotta go!!

    jlh (Janet)
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    Thanks for Passion update. I don't like the new fox either. I don't watch it daily, I have it on but I am usually up and doing stuff,

    I'm glad the old Sheridan is coming back, I'm not sure about Jared yet , where did he come front.?

    Days is the only one I watch. and go to the site. I use to record them, even if I was home but would do other work and watch them later.

    I also have soap network and can watch Days at 11 pm and 10am the morning.

    It is way past my bed time, but I can't get off the darn board,lol

    I can't get anythiing done, I say just a quick look while I'm letting glue dry before going on, then it's a hour later I'm still glued here!

    I hope feel better and are able to get around better know-Carla

    The steroid solution did help but I am still growing mini mountains on my head. I sit and pick them down. She also gave me a prescrition shampoo called Ketoconazole.

    It is much better, I had huge open sores the size of quaters and 50 cent peices. It hurt so bad to put the solution on, felt like my head was on fire.

    What do you use to treat yours?

    Well I need to go back to the sand pit, lol- I am STILL sanding floors. It is taking so much longer than I thought.

    I had hoped to have them stain by now... someday. Later, Carla
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