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    I just read your message about your husband being
    mishandled in the hospital after back surgery.
    I would like to know more if you don't mind.

    I think I was mishandled too, but not sure if it counts.
    The first day of my back surgery (laminectomy and discectomy) a new patient needed to be placed in
    my room. The nurse came in during the middle
    of the night and to make room for the other person,
    she cranked my bed all the way up into an L position,
    sitting straight upright! I was pretty flat prior to that
    and also afterwards. My surgery wasn't successful
    and I often wonder if that had anything to do with it.

    That was the worst experience I ever had in the hospital. The nurses were stupid and also mean.
    I had a urine infection that no one picked up on until
    one smart nurse came to work on the third day and
    they had to use a catheter to remove a lot of it.
    Nurses wouldn't use the sheet method with two
    people to scoot me up on the bed. Insisted I used
    the trapeze bar when other nurses did not. I couldn't
    do it for the life of me. WOuldn't give me bedpan,
    made me walk all the way down the hall. It took
    me half an hour to get out of the bed! I was told later
    that they are used to back patients who were better
    than I was. I was bad off and they didn't treat me

    I complained in a very long detailed letter to the
    head nurse and nothing was resolved. I was very
    disappointed in the personnel at this hospital.

    Very discouraging - all of these people in the health
    field who are incompetent.

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    Thanks for your message. I DO know that there are
    good nurses and bad nurses. Like I said, during my
    five days in the hospital, there was only one competent nurse on my floor.

    The hospital is a 109 bed general acute care hospital.
    I didn't have a private room.

    I did know the names of the nurses and I wrote
    a four page detailed account of what happened
    to me. The worst nurse, who was a male, would
    leave me in tears a few times. He really was awful
    and he KNEW that I thought he wasn't nice. I think
    the last time I saw him I said something about
    getting a picture of him for my dart board. The
    response that I got from the hospital was that
    the nurse, didn't even remember me as a patient!
    A blatent lie. My father, who was on 24 hr oxygen,
    talked to his respitory therapist about this guy.
    She knew of him and that he was a jerk.

    The 2nd nurse, my mother knew somewhat, so
    we knew her name as well. I am not sure she
    was an RN. I still have a copy of my letter to
    and from them. I haven't looked at it because,
    frankly, it still makes me sick to my stomach
    whenever I remember this ordeal.

    I have since found out, by other people, that the best
    place to complain is the state licensing boards.
    I didn't know this at the time. I was very incapacitated
    following the surgery and it was difficult sending the
    letter but I was extremely livid.

    I even had nightmares in the hospital. I know that
    percocet does that, but I really think I was having
    them because of my treatment. I woke up one
    night screaming so loudly that my roommate said
    she thought I was giving birth.

    I hope you didn't take offense to my letter. I know that
    there are great people in the health field, unfortunately,
    they seem to be few and far between.

    I did speak to my surgeon, whom I adored, about
    this. I believe he said it was because they are used
    to having simple back surgery patients and not
    those with my severe problems.

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    I am certain there are very dedicated nurses in hospitals. In my husbands and my cases there were some very bad decisions made. I feel sure the nurse that helped drag my husband into bed unconsience had been better trained than to do something like that. It was a very bad lapse in judgment. In my case they did`nt finish the fluid I needed after surgery and sent me home dehydrated plus the surgeons helper ASKED my husband what I would want for pain. I meant no put down of any nurse on this panel !!! I`m sorry you can no longer work in your field of choice. I have always tought that if a person chose to be a nurse it was because she had a lot of compassion for her fellow man. I still believe something went wrong in surgery for me. My surgeon is a teaching surgeon and my doctor at the time asked me " what makes you think he did the surgery himself". Good question maybe. She did`nt think he did, so maybe I was a first time for some student, I hope not. Blessings!! Clueless
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    teaching hospitals and it said the
    best time to go, if you aren't in
    an emergency situation and can wait,
    is right before graduation. My dad
    was in one in Virginia before he died and they treated him terribly. They
    kept him in a coma because the said
    he was behaving "inappropriately"
    because he tried to remove the IV needles when he first woke up after
    surgery. My dad had always been afraid of hospitals and I'm sure waking up to all those tubes scared for him, it wasn't "right" but it was quite appropriate to try
    and pull them out. They told my mother that that was an indication
    that he would never be able to go
    home but would instead need to go to
    a rest home. Well he did go home and
    was perfectly cognizant for the next
    two years before he died. I know sometimes the teaching hospitals are
    the only places available (for my
    parents it was due to living in a
    small town without a hospital) but I
    feel sure I would avoid them if I could. I'm sorry you were so mistreated as well as your husband.
    Doctor T. Braselton sp? said he didn't learn the facts until HE was
    a paitient. He sure changed things at
    the hospital he works in. More doctors and nurses should have to be
    anonymous patients before graduating!
    Hugs, Bambi