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    Handicapped hinges 10/16/04 01:21 PM

    I'm so sorry. I've been very involved since my thyroid surgery. I'll get the information and get back to you. Again, sorry. I just noticed this request. Joyfully

    Edit-----Got it. The handicapped hinges are called by numerous names:
    Swing clear offset hinge
    offset door hinge
    swing clear hinges
    swing away handicapped hinges

    The best picture to show you a hinge installed is at adaptiveaccess. The door jamb is on the L. The door is on the R. The hinge wraps around the front of the door trim so when the door is open the door literally is flush with the door jamb giving you additional inches to get through the door opening. I think on mine, I get almost an additional 1 5/8 or 1 3/4 inches. Doesn't sound like much until you navigate through with a wheelchair. What a difference!

    If you can't understand the picture, I can take a picture on one of my doors and replace the existing picture in my profile with the handicapped hinge picture. I can't remember what all was in my original post, so I may be repeating myself.

    I'd purchase PAINTABLE instead of the brass if your door trim is painted. It literally makes them "fade into the woodwork" so to speak.

    You need to measure how tall your EXISTING door hinges are. There is no sense in having to chisle out an additional 1/2 inch of wood and reposition the screws just because you ordered the incorrect size. They come in two heights (I believe). Also , look at the 2 corners of your existing hinge. If yours are rounded, then I'd order hinges with the same rounded corners to save you some tedious chiseling. The screw placement on the hinges are "standard"---- so as long as you order one that is the same height, you should only have to remove the old hinges and screw the new ones right into place.

    If the existing screw openings are too large, break off a piece of toothpick and insert it into each of the existing screw holes. When you drive in the new screw, it will be nice and tight.

    You don't have to order the heavy duty. They are really meant for metal oversized hospital doors. There are numerous sites on the internet that carry them. You will find a range of prices. Again, if you don't need brass, the hinges that are primed and that you paint yourself are less expensive. I just use a can of aerosol white paint on mine. My trim is white, so they just disappear.

    I love these hinges. It is soooooooo much easier than attempting to rip out and widen a door opening in an existing house. Joyfully

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    You probably about gave up on me with this. Sorry. I am printing a copy of your article now for my husband. I do so appreciate it. Yes you are right, that little bit of space makes a big difference when trying to hit that opening dead center with the chair. Thank you so much.

    I just realized tonight that I had not been on this message board for ages, seems like I really got hooked on the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue board. And just plain forgot to check back here.

    Also must say I have been having cranial sacral treatments the past three weeks, and I can most definitely see a difference in the amount of brain fog--for the good. Even my husband says that I have been able to talk to him in complete sentences and thoughts for the last two weeks, and he is sure enjoying not having to try to hop around in his mind to keep up with whatever I am rambling about.

    I actually started the cranial sacral treatments to help with the pain levels-trying to stay off of heavy duty pain killers. It is helping in that area too-not totally, but it has made a difference. I have actually been able to do a little housework each day. Wow!!

    Are you recovering from your thyroid surgery? Hope so and hope it helps you. Take care. I will get back to you when I do some checking on the web on these hinges.

    Thanks once again.
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    Glad you found my post. Hope your cranial treatements continue to help you.

    The thyroid surgery went great, but the after effects of removing half of the thyroid are causing a bunch of secondary symptoms with the old body. Hopefully, when I go back to the endocrinologist next month, they will finally start me on thyroid replacement meds. Who knows???

    The hinges come with no instructions. They assume you will be able to take off the existing hinges and install the new ones. If the pictures on the web confuse you, let me know and I'll take a picture of mine installed. I'll then have my hubby put it on my web site. (I'm clueless how to do that ).
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    Am hoping my husband will be able to figure it out as he is a pretty good handyman--more so with cars than the house, but he always gets it done.

    If he has trouble I will get back to you. He has just finsihed my wheel chair ramp for the front steps off of the deck and one for the patio door so that I can get out of the house onto the deck.

    Take care. Keep recovering. Seems like it takes us so long to do that with our illnesses.

    Thanks again.