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    Hi Dani,

    Bio-Cleanse is a process that pulls yuck out through the bottom of your feet. I put both of my feet in a tub of warm water. Next, they put some kind of thing in between my feet that has a small electrical current. They add a little bit of sea salt.
    Then you just sit back and relax. 30 minutes later the water is nasty as all get out. I was told I had yeast, mold, parasites and metals. I was so impressed that after I picked my daughter up from school, I took her for a treatment.
    She had to wait because there was another teen getting a treatment. While waiting she picked up an article about Ear Candling. She has always had trouble with ear wax (she used to get her ears washed out by the pediatrician when she was younger) and asked if she could have it done. I read it and asked the therapist about it. Yes, Holly had her ears candled. It was weird. She layed on a massage table, the therapist put a special kind of hollow candle thru a paper plate and then put the end of the candle in Holly's ear. After she was done she said the ear had a lot of fluid. She unrolled the end of the candle and there was a gob of ear wax. Disgusting....then on to the next ear. The 2nd ear had even more ear wax in bigger chunks.
    She then did a bio-cleanse and her water was nastier than mine! Both of my kids are going next Wed to have both the bio-cleanse and ear candling done.
    Today I had my 1st Colon Hydrotherapy. I wasn't too sure of this one. On the 4th treatment I'm getting an acidophillus treatment added. It is suppose to help the yeast.
    The place I'm going to is at lavieshealing dot com or you can google bio-cleanse.
    I even spoke to a nurse from ITC (Compounding pharmacy) today that when I asked her about bio-cleanse she said they have a pharmacist who went back to school to become an osteopath and he does the bio-cleanse there at work. She said he brings the tub of water to her desk and she just sits there and works while it does its thing. She also ear candles her own 2 kids about every 5 weeks.
    Weird stuff but I figure with the $$ I pay the FFC I could try to come up with the $$ for these things. I know I won't be able to afford it for very long but if it helps give my process a boost, then I'll do it.

    I hope everything is going good for you. Let me know how things have been.

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    Thanks for the info. I would like to check this out. I may have trouble finding a place up here but maybe I could do it in Atlanta when I come down for my next appt.

    How are you doing? Sounds as if you are getting around town pretty well!

    My husband has been out of the country on business, I am on full doses of Doxycycline now and feeling "crappy". I am hanging on by a thread this week but am thankful that God is leading me down the path to healing. I am confident that he will get me through.

    I hope that I run into you again at the FFC.
    Thanks for the info,
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    You are already on full dose of Doxy. What is the full dose ml. you are taking???? Hope the herxing isn't too bad. Dalphia
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    they have (I believe) 1 or 2 goes to a national website and you can search for a provider. The site I sent you is located where I live, maybe 7 miles away from my house. I'm 58 miles away from the FFC. I've now decided to see if there is a bio-cleanse therapist in Florida that I can take my mom to during Christmas.
    I went for a fibro massage and bio-cleanse today. The massage was directed to the neck, shoulders, top part of chest (directly below the collar bone. Lymph nodes are located there), arms and hands. She killed the area below my thumbs. She said my hands are especially tight there because I used to be on a computer all day and then holding the steering wheel.
    I'm not really doing all that well. I am now out on disability. Look at my profile and read the threads under 'Having a difficult time-please help me with your prayers' and then 'Thanks for your Prayers!!' You'll then know what I've been going through.
    Oh my, I bet you miss your husband terribly. I hope he's not gone for too long. I hope your family is helping you as much as you need while he's gone.
    What is Doxycycline for? By the time I went for my 2nd appointment they changed the protocal for virus testing and I think it's gonna be awhile before I get tested.

    Take care and Merry Christmas!

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