To CraziC and those who asked about the Cheney Tape.

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    I finally received mine. I have only viewed it once but I posted the basic premise of his lecture on the thread: "regarding the Cheney/cfs heart info.." from Meowchowchow.

    It was two and a half hours long and it was spellbinding. All the little bits of information we have been hearing were pulled together. He is the man who sees and describes "the whole elephant" as opposed to the "five blind men" who try to describe the elephant piecemeal.

    The visual quality of the tape is not that great but the audio is highly understandable. Cheney is clear and concise and he backs up his statements.

    I had to watch it in stages but it was well worth the $18 the support group asked for it.

    This is a man who recently had a heart transplant! He's not supposed to be out in public without a mask on let alone giving a lecture to a roomful of people.

    Going now. I'm off to sort my papers from 25 years back to get rid of most of them...

    Gratitude extended to Dr. Cheney...may his new heart be forever blessed.


    I bumped meowchowchow's thread on The Cheney Tape. I posted a quick review of the one I received on her thread.
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