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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Bambi

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    I didn't find your reply to my concerns about my bloodwork coming back with the ANA problem and a list of possible diseases listed as possible cause of results. It really did scare me as I've never have ANY bad results on blood tests before.

    Added to the fact that I've been taking a sudden turn down in my overall symptoms, it came at a time when I've been afraid something more is going on than just the same old FM.

    Right now, the reason for the visit to the doctor where the bloodwork was finally received and him not even mentioning the last page with this info on it, was a severe Asthma attack. Normally by now a quick pac of steriods for the Asthma (every January) would have me on the road to being ok. this time it's not doing the job very well, with antibiotics he advised also.

    The night I posted the boards were actng up and things moved so fast once they got them working well again, my post had left the first page so yours was my only reply and it was very comforting and made good sense. I DO very MUCH appreciate the time you took to answer me!
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  2. Cromwell

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    I know how scared I was at first, so glad my reply helped. Do let me know when you get other tests done-I'd certainly follow through with the double stranded ones, as they can rule out and stop you worrying.

    Love Cromwell

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