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  1. HppeandMe

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    Hi Cromwell-

    Thanks so much for thinking of me. That is so sweet of you. I am so confused. I went to the doctor's yesterday and found out that I have 3 co-infections of Lyme. I actually did a post about it if you want to read it. Because I am so sick they are going to be putting me on IV medication for it. Now I am just confused because there is a chance that this could make me feel better. If it does that is wonderful! I am just even more confused now about going on disability if I have a chance to get better. I am also confused now about selling the home. I am thinking that perhaps I will try to continue working (so easy to say) and then if I am not considerably better by the end of the school year I will put my house on the market at that time and go on disability at that time. I get so anxious at home as you read.

    Please tell me how you are and your story.
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Good to hear back from you. You don't sound as depressed as you were. I do hope these new tests are accurate, you can get it treated and back to your job as this would solve a lot. On the other hand, if the market is not good, maybe working as a realtor isn't so hot right now. Maybe a lot of work for little reward. Have you thought about any other job you could do or retrain for. Here is a thought. For about 2 years I worked as instructor/counselor on Job Training Program (JTPA) for county via fed funds. People ON disability, SS etc were coming to me to learn how to retrain for another job, get college courses whatever, even write resumes and interview. It occurs to me that if you still took the disability you may be able to retrain (there was a stipend)for another sort of job. I also would like to know what tests they did for the Lyme-was it DNA double strand or what?

    I'm OK plugging on. Have autistic son off school this week due really to vacation day Monday and field trips plus he has huge zits the kids were teasing him about. I got a cold, but took the airborne and zicam for two days - it always works to reduce symptoms and duration so feeling better today re that. Get sick of being sick and tired.

    Is DH being a bit more on the ball for you? Hope so. I also think that at some stage you do need to reduce your monthly outgoings as that is a big mortgage for sure. Have you given any thought to moving elsewhere or is it Dh's job? I once rented out my home to corporation, furnished for big $$$'s for a few months and lived in small apt. to get some funds together. Also, before we sold on the coast last year we were seriously thinking of converting the garage into a studio apt. so we could rent out main house for summers. I have friends in tourist areas that rent out their home and camp(all you need huh?) for six weeks. Another friend here ( we are near Ivy league UV) rents out her home for Commencement week and makes a bunch, just for that week. I am thinking of doing that this year if I feel up to it.

    I have no idea how to bumnp so hope you go to your site to get this. Write back. Love Anne
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    BOY, what a bummer. Please do one thing though....get tested prior to going on IV for Colistridum difficile if you have been on other antibiotics in the past year and if you think you have a yeast infection at all. IV antibiotic can increase CD and kill you if they do not run test first. Just insist on the blood work first for that will you? They also can obtain sample of it from stool, I think ,or vagina. I don't mean to scare you, just take this extra precaution. I do beleive my friend who died, once they get results (in months for some reason) may have had CD and the IV they put her on that day killed her as it allowed the CD to take over her system. I am thus totally alert to this right now plus a lot of publicity in UK about it of late. Do you live near PA? I live upstate NY.
    Love Anne
  4. HppeandMe

    HppeandMe New Member

    Oh my goodness! That is so scary to hear. I will definately ask them to check for this. I am having such a tough time with my insurance company trying to find out what infusion company is covered by the insurance. My husband doesn't help with a thing. He leaves it all to me, the bills, the calls, and everything else.

    I live in Maryland. What is it like in upstate New York other than cold? I'm 32. How old are you and how old is your child? I believe I told you but my children are 15 and 8. It is the 8 year old I am worried about the most. We still have 10 years to go before he is 18 and there are things that I am worried about that are more personal that maybe we can chat about in the chat room. I have never been in there before. Let me know if you ever go in there so we can chat.
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    HppeandMe New Member

    Unfortunately, you can not see the last post when you are replying so I had to go to back to read it again. I am not sure if the test was DNA or double stranded. I just know it was a blood test versus urine, etc.. Yes, I am more optimistic since I have received this news. I hope it is going to help. I really feel like I have a 50/50 chance. I am also going to try Stormyskye's protocol while I am doing this. The raw foods is going to be the hardest part. Have you read her protocol? She is 98% better.

    As for DH, do you mean husband. Yes husband is against moving. I think we are going to try and see what happens and if nothing happens we will have to put the home on the market in the spring which may be a big mistake because I think everyone is going to put their home on the market in the spring. There is another option though. I have found a lender who does refinances for 2-3% on the first. The second would be about 8%. It is fixed for 5 years. The only problem is every time you refinance it adds to your mortgage balance and I already only have about $15,000 in equity. I am so confused. My home would not rent for what our monthly mortgage is. I wish I had somebody to tell me what to do. It would be so easy then. All of my friends have moved out of state within the past 5 years. It is so lonely. I have only my husband and children and well you know how I feel about my husband these days.

    Are you married? I am so sorry to hear about your son. It is amazing how many children have Autism. Before I was a Realtor among other things I worked with children and teenagers some with Autism. It sounds like your son is in a public school? Kids can be so mean! My daughter is having a horrible time with acne too. We tried pro-active but it is just not working and their delivery is always off. I have to make her an appointment with the dermatologist. My son is over weight and I worry about the children teasing him. I wonder if it is harder for the children or harder for us mothers they way we worry?
  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I'll ask moderator. My sister in law lives in Bethesda-she is a teacher there, alone with three kids after jerk husband left. Where I live in Upstate, it is in the Fingerlakes so very pretty. No snow presently. Our weather is very similar to yours not as hot is summers, but about same winters as we are not that far North. The thing that makes it interesting here is the Universities all about which gives a cosmopolitan way of life. A couple of years ago, wait for this, we sold our 100 year old craftsman stone house, in a typical New England village near here, for $155,000. On acre too. Great village, like Cabot Cove! All woodwork was carved oak. We decided when we came back from New Jersey to get a smaller house so we are in a 1950's ranch very close to the University and it was $165,000 but close to 2,000 s.f. Needs updating but lots of hardwood floors. This is what I mean by cheaper. In outlying villages and towns within a 20 mile radius houses that are lovely can be bought for as little as $70,000. So life here means one isn't forced to chase the almighty dollar quite so much. Though people here think property is expensive!

    I have three boys with 28 years between them, the youngest, with autism being nearly 12. I am OLD, in 50's but don't really look it despite the illness, people think 40's mostly except on my worse days. My friends range in age from 25 through 92. I am very arty, used to be quite a wellknown designer prior to neck problems and Fm making me quit, but was an educator and counselor for years. Even did a real estate licence once so we could buy houses and "flip" them, which we have done many times to build up equity. Done with that now. Have cats, doggies died last year. Dh has head injury and is the sweetest man but unable to work, but a wonderful husband and dad. I think this is because of his own special needs. Makes him compassionate. He is a brain box too.

    If you read my post, I have been into organic foods etc for many years, and although DH does, I don't eat meat-not freaky about it, just my own choice. Not big into pill popping, but understand the need in others, my husband would die without his. Yes, son is at public school in special class, which we love. It is when he is with "regular" kids he gets these comments. We may have to homeschool next year as I don't think there will be a special class at MS. He learns all his stuff from our teaching in any case. I have Dulac for the zits. He tends to get them on his nose which makes it worse.

    I am so sorry your DH is not helpful as it sounds as if you need a good deal of help. My friend, who dies, her family were nice with her but I noticed many times when they could have helped more and didn't as you could see they thought she wasn't as ill as she was. I cannot bring myself to visit them as they know that I know they were a bit off handed with her at times, though she lived for them, and would hate me to be meanspirited, they were overwhelmed I think more than inconsiderate, but more into their own lives than her pain. I always felt her 14 year old could have helped her wash her hair and such, even my son looks after me and he is dev. disabled.

    Make sure you get that test first, you are so young to be suffering this way. I see people your age with these awful illnesses, at least I am able to look back at the great years I had when your age. It sounds, though as if this Lyme stuff can be cleared up. I hear it takes a while but then it does go away with treatment. I am asking my doc to run those same Lyme type tests as my Lyme tested positive once then negative, so I wonder if I have something like this, as I did have the bulls eye bite and all about five years ago and been having these flare ups since then worse, though prior I was always achey and stiff.

    Look forward to hearing more from you. Hope your DH can get it together to understand the help you need. Is he cheaper than taking in roommates? My niece dumped her DH as he was always saying he would leave, never helped her etc. so in the end she advertised for two roommates to share expenses, childcare etc. and told him he could stay or leave so he left. Life is much better for her now as with child support and the help from roommates, they all work different shifts too which helps, she is better off than before by far.

    Much love, Anne
  7. HppeandMe

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    It sounds like a great place to live. So you once were a realtor as well. Too funny!

    You are not old!

    It would be great if there was someway to e-mail.

    Your son sounds so sweet!

    Yes, it is tough being so young watching everyone else doing so much and me not being able to do as much.

    I am having a really good day today which I haven't had since August. It is the first time that I haven't taken the energy pills and not been tired. I did take Mitochondria Ignite though. I have been on Levaquin for about 5 weeks. The Lyme doctor put me on it due to my symptoms and now since they have the results have added Doxycycline as well until I get on the IV.

    You should definately test for all of the co-infections as well as Lyme again. Make sure that you go to a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor)though. I wish you could see mine they care so much! Make sure they do the IGM and IGG for both. My doctor says often the IGM will not come up positive because the Lyme has been in your body for so long so they rely on the IGM or IGG.

    Let me know what happens. Perhaps you can find a LLMD in your area at lymenetdotorg

    Please keep me posted!
  8. Cromwell

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    feeling a bit better at the moment. I finally gave in and took Tylenol today, which worked OK on the pain, which it does sometimes(I don't usually do pain meds so I am at that stage when light dose works) but gave me stomach ache. But not such a bad day, except for stomach ache. House looks weird as we had to put up a temp. plywood and insulation wall and door until we remodel in Spring, what with exposed heat vents lying across the floor and the plywood floor and one bathroom not even hooked up(found this out after we made offer)I think we should get assessment down. I won't even start on the orange carpet!!!(Although my younger friends all love it, think it retro!

    Hey it sounds as if the meds are working for your Lyme, let's hope so. I'll write again, soon. Keep getting well.
    Love Anne

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