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    I just want to encourage you. I know how hard it is to live with this illness. But the good thing is they are learning more about it every day. Hang in there, they will find out what this is and how to help us all. When you feel like no one understand talk to people on the message boards. Find out if there is a fibro support group in your community. Are you parents supportive?
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    Yes my parents are supportive i suppose i have gave you the wrong impression.My mum has got upset many times now as i look for questions and she doesn't know.Its just going to take its time to get out of my system.
    My mum said this was a good idea to start posting on these, but she doesn't want everyone to think she is illtreating me Because its nothing like that.I just came onto here so i can talk to other people who know how i feel.
    From Daniel
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    I just wanted to say, that we know what it is as we saw a pedeatricion ( childs doctor ) And she said it was a CFS , like the after affects of glandular Fever.
    So we know what it is, i am just fed up of keep having it over and over again