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    Hi Dan, I suspect you might be from the U.K.? because you call your mother "Mum".

    I don't know if you have University hospitals anywhere around there, but it might be worth a trip if your family can afford it. They usually do medical tests in a lot quicker manner than regular doctors do, and they might be able to eliminate things that could be wrong with you. (I assume you were checked for Lyme disease).

    The other option is Mayo Clinic, which I recommend highly. I was diagnosed there after having been ill for 3 months, and messed around going from specialist to specialist. The wait between doctors and tests around here was ridiculous! However, at Mayo, everything went very quickly, and tests were were all taken at once.

    It seems to me that there could be any number of things that might be creating your problems.

    These types of clinics are well worth the trip, and their cost is usually less than the physicians at home. They usually will set you up with a payment plan, also.

    Mayo Clinic has tons of reduced-rate motels to stay at in the area, because everything there is connected to the clinic -- even the shuttle buses that take you back and forth.

    There are other clinics specifically for children, but I don't know much about them. Maybe some of our other readers on this site can help with that.

    Keep us posted on how you are doing. We all wish you well.

    Kathy (from Michigan)
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    Hi Kathy if Dan is in the UK the time difference is probably why he/she did not respond to your post. So am bumping it up for you, it was on the botton of the page.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Bumping for our 13-year old.