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    dcnfngrs- Thanks for the warm welcome. I clicked on your name and read your profile. I love the pix of your grandchild-so adorable. I also have 3 grandchildren and I adore them with all my heart.

    Do you live in Texas? My parents have lived in Spring, Tx(40 miles north of Houston) since 1976. I had already left home so I did not grow up there but we traveled to their house for every Christmas from 1984-2001.

    Also in 1996, we spent 3 weeks in the summer exploring San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Christi before ending up at their house. As I remember, a horrible heat wave and drought was happening at the time. We have driven thru Texas from Colorado in ice storms and blizzards in the Panhandle through torrential rains and flooding near Dallas/Ft. Worth!! Never a dull moment. LOL

    Hasta Luego, Jan

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    just in case this gets lost before you have had a chance to read.

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