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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by windblade, May 16, 2006.

  1. windblade

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    Dear De,

    Thinking of you and hoping things are well with you.

    I was interested to read how you paint in oils and watercolors and love also photography! Wow!! What kind of themes or subject matter are you most interested in?

    Sending some prayers your way!

  2. dejovu

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    I love all kinds of art. I'm looking at the world and see it as a child, everything seems amazing beautiful. In the Spring I love to photograph the new spring wild flowers or sometimes it's the overflowing springs coming out of the Mts. Summer, it's the desert,it's a beautiful thing in it's own right, fall it's the deer, elk, antelope etc..Oils for me are all nature and watercolers are freedom to express anything. Color and texture and natural formation just fasinates me. I just read your bio, we could be sisters. My library card doesn't even need my last name. Please write and tell me about what stirs your heart. My art is part of my healing. For me it's My Lord, my Drs. and my art, without anyone of those I could not exsist. Many Blessings and keep in touch. Thx DE
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    Wow, you must live in such a beautiful area!

    I know exactly what you mean about seeing the world like a child - NEW, SURPRISING, AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL.

    My husband is a painter too, in oils (also an art teacher), and whenever we go out, we can spend the whole trip admiring the clouds to each other, or the lakes up North a bit.

    Anyone else would get bored after 5 min. or 2 or 1???

    I love watercolors to paint with, and brush and ink, pen and ink for drawing. I love looking at everything in nature, and drawing , painting, or writing about it.

    I read poetry, Letters, tons of fiction, travel books, etc.,etc, etc, devotional and physics, the mystics.

    Did you read the Mark Haddon book for the book club?

    Lots of love,