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    Hi honey,
    It's me Doxy!

    I wanted to stop in and say "hi" to you......incase you didn't know my computer was infected and wiped out by a virus so I had NO computer for a long time!

    Iam so happy to be back!
    I have missed evreyone here so much!

    I think your Grandbaby is just absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!

    Iam so fortunate to have someone like you who understands what Iam going through!

    I know that this has been a long hard road for you and your husband but I have no doubt that it will all be worht it soon!

    Your Grandbaby is so lucky to have Grandparents like you that will love and take care of him!

    Please know that ANYTIME you need support, a shoulder to cry on, or just an ear to listen Iam here for you!

    I appreciate all the information you have passed on trying to help us in our situation and PLEASE anything you eer want to pass on we will be so grateful for!

    I wanted to let you know that my son has done all of his paperwork for the child support payments portion of his responsibility for son is also the one who filed for "joint custody" of Cohen!

    The mom got served on Friday and she threw a tantrum and called my son terrible names.........she is probably distraught at the fact that he wants to have a equal time to raise his son just as she has!

    One would think that she would be ecstatic for Cohen that his Daddy loves him and wants to be a part of his life!

    My son does not have a lawyer! We simply just cannot afford one ..........however my son does qualify for legal aid ( appointed lawyer by the court ) if he needs it!

    We are hoping and praying that the judge will be unbiased and fair and give my son at LEAST a few hours a week to start with!

    We have a bedroom all fixed up for Cohen at my house, we have a crib, dresser ( full of clothes ) diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, baby food, shampoo, lotion, a car seat, stroller, and even a very cute "saucer" which is the "new" walker type chair that they sit in but it doesn't move!

    So, I can see no reason why the judge wouldn't let us have him little by little!

    My son is a GOOD GOOD person honestly he really is.......

    but he is NOT going to accept seeing Cohen through the mom at all!

    In fact I believe it was you who mentioned the drop off and pick up through cps and I am so thankful you brought that to my attention.......I honestly think that is a GREAT idea.......that way none of us will have to listen to CRAP everytime we pick him up!

    I have a strong feeling that this girl will do and say anything to keep us from having Cohen........and I have honestly worried that she may make up physical or abuse of some other kind to try to block us?

    Well, I better let your eyes have a rest!

    PLEASE know Iam here for you ok?1

    Thank you again for caring about me and my situation it makes my heart smile knowing you care!:)


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