To Do List 3/15-3/21

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  1. sorekitty

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    Good Morning! Did everyone make it through daylight savings time? Or with everyone in different countries and states did you even have to change the clocks?

    Nancy-I was very happy to see you post at the end of last week. I'm sorry you have been sick for so many weeks. I hope you feel better soon.

    This will be my son's first full week in his second grade class. He is still very resistant to going but once he is there he is doing very well! We all got a cold last week and I'm still getting over it.

    I plan to make Irish food for St. Patrick's day and decorate the house a bit. On Friday we are looking forward to seeing Cirque du Soliel "Kooza". Liam is very excited to go to the circus.

    For today:
    epsom salt bath for the aches and pains
    shop for basics and some St. Pat's things
    do homework with Liam
    take Liam to the library
    respite tonight! not sure where we will go

  2. sorekitty

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    I'm tired and ready for bed but thought I'd check in. No one's around. I hope to hear from you all soon. Newcomers are welcome too!
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    Hi all,
    Thanks, Molly, for starting the thread this week. I'm glad Liam is in his new school situation and I hope it is a blessing to all of you. Have fun with your St. Patty's Day dinner....what are you serving?

    Maybe I'll go get a corned beef and cabbage.....

    The boys both dressed totally in green for their music classes at the school. They said that if they don't wear green, they get pinched. One of them wore his sister's pajama pants.......

    Our grass is getting greener, but it is still too early to plant my favorite pansies. They don't mind a little cold, but I'm still scraping frost off the windshield often enough to wait. I love to mix yellows, oranges, and purples. So cheerful.

    No subbing on the immediate horizon, but maybe I haven't tried too hard.....tsk tsk!

  4. sorekitty

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    I'm still getting over this cold. A lot of left over congestion. i got to take a 2 hour nap this afternoon:) My son's new school is going well and he is doing his homework (with a lot of prompting and rewards) it is great to see. He still complains and wants to stay home but I am hoping that will fade out.

    Terri-I made colcannon for a side dish. It is mashed potato with sauteed cabbage and onion and bacon bits. It was good except my son wanted the traditional mashed potatoes. I saved out some for him! I had a feeling it would be too different for him(lol). I just got him to like mashed potatoes at age six for goodness sake! Did you end up making an Irish meal?

    Planting flowers sounds nice. i wish I could but we have a lot of bunnies here. We tried flowers and came out the next day to find every bloom eaten off! We even tried a planter box up high and a squirrel climed up and ate those flowers! We do have bushes with these cute little pink flowers coming out now. It looks nice. So you are enjoying your time with no subbing? That is good.

    phone calls and e-mails
    house cleaning
    pick up son early-we get to see Cirque du Soleil!!!!!

    I hope to hear from the others soon.
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    Hi, Girls:

    I won't be able to say much as the library in closing in a few minutes. I had problems getting into my computer so that shortened my time and then I checked my e-mail. The weather here has been beautiful here the past few days-in the mid-60's. It's so nice going outside without a coat. Jim and I went to some gardens nearby a few days ago. They have some indoor gardens and we went to the spring flower show. Also, my oldest brother went with us. Jim and I used our new cameras. I had to help Jim with his since he's not used to digital cameras. It's been a busy week. I finally started my spring cleaning.

    I've had a flare-up of my FMS in my arms, hands and right shoulder. Still been exercising and doing some stretching. well, gotta go. Take care.

  6. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all,

    Molly thanks for getting the list started this week. I hope things go well for Liam in his new school.

    Ellen I hope you enjoyed your outing. It's finally starting to warm up here too but we still have small piles of snow scattered around.

    I'm still sick with this cold and some days are just awful for's like waking up with a new cold every single day.

    I had my appt with the nutritionist a few days ago (of course got even more sick afterwards) and it appears that I'm doing everything right diet wise for my blood sugar problems, now I just need to make the appt with the endo doc to help me find out why this happens to me.