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    Hello all,

    This is Wednesday and the first I've been online this week except to check my email and do my banking.

    I've been busy with house-selling tasks We've accepted an offer and are in the midst of some back and forth legal stuff. I hope it goes through without too much hassle.

    Speaking of hassle, I lost my purse so I've had to cancel my credit & bank card. Failing a kind and honesr person finding my purse and returning it to me, over the next few days. I'll need to chase down replacement i.d. cards, purchase new reading glasses, arrange for a new bus pass and other such documents. I'll also need to accept the loss of several favourite items (including my ipod with family photos, a lovely compact mirror gifted to me by my BFF and theatre tickets for an upcoming musical).

    In spite of these stressors, my pain level is only moderate. I beleive it's because I've been getting some good exercise, walking daily.

    I hope to hear from each of our to-do list members. Please post, if you're up to it.

    Newcomers to the group are more than welcome to join us. This thread provides the opportunity to share with other people who live with FMS/CFSIDs. You are invited to use this space to formulate and share your to-do list, allowing you to prioritize your daily/weekly goals so that you can pace yourself and accomplish the things you want to do.

    To Do List

    Food Prep (cut veggies, make egg salad)
    play with and brush bunny
    shower & shampoo
    wash windows (one per day)
    go to bank to replace bank card
    phone calls re: forms for replacemen i.d.

    God bless.
    Anne Theresa
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    Hello A.T.,
    So sorry to hear about your lost purse......I am praying that some kind and honest person will turn it in! So much to lose, but hopefully it will still turn up.

    I hope all are well that are usually posting....seems that we've hit a snag lately. As Anne Theresa said, newcomers are welcome! We don't always even have a to-do list......sometimes it is just an airing of our feelings. Good friends here.

    I am trying out a gluten free bread today. I had to do so many substitutions, it will probably turn out like a brick! But I've decided to do a ten day trial without gluten, to see if my restless legs get a little better. I'm tired of dancing around during piano lessons (it's embarrassing!) and not being able to sit through an evening performance. I am taking lots of magnesium and potassium, plus vitamins galore, but I'm still looking for a food link. I know sugar is bad for my RLS, so that is a challenge to avoid. If anyone has a great GF recipe, I'm all ears!

    Raining outside....great for the spring flowers. I love to see a little rain.

    Take care everyone,
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    I cannot believe how fast the week has gone! Thanks to Anne Theresa for starting our thread.

    Anne Theresa-Firstly, I am so proud of you walking everyday!!! That is great. Is the weather getting better? Or are you braving some cooler days too. I am really sorry about your purse and hope it will turn up. GL with the house selling. You are making your way through the life changes that you have been going through. Hugs!

    Terri-I will admit to you that I am off my gluten free diet. I'm bad to the bone! I never quite made a bread in my breadmaker that I could recommend. . . I'm sorry. I hope the diet will show you strongly if it helps the RLS or not. It can be a tricky thing to figure out. How nice you are getting the rain. We have actually had a rainshower almost once a week for a few weeks which is sayin something!

    Outside my kitchen window is a Mama Dove who has made her nest on the fence in a bush but I can still see her! She moves periodically throughout the day like she has to warm all of her eggs just so! Liam and me are really enjoying this. She hasn't left the nest that I can tell for the past two days since I discovered her! I can see her eye blink! If she leaves I want to run out and see if there are eggs and what they look like!

    I'm an emotional basket case. Just stating a fact. I held myself together during the hellish events of 2nd grade but now that Liam is back in school I am finally allowing myself to deal with the emotion of what occurred. It is unreal. I cry over EVERY thing!!!!! i was at the bookstore and chose "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs" and my eyes welled up. Today I read a note from his new teacher that actually was awesome and yet again tears welling up. I went to a support group for parents tonight and told my story (I hadn't been to this one since just before the hospitalization of Liam) and I was shaking for an hour afterwards. I have never experienced the shaking thing. I have seen two therapists this past week and am processing all of the anger at the school and all of the other intense emotions. Wow I don't know. This is unbelievable!

    To Do:
    Continue to see the beauty all around me
    Take care of myself
    Do my best by Liam

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    I'm new to posting though I've been reading awhile. When I'm posting from home I'm having to use my phone so I'm working at a disadvantage. Please bear with me and my lack of spacing. I lost my purse once. A nightmare since I'm one of those people that carry her life around in her purse. And I dont know which is worse-buying or selling a house. Both sooo stressful! I swore when we bought this one that. was. it. No more. Well maybe to downsize when my son moves out? I want less to clean. Is that possible? I have to re-pot the container tomato plant I bought yesterday. Already has green tomatoes on it! Need to get groceries but not sure I'm up to a trip to town. I really need that potting soil though! Just in pain triggered by tax day stress even though we got good news. To Liam's mom (sorry your name fell into the black hole that is my memory)...I'm sorry for your emotional pain. I can relate only too well though I dont have a special needs child per se. My now 20yo son has mental issues and I worry about him constantly. Here's hoping for a wonderful wknd and completed lists for all! Rebecca
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    Hi, Girls:

    My life has been extra crazy that past month or so, but I was determined to get on here this week. I went to my monthly luncheon with my former co-workers who are now retired from the College where we are used to work this week. One of them lives in the same town as I do and she told me about another restaurant that has Internet access. I was happy to hear it as the one restaurant the Internet access is poor and I have a hard time using my laptop. This is where I am now.

    Before I got on here, I spent quite a bit of time reading and gaining additional info from the Social Security Disability website. That is taking up a fair amount of my time lately gathering my information so I can apply for disability. Thankfully, I knew to keep a disability file for the past ten years "just in case" so I had some good information in there to send along with my information. My husband and I also attended a FMS seminar in Columbus, Ohio quite a few years ago and I still had my notes in the file. One thing I had in my notes was not to apply for disability in person because of the fact that FMS is an invisible illness and we don't look disabled. So I will file online and will bring in all my papers to my appt. So I guess, like it or not, I do have to be seen at least once. That can't be helped. But I am getting a letter together, which will take quite a bit of time. The website said all the info that is needed, which I will include in the letter. If I am denied, I will then hire an attorney. I have one picked out that my FMS doctor recommended. He is only five minutes from my house.

    We are also in the middle of fixing up our back screened porch. I have half of it stained on the outside. Because of my arms and hands, I am only staining just a little at a time and taking frequent breaks. So that's going pretty well. We have hired a man who has done work for us before to put up the new screens, new screen door. We is also going to put up a new back door for us and a fireproof door going into the garage. I am so glad for the new back door. With the old door, the glass in it would freeze up in the winter, and water would come in in the cracks in the door and I had to put towels on the floor as water would drip down the door. It was a big heat loss and quite a mess! I also have to stain those doors. I have the porch door stained. Our handyman is coming on Tuesday to work. I have to stain the screen frames when our handyman takes them down.

    I'm also doing spring cleaning on the cool and rainy days.

    Anne Theresa: I am so sorry your purse was stolen! What a hassle to replace all the missing cards and other info. Of course, some things like picture are not replaceable. Did you have a lot of money in your purse? That's good that you are keeping up with your exercise.

    Terri: I'm so sorry, but I forgot what you wrote! To be honest, my memory has really deteriorated the past six months or so. I can do something and then five minutes later wonder if I've done it! Well, I hope you and your family are doing well! I am sure that you are thinking about your garden! I am, too!

    Molly: I am so sorry you have been so emotional lately! Women tend to be more emotional than men. I know I am more that way myself. It's only natural since Liam is your son and I know you do love him!

    Rebecca: Welcome to our group! I have a 53-year-old brother with mental problems. He has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I know it's not the same as saving a child with mental problems, but my parents are gone now and I feel very close to my brother and he feels the same toward me. I see him every week and I look after him. He lives in a group home.

    Well, this has become very long. Take care, everyone!

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    Good Morning all...
    Sorry I've been missing again this week, I still wake up sick as a dog each day with the allergy problems and our internet is still on the blink from that storm almost 2 months ago...

    Anne Theresa I'm so sorry your purse went missing (or stolen?) The loss of those items is just sad, not to mention the work involved in replacing everything you need.

    Terri, I can't remember how long it's been ( maybe a few years) but I remember doing research for my husband's restless legs and found a study that said a high percentage of people with RLS were also allergic to gluten or had Celiac Disease. Although it took us awhile back then when Katy was so sick to get all the tests completed we did find out that he's allergic to gluten so please continue on your testing.

    I buy Sam's Red Mill (going from memory here) bread mixes and make them in the bread maker and he loves the bread. I've tasted it too and it's wonderful although a heavier bread than I'm used to. I also buy from often to get the pastas that we need that aren't available here for us.

    Molly so sorry to hear that you're a bit weepy lately although I can see why....maybe have your hormones checked? I wish I had been able to do that when I was in my 30's...would have saved a lot of mood swings that I only was able to recognize after my hysterectomy later.

    Rebecca, welcome to the thread...I also have a mentally ill daughter who's 23 now. After 9 hospitalizations and almost 7 years of hell, she's finally been properly diagnosed and medicated and is doing very well.

    She went to the Spring Fest last night and came home with a plant for me that she won and a note saying she had a wonderful time.

    Hubby's gone in the states this week. But I think when he gets home we may have to make arrangements to take a train to Paris for Mother's Day just in case we can't fly.

    I had to cancel my Endo appt on Thursday since he wasn't able to take me but I went to my doc on base. I have an appt with an allergist on Thursday and an appt with a neurologist for the numbness in my hands and fingers, probably carpel tunnel. Both are important appts so it was a good trade off.

    Katy was also able to see a doc that day and now is insured and will be properly medicated for the next 3 years...great news!

    I'm still struggling with what to do all day every day now that I'm rarely back in bed. I've mowed the lawn, organized the house inside and outside and at my age, I just don't get excited wondering which room to clean anymore....there just has to be something better, hopefully I'll find it soon.

    Hugs all,