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    Hi all,
    The to do list has been MIA I thought I would shoot one out, and hope that someone responds!

    I hope you are doing well and getting ready for Easter. That being said, I have bought a few chocolates and have eggs in the fridge. But then, Easter is not just about what we eat that day, but a day of blessings. We are blessed! Our son, who used to have chronic fatigue, is well and married, as you may remember. He and his wife are expecting.....due in September! So we will have another grandchild to welcome into our family.

    Nancy- you are probably in the midst of moving back to the is not dull, I'm sure! Drop us a line when you can and let us know how you are doing.

    Anne Theresa- hope you are well and your bunny too. Will you and your sister do anything special for Easter? I hope your weather is improving....ours is finally warming up a bit.

    Ellen- has your disability gone through yet? I have forgotten where we left off, but I know you've had a lot on your mind. God bless you and happy Easter!

    To everyone else.....please chime in and let us know what's happening in your lives! It doesn't even have to be a to do list.....just say hello!

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    So sorry I haven't been on here for awhile. I will try not to make this too long-winded. This week is extra busy for me as it is Holy Week, of course, and I sing in a choir. I can't sing at all the services. I tried to do that last year. I ended up with a huge flare-up which lasted for weeks after Easter. So I am cutting back this year and have explained why to my choir director and she understood. We had our first mass tonight (I am Catholic).

    I can't be too trusting, but my husband keeps saying he is working on his abusive behavior, although he won't admit that he is abusive, but admits that his behavior is wrong and also says that his behavior is like his father's. In some ways his behavior has improved his last November when I confronted him about his abusiveness, but he has a lot more to work on.

    He talked to his parents about this and now his parents are angry with me, especially his mom. His mother has said nasty things about me now and then through the years and did just recently. I try so hard to be a good Christian, but this last story really took the cake, and I tried to call her and ask her why she said this about me during a time when I was really sick (Harry's dad is also to blame), but she refused to speak to me and even hung up on me.

    So now I am feeling quite depressed as I now feel I have no family on either side. I guess I never really had a family on my husband's side either. I don't think Jesus would be mad at me for just staying away from my husband's family. I talked about this at the support group at the women's shelter and they agreed that Harry's family are not very healthy people to be around and it's best to stay away. I guess I can spend holidays with my friend, Tina, and her family. It's really sad. Harry's sister has also been so mean, too. I'm tired of always being the nice one.

    Several weeks ago I got a notice in the mail saying that they may be able to settle my disability case sooner without the hearing, which isn't until a year and a half to two years away (which includes several months for the Judge's decision). So I have given my lawyer info on my health which has deteriorated with added pain in my legs and toes and my memory has worsened, also. I don't doubt that stress isn't helping. I also told him about my abuse and they are getting records from our counselor. Maybe the judge will believe I am disabled if he or she knows I am abused as most women would not choose to live with an abusive man.

    I will give Harry some time to see how his behavior is, but I won't live my whole life with him if he doesn't improve. It breaks my heart and I'm scared to death to leave as I don't know if I can make it financially on my own and healthwise I don't know what's ahead for me.

    I'm still working at the library and loving it-see my news isn't all bad. That and my music are bright spots!

    Terri - congrats on your future grandchild!

    Well, it's really late at night.

    Anne Theresa - Hope all is well with you!

    I'll try to get back on here again soon! Happy Easter!


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