To do list: April 25 - May 2

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EllenComstock, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. EllenComstock

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    Hi, girls:

    Sorry I've been absent for over a week, but last week we had a man over to work on our screened porch. He replaced all the damaged screens (we bought a stronger screening that our front declawed cats and birds can't put holes in), put in new pipes and faucets leading outside both front and back, a new back door, and a fireproof door leading to the garage.

    To save money, I am staining the porch myself. I have the two long side myself and still have the outside front to do. The screens are still out and I have them to do. Of course this is not the best activity with my FMS, especially since I now have it in my arms and hands. I wasn't sure if I could do it at all and have been surprised at how well I am managing. I am taking frequent breaks and do not stain two days in a row. I sit down to stain when I can.

    I have managed to do a little yardword and so far have two bedrooms spring cleaned.

    One thing that is high on my priority list is that I am writing a disability report as I will be filing for disability soon. I am trying the first time without a lawyer and if I get turned down, I know what lawyer I will be going to. It is someone my FMS dr. recommended. He is very close to my house, thank goodness. I will be filing online, and when they call me for my appt., I will take in my paperwork.

    I have also been trying to get my hearing aid to work the past 11 months. Finally, after having a new abutment put in my head (a longer one that normally only men wear), plus having it adjusted again, it has been working fine since last Friday. I can't tell you what a thrill it has been to finally hear well after years of not! And with so much else going on, it's so nice to have something solved (cross my fingers!)

    I hope everyone else is okay. I see there wasn't a post last week. I'll try to get back on here before the week is over, but I can't promise. I'll be so glad when the porch and the disability report is done. What a relief that will be! Of course I will then have my gardens to plant-always something!

  2. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all.

    Ellen, thanks for starting the thread this week. I'm happy to hear you're pacing yourself, not over-doing the physical work. I wish you all the best with your disability claim. My disablity claims (federal gov't and private workplace insurace) took a long time to process (and was turned down twice.) I'm glad I kept up the fight (I had no choice as I truly could not work) because my quality of life has improved greatly with the support.

    I've been under-the-weather and offline for several days. I've been letting my answering machine answer all but the most important phone calls and for the most part, I've stayed indoors with the curtains drawn. All classic signs of depression, I know.

    I've been seeing a lot of my ex, due to the sale of the house (we're not using a realtor so the process is detail-laden) and our final year of filing a joint tax return. Seeing him and dealing with the finality of losing the home we had together is taking an emotional toll on me. I'm trying to focus on the positive aspects (from the sale of the house, I'll have a few dollars to buy a new scooter and pay for my sister's dental work. As well, I'll be able to buy a nice wedding gift for my son & his partner and create some savings for my future).

    To Do List

    - finish cleaning the apartment
    - water the plants
    - eat something healthy
    - shower & shampoo
    - go for a walk

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
  3. sorekitty

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    Hi all, thanks Ellen for getting us started!

    Ellen: You have got to feel so proud with all you are accomplishing. It is amazing with your hands and arms. GL with the disability claim. The paperwork and all must be overwhelming for that.

    Anne Theresa:Congrats to your son on the wedding! I'm sorry you are so down but certainly can be expected with what you are going through. All I can offer is cyber hugs. Must be so tough. The emotional stuff is not easy and you cannot just move right through as you wish.

    We got our neuropsych report and met with the dr today to go over it. My son has about 6 dx in all and it is overwhelming. I couldn't really explain it to you. I sorta knew all this but it's still so hard. It was exhausting for me to read the 10 page report try to digest it over the weekend and prepare myself to meet with the dr. but we did it.

    Tomorrow my ds has his brain MRI at Children's Hospital. He will have anesthesia. I feel a wreck and am a bit resentful that my dh isn't going. I don't know why. What can he do there? i just feel it anyway. I went to church Sunday and Fr. W annointed me for the MRI and all we are going through.

    We have our triennial IEP coming soon. All of the important assessments are trickling in and we are trying to set a date. The neuropsych is coming along with many others so scheduling it is complicated. We still haven't been able to see the classroom in the other district yet so we have no idea which placement for third grade.

    I honestly don't know how I am going through all this month after month. i feel I have gone to hell and back and it only continues.

    We have decided to take a vaca to Hawaii. I have some money set aside from my mom. I can't take it anymore. We have not had a real vacation in eight years since before our son was born. I need a real break, at least a week.

    My ds is actually doing much much better and I am very grateful for that. I as a Mom am not finished yet and am still going through so much. I can't believe I have survived this. I thought I would go to the looney bin by now.


  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    I am glad to see the post is back and running.

    Ellen, you sound good. You are getting a lot accomplished and being able to hear clearly now must be amazing.....congrats! I mentioned trying a gluten free diet in my last post, and it is helping my restless legs. I have been buying the special flours, so I can bake. Boy, it is not easy to find good recipes, though! I found a good muffin recipe, but not one (that I like) for bread yet. Hoping to lose some weight now, since I can't eat many baked goods.

    Anne Theresa, so sorry for all that you are going through right now. I know contact with your ex can't be avoided, but try to look outside at the sunshine and is such a beautiful time of year. I will say a prayer for are a good friend. I know you are trying to count your blessings, but remember that YOU are a blessing too.

    Molly, you really have a lot of inner strength to do all that you do for your son. Bless you! I hope that with all the new DX's that Liam can get the help he needs (you too!). I am glad that you let us know what is going on and keep us updated.

    I hope Nancy is starting to feel better....Nancy?

    Our son is getting ready for his move to Canada. He is going up to live and work for his future father in law. He can't legally be employed yet, so he is working for rent right now. I suppose his fiancee's family will feed him and wash his clothes.....he'll be over there most of the time anyway. We wish he would stay here longer, but they have to grow up, I guess. As a mom, I would like to have him here as long as possible! Their wedding date is June 12th.

    Have a good day, everyone!
    Hugs, Terri
  5. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all...

    Ellen thanks for getting the list started this week. I know your screened porch is a lot of work right now but it sounds like you had some wonderful upgrades done so that will last for years and years. Soon you'll be sitting back and just enjoying it all.

    Anne Theresa, I know this is all very difficult for you and I just wanted to ask, is your doctor aware of your recent depression problems? Situational depression is quite common and completely understandable in your situation but it should also be helped by the right medications.

    I know you've had to change medications in the past but maybe it's time to tweak them again?

    If nothing else, try to get out into the sunshine...if you're not up to a walk, just try to sit outside and soak up some Vitamin D, I know it always seems to give me more pep the day after I'm able to do this.

    Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding....we all just want our kids to be happy and loved. Any ideas on the wedding gift?

    Molly, you've had so much on your plate for so long now.....but I can completely understand why you wanted hubby to go with you. Moral support....just somebody to be there so you don't have to go through all of it alone. Trust me, my husband's been gone so much through the years that I understand completely!

    Which island are you planning to go to in Hawaii? I used to live in Oahu many years ago when the kids were little...

    As for me? I'm still sick but it's allergies, they've just never ever been this bad before. Imagine the first day of a cold every single day for over 2 months now. I did go see a German allergist but he was unable to do testing on me since I didn't know to stop my meds prior to the appt. Grrrr wish my doc here had warned me since they weren't working anyway!!!

    I'm taking 5 different meds and over the counter helpers each day to try to help me breathe better and to control the runny nose etc....actually just a bit of Nyquil at night to help me get to sleep, the rest are all meds from the docs. I've seen minor improvements, just a bit better day by day so hopefully this will continue.

    My husband finally got home from his trip on Tuesday afternoon, he was delayed quite a few days because of the volcano. The airlines are still trying to get people to give up their seats so that elderly group tour passengers can get back to Europe but I needed him home too. This is the only trip ever that I didn't pack extra meds for him, figures huh??

    I have been so busy since he left...This is what I got done on Monday...Took Katy to work, went to a home store and bought my Dad 2 of the beautiful hand crafted wooden barrels for planters for his patio, went to base to see if my sunglasses were ready (not yet), shopped for clothing at the exchange, including trying things on which I never have the energy to do (but I even bought 2 dresses for Paris). Then I came home for a bit, had to go back out to pick Katy up from work, came home and mowed over half of my huge lawn, took a shower and watched a movie with Katy.

    Today I need to shop for groceries...I just didn't have the time while he was gone but Katy plans to help me so I won't have to do it all and carry it all in by myself...

    Today is also a big day for my husband at work....they had to let 9 positions go and it's possible that he might be one of them. Long story but there's a woman in his office who is just evil (honestly I've never been more afraid of a little old lady in my life) and she 'should' be the one to go, she does nothing, he runs the place....but we have a feeling he's going to be the one.....and if it was anyone but her, it would never ever be him but...

    There's a possibility that he might get a job in DC and if you're the praying type, please send a prayer up that it all works out for him. So many things pointing in the right direction, so many good people supporting him and he's perfect for the job. And there's nobody better for the job either. So many blessings happened while he was there the past week or so...and this all ties into what he's worked blood, sweat and tears for the last 5 years or so......

    And we leave for Paris next Thursday...yikes I need to get packing and at least find my make up bag etc.....get organized.

    Looks like we could be busier than ever soon.....

    Hugs all,

  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    You may want to look into allergy shots.....I've been having them for years now, and my allergies are basically nonexistent. They really help! Of course, you have to go in for the testing and for awhile, you have to have a shot weekly. I am once a month now, but it is so worth it. I take one of the twins for shots as well.

    Older son had to get a physical yesterday, so he could marry in Canada. Looks like he will really be going this time....I'm getting a bit emotional about it, but you're right.....we just want our kids to be happy. And this is what he wants.

    Hugs, Terri
  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Terri, you're right and I will look into the allergy shots, something I've been reading a lot about recently and new and better ones seem to be just around the corner.

    I know you must have concerns about your son's young marriage, but mine is almost 29 now and still no plans to ever marry so there's always a flip side of the coin. That means no grand kids for me etc.....and for me, the new girl each week/night thing is getting old and I wish it was for him as well.

    His girlfriend dumped him while he was 'over there' doing his part in the Air Force and his cure for it was a plan to take a trip to spring break....I tried to tell him nicely that at some point those hot young babes are going to tell 'grandpa' to take a hike!

    Without the drinking part of it he reminds me a bit of Charlie Harper on 2 1/2 Men and although I love the laughs on that show, the reality is a bit tiring...

    Your son, although still young has his heart open to love, his mind open to a sense of home, and responsibility and caring that many older men still haven't found. In my opinion, there's something 'right' about that!

    I have so many things I should be doing today but just wasn't feeling well yesterday, in fact it was one of those rare days when I went back to bed and rested for a few hours.

    I should pick up my new sunglasses, or edge the yard or pack etc.....not sure yet.

    Hugs all,

  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Your words of wisdom hit home.....yes, we are blessed that he is not into drugs, alcohol, and has only had one girlfriend. He is a sweetie, and she is lucky to have him!

    Paris sounds it a working vacation for your hubby? Anything happening on the new job for him stateside? It would be an adjustment for you both to move do you feel about it?

    Happy Sunday,

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