TO DO LIST April 5-10

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    We had an earthquake! It was 7.2 in Mexico but we sure felt it here! Our mirror above our dresser was moving back and forth and the hanging light in our stairwell was swinging! I was on the second floor and it felt like it went on forever but I hear it was 40 seconds.

    This week is my 7 yo spring break. We have some dr appts for him but I plan to fit in fun stuff too. My dh is working hard since it is tax season so we always stay home for the break. It is strawberry season here! We have a U-Pick farm nearby and we plan to take our son maybe next weekend to pick strawberries.

    My ds favorite is Indiana Jones Legos. I am taking him to the Museum of Man this week to do the archialogical dig they have for kids. We will go to Legoland too since my MIL gave us a really good coupon.

    The NOT fun stuff we have to do starts tomorrow. Ds has a psychiatrist appointment to do a meds check and then we have to go to Children's Hospital to have a blood draw(YIKES!). Then on Tuesday we have to go to the pediatrician to get a pre-surgery check for his brain MRI that is set for April 27th.

    How is everyone? Nancy we haven't heard from you and if I remember you were having some sort of computer problem. I hope to hear from you soon! We are supposed to have rain overnight tonight but I think the rest of the week will be pretty nice.

  2. sorekitty

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    Bumping up the TO DO post while the reply button is on! Beadlady and Nancy were able to post on last weeks so please read the update there.

    Hope everyone is well. My dh just took ds to the dr and I am going to hurry and take an epsom salt bath! Hugs to you all.


    Hello to everyone who will be signing in!!!

    Molly, I bet you did do alot of rock'n and roll'n with that earthquake..I live in the bay area and we've had a few up here over the years, too..I usually don't pay any attention to them until they start at 5.0..but, a 7.2 would definitely get my attention!!

    Never did like having blood drawn from my kids even tho I knew it had to be done..didn't make it any easier tho...please keep in touch and let us know how your little guy did on the MIR..

    I don't know if someone upstairs heard me starting to complain about all the rain we've been having, but the weather the last couple of days has been beautiful..a bit cold at night, but during the day the sun is out..

    This has been a busy four or five days..last Saturday, my mother, who is 84, slipped and fell coming out of the nail salon and hit her shoulder and her left knee, she has two knee replacements..fortunately, my sister was with was able to walk, but, we took her to the ER just to make sure nothing was broken..thank goodness, nothing was! However, she is terribly sore...then on Monday, her asthma kicked in and it was back to the the time we left the hospital, she was doing 100% better...

    I must mention that my mother's ER doctor on Monday was soooo young and handsome!!... And why is it, that when one of those gorgeous creatures is on duty, I look like something the cat dragged in? I was in pulled back...girls, you know what I'm talking about..I told mom that the next time she needs to go to the ER, give me a couple of hours notice so I could get dolled up!! :) When I told my DH about this doctor, he just laughed and said, "ya think a couple of hours is enough?" men!!!!!

    I really don't have much of a TO DO LIST..I've been doing a little bit of work in the garden..and then there's the same old stuff..housework, laundry, cooking..blah, blah, blah..but, the best part of the day is nap time!! However, I better stop complaining about this "same old stuff" because the hard work in the vineyard is just about to get underway...

    Hope everyone is feeling better this week..take care..

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    Hello all,

    I've been recovering from a flu these past few days, that's why I haven't been on-line and posting. I've only been doing the minimum of housework, petcare, food prep. etc. Most of my time I've spent reclining on my recliner, watching television.

    It's cold and windy outside (after a week of lovely weather) and so staying indoors these past few days hasn't been too much of a hardship for me. However, I'm getting extra stiff & sore from a lack of exercise so, hopefully, I'll feel well enough tomorrow to get out for a walk.

    Molly, thanks for getting our thread started this week. I experienced an earthquake of a similar magnitude a few years ago (I was sitting outside when it occured). It was a strange and frightening experiencing but it didn't last very long. I hope Liam's break is successful - I hope the medical appointments are helpful and the fun events are enjoyable.

    Nancy, thanks for the update. I'm sorry you're still struggling with sickness though it's nice your energy has remained constant and that you feel well enough to do some projects around the house. It's interesting you've indentified having identity issues at this point in your life. It makes perfect sense, given the sort of transition you and your husband are presently working through. Having that kind of emotional insight can be a blessing - just recognizing the underlying issue puts you in a position of strength.

    Beadlady it's so nice to hear from you again. I hope you had a nice Easter. It's great you're involved with the Meals on Wheels program. That's a great way to give to others.

    Terri, I trust you're enjoying the time with your grandchildren. I expect it's nice for your daughter, as she recoverws from surgery to have you there to help.

    JB, I'm glad your mom is feeling better after her fall and asthma attack. You made me laugh, in saying you looked like something the cat dragged in when you met the handsome doc - Isn't that always the way?

    Now I'm back to my recliner to rest some more. I fee simply exhausted after being on the computer for this long.

    Thursday To Do List

    I'll rest for half and hour, then I'll empty the dishwasher. Then I'll rest for another little while, then I'll sweep the kitchen floor, then rest, then vacum, then rest, then dust and so on until my house is reasonably tidy.

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
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    Hi, Girls:

    I didn't think I would get back on here this week, but my husband wanted to look up something at the library so I am here today. I was here on Thursday, but the library was having problems with their Internet and I wasn't able to post here. I was able to do a new post, so I did one to Molly to let her and everyone know I was on here on Thursday.

    I wasn't able to get over to the library last week as my choir kept me so busy with it being Holy Week. We practiced on Weds. and then sang on Thurs., Fri., Sat., and Easter Sunday. I hope everyone had a good Easter. Because of the renovations, the library will be closed all next week. I live in a small town, but I will try and find another place to use my computer, if possible. I just wanted to let everyone know in case you don't hear from me why I am "absent" from the board.

    I have been so busy at home with spring cleaning. We are also in the process of fixing of our back screened porch. Harry doesn't have the time, so we have hired a man to put in new screens and he will also put in our new screen door that I have just stained. We have just bought a new back door and a fireproof door going into the garage. As soon as the fireproof door comes in, the man can get started. We have had him do work for us before. I have started staining the outside of the porch. No, this is not easy for me to do with the FMS in my hands and arms, but we are trying to save money by having me do some of the work on the porch myself. I take lots of breaks and only do a little at a time. What I have done looks so nice. I am so thrilled we are finally getting a new back door. No more water leaking in during the winter and no more towels on the floor. The old door has cracks in it and the glass in it is not insulated. It's a big heat loss.

    I am also just getting started going through my disability file I've kept for years as I will be filing for disability soon. It's a big step, but I am telling myself I need to be patient and calm. I know it will take a long time and there will be frustrations and to be prepared for them. I have my lawyer picked out and have spoken with my FMS doctor.

    Nancy and Anne Theresa: I am so sorry that both of you have not been feeling well. Take care both of you!

    Molly: That most have been something feeling the earthquake! I read about it in the newspaper. Believe it or not, we had an earthquake here in Michigan many years ago. Of course it was a mild one and didn't cause any damage. I hope all is going well with Liam's time off from school. I hope he gets through the blood draw!

    JB: I am so sorry about your mother's fall, but thankfully she didn't break any bones!

    Well, I had better go. I think my husband is done.

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    Hi there,
    The week of spring break has exhausted me! I tried to make it active and fun for my son and I am very proud of myself for making it through. The blood draw with him was really tough. I did a lot of driving and walking this week.

    I am still very behind on everything from ds being out of school for those 6 weeks. I am really looking forward to the coming week when I send him off to school.

    Oprah should send over someone to check the bacteria levels in my fridge! I have been meaning to throw out old food and clean it for way too long! EWWWWW!!!

    Ellen:I am glad to hear from you! I am glad you had a good holy week with the choir. I hope you will enjoy the time off while the library is being renovated.
    Anne Theresa:I hope your flu is improving and the weather will as well. Then you can go out and enjoy some sunshine.
    Nancy:That is amazing the break thru you and your dh had about your life and trying to find new direction. Good for you! I am so happy that your dd is doing so well that you are able to look around and say what do I want out of my life!
    Wildwood:You live in the bay area? I love visiting there. There is a house for sale 45 million! Wow!

    I am REALLY tired so I apologize if I got anything wrong or seem out of it.
    Edit to add:Wildwood I am so sorry about your mom! I'm glad she is okay. Too bad you weren't feeling your best for the handsome doctor.[This Message was Edited on 04/10/2010]
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    I've been missing for awhile, so I'd thought I'd post while I can.....

    My daughter's surgery went quite well. It was Mar. 31st, and I stayed up there a week. Her girls are 6 and almost 2, so the younger one did not understand why Mommy couldn't do much and wasn't feeling well. But I was there to let her get some rest and she recovered pretty quickly. I got to make Easter dinner and enjoyed taking the girls on a local Easter egg!

    I'm sorry to hear some of you haven't been feeling well.....I hope you are on the mend.

    Earthquakes are scary, huh? We used to have some tremors up in Alaska, but not much of anything so far in Washington state. That's OK with me, too!

    Spring is beautiful, isn't it? We have tulips, and the fruit trees are blossoming. It is such a nice GREEN time of year.....I love it.

    Hugs, Terri


    Is there a way to read all the posts and reply at the sametime? I feel terrible because I forget who has posted and what was said, and I would like to reply to all...

    Take care and hope everyone is feeling better this week..

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