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    Ok, now we know why it's not my job to start this list every week. Too difficult this early in the morning to figure out the dates!

    Wanted to get this started when I didn't see it again today though, hope no one minds....

    We had a wonderful weekend, even though hubby snored us awake before 4:00 both days. (He's now sleeping in the spare bedroom again)

    We had dinner at our daughter's house on Sunday, first time and it was wonderful. She's a wonderful hostess, wife and the meal was just superb. (we brought the food and of course, tons extra)

    Then yesterday she just fell apart again....a series of events that were just too much for her to handle and if I had realized sooner, this was just waiting to happen. She's been weaning off her Seroquel with nothing to replace it for almost 2 months now.

    So I spent yesterday glued to the phone but she kept in touch and let me know what was going on. (often)

    Today she's staying home (with cramps) but she'll come in tomorrow for a doc appt. She called the docs yesterday who increased her Seroquel again.

    So I'm not sure what I'll be doing today, depends on how much she sleeps today. If she sleeps, I'll be able to step away from the phone, if she doesn't....I won't.

    Hope you all are having better days....


    Nancy B
  2. alaska3355

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    Sorry Nancy that what started out to be a great day dissolved.....I got a kick out of the "great food- we brought it" part. Hopefully her husband is understanding of these times with her.

    Linda, when is the test going to be run for your husband? I'd like to know- I thought it was today for some reason....

    We picked some nectarines our own yard. These were the first ones we've ever grown and they were not pretty, but they tasted good. I think they have some sort of soil deficiency, so I'll do some research.

    I still have some organizing to do with my piano students....calls to make and figure out the schedule. Otherwise, I'm enjoying my summer for a few more days!

  3. laceymae

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    Nancy, hope your daughter is feeling better,sounds like you are very proud of her

    Linda, sounds like you have a lot going on with your husband facing his tests, I'm praying for him

    Teri, the nectarines sounds good...I would love to have a few peach trees, we don't have any fruit trees, but I do raise my own strawberries....

    Not having a good week so far, i can't get over having the tooth pulled. Blisters on my tongue now, I'm thinking maybe thrush...I also have a white coating on my tongue...just one more thing to deal with.

    todays list
    grocery shopping...done
    need to dust, but I doubt I'll get that far today. and walmart

    Friday...Dr. appt. hope I can get some of my meds channged.


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  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, All:

    It's been a busy week at work, but today it's not as busy as yesterday was so I decided to take a break and visit with everyone here. My weekend was a quiet one as I had one of my flare-ups. Not so much pain, but just more fatigue so I needed more rest. I'm doing better now. I think I just got myself stressed out over the start of classes at my job.

    Linda: I will certainly keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers. I certainly hope that the spot in his lung doesn't turn out to be cancer. When will he be tested?

    Nancy: I am assuming that your daughter is going off the Seroquel because of the weight gain? But why isn't her doctor replacing it with another medication?

    To-do list:

    -I already have my dinner made as we are having leftovers
    -pool therapy class
    -take another long nap like I did yesterday

    With it being so busy at work this week, my to-do list is short. I hope some of our other people will be back soon.
    Take care, everyone, and I hope to find time to get back here tomorrow.

  5. fivesue

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    Good and bad abounding around here this week.

    Nancy, so glad you had a good dinner (-: with daughter, and hope all works out for her. Hope you an get some rest and she stabalizes.

    Linda...when will the test be done on DH? I thought they were being done soon...praying for him and you.

    Ellen...back at work...glad it has slowed down a bit. Beginning of school is always trying. I was a teacher for a number of years and the first part of school was always taxing until I got my sea legs back.

    Terri...enjoy your necterines and the last few days of summer....!'s the tooth. Now a yeast thing. Have you been able to get an appointment a bit sooner?

    We had a great trip last week. Read book, swam, rode bikes, walked, ate good food...just relaxed. Now we are back to the real world...problems all over. Think I'll take a nap. (-:

    Go to the bank
    Mail some letters
    Write a letter to the condo board
    Go food shopping
    Call my mom

    Blech. Life is such a drag, you know? See my psychiatrist in Sept...think some drugs need to be changed.

    So, have a good day, friends.

  6. AnneTheresa

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    Hello friends, Struggles abound, it seems. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you & your families.

    My son learned yesterday he'll need eye surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

    I've been feeling poorly today and so I haven't done very much of anything. I'm just going to do a little pick-up and tidy and then I need to get dressed and go shopping.

    I need to buy a new monitor for my son's computer because my sweet bunny chewed through the one he left here for safe (?) keeping while he was in Nova Scotia.

    My friend is taking me shopping (our usual Tuesday outing) so, in spite of not feeling well, I should manage just fine.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    I treasure this thread....

    Anne Theresa, I hope the surgery goes ok for your son and that he has a speedy and successful recovery.

    Linda...still keeping your husband in my thoughts and thanks for combining the threads.

    My daughter is back on the Seroquel because (of course), on Monday they were trying to drug her down from the meltdown. She was supposed to wean off of it because it caused her to become hypothyroid and gain about 50-60 pounds.

    She was supposed to order her new med from the online pharmacy but hasn't done so yet. (She delayed a portion of the weaning for her wedding week)

    She did spend the day with me yesterday after 3 phone calls and 1 IM before 8:00 am. We had a pleasant day and I was able to keep her from taking too many meds as she did on Monday. (8 Ativan plus whatever else)

    My concern is that today her doc appt is for the Exceptional Family Member Program which will help them decide if her husband's command will keep her as a dependant with command sponsorship.

    Yikes, I'd have preferred to have her feeling well at this time. Being in the middle of a meltdown is not a good time for this screening appt.

    So today is devoted to her and her well being. I'll get her to the doc, commissary and whatever else she needs to do at this time. Let's hope it all goes well.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  8. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Thankfully it's slowing down here a little at work. My husband's work has picked up the last few weeks. His last paycheck was the largest we've had in six months or more. So we are keeping our fingers crossed this continues.

    Anne Theresa: I hope your son's eye surgery goes well. Do you know when it is scheduled? Take care and I hope you feel better soon. I am sure the stress of this is affecting your health.

    Sue: Isn't that the way it goes? I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, but then "real life" is waiting for us when we return! Did Felix enjoy the trip?

    Nancy: I'm so sorry your daughter is going through this rough time right now. I know this is hard for you. I know when Jim isn't doing well, the worry is hard on me, too.

    Linda: Hi-thanks for the vote of confidence of me working with FMS. It is hard many days, but working half days certainly makes it more tolerable. And the type of work I do most days is pretty compatable (except this week!) And we do need my income.

    Well, it's only taken me a half hour to type this with all the interruptions of work, but, hey, I did it! I, too, hope Kim and everyone else is able to get back here soon, too.

    To-do list:

    -lunch with my brother, Jim
    -grocery shopping
    -corned beef and cabbage for dinner

    Talk to everyone tomorrow!

  9. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I hope things go well for your daughter today and I also hope her illness will be more effectively managed in the future, without all the nasty side-effects. She's had such a lot to contend with lately and, as her mom, I know you suffer through these times as well. God bless.

    Thanks all for the well-wishes for my son's surgery. The doctor told him he has to heal for *six* months before they can operate. Because his eye drifts upward now and he has double vision, he needs to wear an eye patch at all times. Pain is no longer an issue but now he's dealing with an ongoing nausea and vertigo. He's mostly concerned with school and his ability to do lab work.

    On a more positive note: this morning, I confirmed our reservations for our Niagara Falls weekend, upcoming in two weeks. We're all looking forward to the holiday after the stress of recent events.

    To Do Today

    - fix fallen shelf in desk, if I can
    - put away dishes, clean counters & stove-top
    - dust living-room
    - water plants
    - shower, shampoo, dress
    - manicure appointment
    - hardware store (my coffee maker died this morning)
    - grocery store (just a few things)
    - make perogies & salad for dinner.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  10. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Sleep, sleep and get some sleep.....well, I can dream anyway!

    Daughter's appt went well and they did find her to be an 'exceptional family member' but the paperwork is good so she can stay, whew!!!!

    They seemed to be surprised that she wasn't already on the program under my husband's sponsorship, yet I tried....last November when she had her last 'meltdown'. I called and tried to find her help from every office on base but no one would help.

    I'm interviewing a housekeeper later today and can't wait until she starts. Although I love to keep up the house here since it's so much easier without any stairs, it'll be so nice to know it's all going to be done (twice a month) when I have difficult weeks.

    I haven't really gotten anything done this week and I'm not expecting to today either. My daughter's husband has a 4 day weekend (good timing) so after today I might be able to get some things done.

    Hugs all and thanks for the well wishes,

    Nancy B
  11. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    We're going to the fair today.....should be fun!
  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Everyone:

    I will be so glad when this week is over! The first week of classes is such a crazy one! So sorry you've had to listen to me moan about it all week! After this week, I will love my job more again, I promise! I am getting behind at home as I am so tired when I leave work, but thankfully we have Labor Day weekend coming up, but I don't want to spend the whole time working. I am going to try to get some things done this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon.

    Anne Theresa: I am so glad your son isn't having any more pain with his eye, but the vertigo and nauseu can't be much fun. I guess the eye patch helps with that? I am sure you are looking forward to your Niagara Falls trip.

    Nancy: I am so envious of you getting a housekeeper. That would be so nice to have someone clean while I'm at work. Oh, well. Maybe in another life. So sorry for all the problems with your daughter. I remember all the frustrations I've had with my brother, especially when I was his guardian. Trying to work with the system was difficult.

    Terri: I love the fair! Have a good time! I went to our fair three times this year! Twice with my husband and once with my brother.

    Okay, to-do list:

    -can tomatoes (I only can a small amount at a time-I will
    probably get three or four quarts)
    -stop at the hardware store
    -stop at the drugstore
    -do two loads of laundry

    I almost forgot my big news-the article on fibromyalgia that I was interviewed on will be in this Sunday's paper. The reporter who interviewed me called me a few days ago to let me know! I know I told all of you some time ago.

    Take care, everyone.

  13. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Glad your first week is about over, Ellen...always a hard week for everyone. Make sure you take plenty of time for rest this weekend. Week 2 is coming quickly! (-:

    May call my psychiatrist today...depression is so dulling right now. No energy, no interest, no nothing. I may just double my dose as he has done that before, but we will see.

    I have so much to do, I just don't want to think about it.

    May just read a book.

    We all have our times, don't we? Life with DD and major depression is very wearing. I need new clothes but don't feel like shopping...don't want to buy the bigger sizes.

    Enough...think I'll go sit in the sun and then take a walk. That might get me out of some of this funk.

    You each one have a good day.

    Day by day we keep going, don't we?

    No options.



    "Hello" to, and your families, are in my thought and prayers.

    Not feeling well today..the heat has finally gotten to me and was 107 when we left the vineyard last night at 5PM and headed back to the bay area..we are in a "heat wave" ... ugggg .. again!!

    Not going anywhere for the holiday weekend..the Bay Bridge is going to be closed down for 4 days..what a nightmare that is going to be..traffic is bad on a "good" day..I can't even begin to think what it's going to be like for the next 4 days with the bridge being closed.

    Nothing on my "to do" list but to rest..tomorrow is another day..

    Take care everyone and have a wonderful and safe weekend!


  15. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I'm glad the appointment with your daughter went well - a lot of red tape, but worth it in the end, I'm sure. I think it's great you're getting a housekeeper. I may do the same one day. While in the midst of a flare, being unable to keep my house clean & tidy is the most frustrating thing for me.

    Terri, have a great day at the fair!

    Ellen, I'm happy your article is going to see the light of day. Does your newspaper have an on-line presence, a link we could use to view the article? or cut & paste? I hope your busy week goes well and that your stress level soon returns to normal.

    Sue, I'm sorry to hear you're depression is surfacing. I know what that's like - I've been living with clinical depression alongside fibromyalgia for 25+ years. Sometimes making it through the day seems the most I can do and I've come to realize that's okay.

    Please don't push yourself to do or be more than you feel up to. Clothes shopping etc. can be left for another time, when you're feeling better. Perhaps a med change will help but also remember to be gentle with yourself and trust there will be better days ahead. God bless.

    JB, my heart goes out to you, living with such heat. I can only imagine how draining that would be. I hope you get the rest you need.

    Speaking of rest, that's all I've done today. I slept for 8 hours last night, then I got out of bed and fell back to sleep in my recliner for another 4 hours. I very much needed this down-time and I feel all the better for it.

    To Do List

    - put laundry away
    - sweep floors
    - empty waste baskets
    - update household budget
    - make some phone-calls
    - read

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  16. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Thank you for your kind words. I feel now like nothing will ever be K, but you have reminded me that they will.

    Yes, I think an adjustment of meds is definitely in order. I will call my doc tomorrow. I toyed with the idea today, but didn't. Hate to do it; however, I spent the afternoon in bed...and I feel like going back.

    I feel guilty about it. Sigh.

    Sounds like you have had a relatively quiet day, and all that sleep hopefully has made you feel better.

    Again, I appreciated your note. It's hard to deal with depression, isn't it?

  17. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Ellen, I know it must be a crazy week with the kids coming back to school but that should settle down soon, right? I'd also like to see the article if there's any way to post the link.

    Sue, sorry you're feeling down this week. Please check with your doc about this. Nothing should be ignored. Have you had a thyroid test done lately?

    JB, take care of yourself in that heat, maybe the temps will be dropping soon and bringing you some relief...

    Terri, your day sounds like the best one so far!

    Today the housekeeper starts at 10:00 am and I'm excited although I've had helpers before and it's never really worked out for one reason or another.

    This is an older German woman who's worked for my realtor for 15 years and all of us in this house have now hired her to help!

    Twice a month isn't really enough to keep the house clean so I'm sure I'll still have plenty to do in between visits, but at least I'll know the house will get a good 'once over' each time she comes.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B
  18. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    but it hit 100 degrees! I think we were in competition with Linda and JB! Mostly I looked for cooler, indoor exhibits and stayed as long as possible!

    Ellen, I also only can a couple quarts of tomatoes at a time. But I think home canned taste so much better than store bought. I did some in the oven last year, but I'm going back to the water bath method....safer.

    A housekeeper would be nice, but the few times I had a cleaning lady over, I basically cleaned the house before she came! Couldn't let her see how bad it really was!

    I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend!
  19. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Well, it's Friday and my workday is half over. I am really looking forward to my long weekend. I have some magazines to read and will check the TV schedules for some movies. I really need some down time.


    Sue: I am so sorry your depression is really taking over. I think most of us here have dealt with depression at one time or another so we can appreciate how you are feeling. And gaining weight can certainly add to how you are feeling. Do you think that any meds you are on are making you gain weight? I'd like to send you a big

    JB: 107?? Yuck! I can't imagine working outside in that heat! There must be so much work to do in a vineyard.

    Anne Theresa: Keep getting as much rest as you can. With all the stress you have gone through with your son, I am sure this has been hard on you physically and mentally.
    Rest up for the big trip coming up!

    Linda: So you are also suffering from the heat? I probably shouldn't say this, but it has cooled down here for the moment. Last night we were finally able to sleep with our windows open. It was so hard to get out of bed this morning!

    Terri: So you are a canner, too? I have also been freezing vegetables, too. It sure helps on the grocery bill. I got four quarts and a pint yesterday. I know I shouldn't do this, but I can the open kettle method. I have a canner, but don't use it too often. This is the way my mother showed me how to do it.

    Boy, am I a chatterbox today.

    To-do list:

    -cash husband's check
    -get hair cut
    -finish laundry

    To-do list for weekend:

    -pick vegetables in garden (can more tomatoes if there's
    -visit a girlfriend
    -goof-off and rest time!

    Enjoy the long weekend, everyone. I'll be back here on

  20. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Sue. I hope your doctor is helpful and able to provide some relief.

    Friday To-Do List

    - empty & clean wastebaskets
    - swiffer/mop floors
    - clean washroom
    - on-line banking
    - make grocery list
    - clean fridge
    - sort clothes for laundry
    - shower & shampoo

    Tomorrow we're traveling, with friends, to the Shakespearian festival/theatre to see The Merchant of Venice.

    We'll have a nice dinner before-hand and, if time allows, a walk along the riverside. I'm looking forward to the day and I hope to feel well enough to enjoy the outing.

    Today, I'll tackle the above-noted to-do list, then spend the rest of the day reading and watching TV (a preemptive rest should better my chances of feeling well tomorrow).

    I don't need to do any cooking today because we have some yummy left-overs (planned-overs). I recently purchased some microwaveable TV-dinner trays and they're just perfect - they go from the freezer to the microwave and are super easy to wash-up.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa