To-Do List: February 1- February 7

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  1. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    I hope everyone is well and finding peace and joy in their day-to-day.

    I'm struggling with a bad spell (much pain, low energy, depression) but I've managed to keep up with the housework, laundry, personal hygiene and I've maintained reasonably good eating habits. I've been hibernating for over a week so I'm going to do my best to get out for my weight-watchers meeting tomorrow. If I stay indoors much longer, I'll start to feel agoraphobic.

    To Do List

    Fold & put away laundry
    Make up weekly pill dispensers
    spot-clean carpet

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
  2. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    Anne Theresa, thanks for starting the list again this week. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well lately but glad you're still going to go to your meeting.

    I am still feeling much better since my medication hell is over yet it almost presents new problems. (Problems I've been hoping for now for years!)

    I don't quite know what to do with myself for an entire hasn't been this way in years and years. I've been taking Katy to work, running errands on base yet still coming home and not needing to go back to bed. I'm cooking dinner nightly now, cleaning up the house and still have time that I'm not quite sure what to do with.

    Today Katy's off work, and I received my new bedding in the mail last night so that will be a project for me. I'm going to wash my living room sheers, they've needed it forever. I also have my eye on my sewing corner of the living room, I've been staring at it forever and have wanted to clean it up but have been unable to do so.

    I'm pacing myself because it's too early to trust this extra energy...and at some point if this continues I might get very angry if it was the medication that caused this fatigue for all of the last 6 years. I do remember that I went down hard a month after I started the Effexor and have never, ever been the same since.

    I have a doc appt on Feb 10th with this new doctor and since he's young, he will get an earful on giving AD's like candy to women.....especially women who aren't depressed!

    Hugs all, hope to hear from the rest of the girls soon....

  3. alaska3355

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    Hi all,
    Anne Theresa....hope you are doing better today. It is good to make lists and think of small things you can do when you are not feeling your best. A positive sign.

    Nancy- Wouldn't it be great if this energy you now have continued? Well, you should probably not overdo (or should you?) and time will tell how your energy will be. I hope and pray you'll keep buzzing around, and the new doctor will listen to your advice.

    I have decided not to do the long term subbing position. It was just going to be too disruptive to the family, homeschool, everything. I was so relieved not to do it. But I will accept a day here and there, so that it helps to make up for my loss of piano students. I've only got 7 now, and I usually have 15 or 16. I'm pretty sure it's the economy. Lessons are the first thing to go.

    I will sub for a nice school this Friday and the next. This Friday will be a piece of cake, as I only have to babysit for one hour, while the student teacher teaches. But I can get some errands done while I'm there (it's in a neighboring town) so that's why I took it. Also, the teacher is a good friend of ours.

    Have a good day everyone!
    Hugs, Terri
  4. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    I'm happy to hear your energy is so good, Nancy, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a result of your coming off the anti-d. Your energy will probably even out as time goes on, but hopefully the terrible fatigue and tiredness is a thing of the past. Psychotropic medications are known to cause tiredness, sleepiness, fatigue - it's one of their main side-effects.

    I'm glad you feel able to take on some bigger projects around the house - especially those projects you've wanted to do for a long time, like your sewing corner - it's great to finally feel able to finally make some headway. In spite of all the good energy, I think it would be wise for you to continue pacing yourself in order to avoid a fibro-flare.

    Terri, accepting an occasional sub day, rather than the longer-term position seems like a good solution for you and your family. It's a shame so many of your piano students have had to stop taking classes but it makes sense that, in hard times, when people make their budgets, putting food on the table trumps music lessons.

    I feel a bit better today; less depressed but still extremely fatigued and in pain. I have a bladder infection, for which I'm taking garlic pills and drinking cranberry juice. I hope to cure it without antibiotics but if it doesn't clear up in a few days (or if it gets worse) I'll have to see the doctor.

    To Do List

    make jello pudding
    try new foam carpet cleaner
    put laundry & dishes away
    windex screens & mirrors
    play with bunny

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  5. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I had an appt. with the FMS dr. in Ann Arbor this morning. I decided I would stop at the library and talk to all of you only if my doctor wasn't running behind schedule and I didn't have to wait long. My appt. was at 10:30 and I left his office at 11:00. I also wrote a long-overdue letter to my great uncle while I was here.

    I can't remember if I told all of you, but my cat, Chelsea, has been sick. I took her to the vets this week. She wasn't eating well and then on Tuesday she stopped eating at all, which really alarmed me. Turns out, her mouth was infected and she will be on an antibiotic for the next ten days. She has lost several teeth and has been switched to canned food, which will be easier for her to eat. She has also lost quite a bit of fur. She hasn't lost any more fur, but I haven't noticed any more of her fur growing back in. The vet asked if she was chewing, but I haven't seen her doing this. But at least she is eating well again.

    Harry has been gone the past two nights. He did come into town for two hours yesterday so we had lunch together yesterday. For my 51st birthday on Sunday, Harry bought me a carrying case for my new laptop computer. I had told him not to buy her anything since the computer was so expensive, but the carrying case is really nice to have. Then we had lunch out together.

    I have finally made a decision on what to do about church. Did I tell all of you that Fr. Dave sent me a nasty letter just before Christmas? Just before I got his letter, I had sent him a nice letter and a Christmas card. In a way it feels like I am running away, but I just don't feel like I will really get anything out of the services at my old church. It feels sad to leave my old church as I have been going there for a little over 20 years, I know a lot of people there and it was the church I was married in. Also, I don't feel I can donate any money there, although I would think that a check would be okay. But I want to attend a church where I like the pastor and I no longer care for Fr. Dave. I see another side of him that I don't like. I thought about responding to his letter as there were things that weren't right about his letter, but then I decided it wasn't worth responding to. As a priest, he had to right talking to me that way. It was almost as if he was having a temper tantrum and I'm not going to waste my time responding to it. He said that he had wanted to say these things to me in person. Thank goodness I listened to that parishioner and didn't meet with him. He is a Jekyl and Hyde.

    Anne Theresa: I'm so sorry you are not doing well. Of course maybe some of this could be emotional feelings, too? Whenever I have a lot of emotional things going on in my life, it does effect me physically. And you certainly have had that. Anyway, I certainly hope that things look up for you and I'm glad you aren't alone right now in your life. Having a support system is definitely important.

    Nancy: I'm glad you are having a burst of energy and finally getting to some of these projects you've been wanting to do. It's possible that you could have been put on an AD that you shouldn't have been. I think that doctors tend to put women on ADs more often than men.

    Terri: I know you must have given this a lot of thought and I know you will miss the money, but it sounds like not taking the job was the best choice for you and your family.
    If it's going to be too stressful, that's not good either

    Oh, I almost forgot my big news-tomorrow I have a job interview!! Just before Christmas I applied for a part-time job working for the historical society in my small town. After all this time, I just figured that they had already hired someone. I was surprised when they called yesterday and asked to interview me tomorrow afternoon! The lady apologized for taking so long to call back, but she said they don't move quickly at the museum. I have the feeling they don't. The job was in the newspaper for 5 weeks! I'm being interviewed at 1:30! Wish me luck!