TO DO LIST for 3/30-4/3

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  1. sorekitty

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    Hey I came on here looking for the to do and could not find it. So i am starting off the week here.

    I am not doing well. I went to a conference on managing difficult IEPs with the school district. I got some great advice and have left two people messages that can help us. But ever since I haven't been sleeping thinking about how horrible that last IEP meeting was. It brought it back to the surface. My dh had a nightmare about the IEP the other night. The following night I had a nighmare about the principal. My dh is doing so darn awful since his Dad died and the stock market crash (he is a stock broker). My dh has Asperger's Syndrome as well as my son. I honestly have never seen his AS traits so blown up and obvious. I have know my husband for about 13 years and I have not experienced him so bad off. I cannot handle it. I try not to take it personally but it's hard. My dh is shut down. He doesn't hear me, can't help me and I am alone in all this. I can't catch my breath and am trying to breath and cannot. I just took a full xanax. I need to cry but I can't. My stupid anti-depressants make it difficult for me to cry.

    My son had a behavioral incident on Friday and we had to find out about it from a classmate and then got my son's version. Okay. . . I have the 6 yo version is any adult from the school going to call me? The principal or his resource teacher(case worker) should have called but out relationship is ruined from the last IEP. They were so unprofessional. Nothing ever said to us since.

    They also don't believe my son's AS is any big deal and that since he is doing well academically there is no problem. We are just doing our jobs of advocating for our son and we are so easy to work with what is their frickin problem. I hope I get calls back from both people who can help us.

    Thank you for letting me vent.
  2. AnneTheresa

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    Thanks, Molly, for getting us started this week.

    I understand how the conference would cause you to re-live the dreadful experience you had recently with the IEP. Having been upset to the degree that you & your husband are both having nightmares, speaks to the trauma of the experience. It's horrible to know families with special needs children are being treated so disrespectfully. I'm glad you were given some good advice at the conference which will hopefully lead to an improved working relationship in the future. You must feel very alone at the moment, with your husband being symptomatic and grieving for his dad. You have friends here, Molly, please vent whenever you feel the need.

    I've been very fatigued, sleeping a lot & only doing the most basic of household chores. Last week, I spent way too much time in my recliner watching TV and dozing off. I intend to break away from my chair this week but it's difficult when I'm so low of energy. I'll do the best I can.

    To do To day

    empty wastebaskets
    clean washrooms
    put dishes away
    clean counters & sink
    make bed

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
  3. hugs4evry1

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    Molly, thanks for getting the list started this week. I think I'm about like my wits end, drowning in things to do and barely able to handle it all. On top of that, I feel some menopausal symptoms coming on and I really don't need that at this time. I'm drowning!

    Molly, I didn't know you were on a gluten free diet! Can you give me some tips on what to cook for hubby until my books come in the mail?

    Anne Theresa, I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. Do you need to have more blood work drawn? Mine was done 3 times since Sept before we found the low iron stores, it was normal before that.

    Yesterday Katy had her doc appt and praise all, we got her meds so that incredible worry is off my shoulders. She has swollen lymph nodes now so they did some blood work on her too.

    We had to grocery shop afterwards, eat lunch etc...and I came home and went straight to bed.

    I am grateful to have the energy to get this stuff done, but it's so new to me that my list is just a huge weight on my shoulders. I really don't need the emotional lows of menopause now too.

    I'm going to try to take a semi rest day today, although I need to do some laundry (was hubby's job).

    Tomorrow I need to take my passport paperwork over to the other base so hopefully I can check that off of my list.

    Hugs all,

  4. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I'm so sorry everyone is having a rough time right now.

    Molly: You and your husband must have had a rough time with the IEP since you are having nightmares now. It must be rough feeling so alone since his Asperger's symptoms are really showing up and he is withdrawing from you. The school is being negligent is not talking to you about the incident with your son. Vent here as much as you need to. I know I have done my share of that.

    Anne Theresa: I hope you are able to regain some of your energy level. Over the weekend my energy level really dropped so I didn't get much done, but at least I didn't have to go to work.

    Nancy: That's good news that you finally got Katy's medication. One less thing to think about. How is your husband doing?

    Jim has been doing really well and we had a good time on Friday. The flower show was just beautiful. I was sorry I didn't take along my camera. He really enjoyed it, too. Then we took a walk. Afterward, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant and then it was time to take him back to catch the bus home.

    The weekend was pretty quiet mainly due to my lack of energy. I didn't even go to church.
    It's taken me a whole month, but I have managed to spring clean two bedrooms and have started on a third. I'm not washing any windows or curtains yet. It seems a little too early to do that.

    I think it's going to be a quiet day at work. I've been taking Fridays off to use up some vacation days.

    Take care, everyone, and I hope things get better for everyone soon.


  5. sorekitty

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    Hi and thanks for all the support. I spoke to one of the special ed (parent liasion) and feel better. She knows my story since I spoke to her in December after our meeting. She is going to be seeing the other person I need to talk to today! The parent liasion will fill in the program specialist on everything so I do not have to repeat myself. I found out that the program specialist is very good, trustworthy, and the boss of our elementary school special ed! Yay! I want her at all of our future IEP meetings to keep them professional.

    Our family is starting a program this Friday. It is a 12 week program. One hour a week at the Children's Hospital Autism Intervention Center. My dh and I plan to try and both attend each session although if only one parent can be there at times that is okay. It focusses on developmental and behavioral therapy. I'm hoping we can work on floortime which is something that I hope will bring our relationships closer.

    I cannot believe it is only two hours til I pick up my son from school!!!! Where does the time go?

    Anne Theresa-I'm so sorry about your ongoing fatigue. All you can do is your best.

    Nancy-Aw man, I'm sorry you are at wits end too. I'm curious which cookbook you ordered. I have the Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism cookbook. There are some great recipes that adults really like. Turkey tacos, meatballs with rice pasta, bean & rice dishes, muffins. Do you have Trader Joe's over there? Let me know which recipes your husband would like.

    Ellen-How nice you have been able to take Fridays off. Do you get spring break off? Sounds like you and Jim had a really nice time together.

    To do:
    walk Skeeter-done
    fill out forms for Children's Hosp-half way done
    cut veges for my gluten free muffins
    take Liam to library for book bingo then make muffins together
    dinner? who knows?
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  6. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Nancy, I'm sorry you feel you're drowning in things to do and at the same time experiencing symptoms of menopause. Those symptoms can be nasty. Thanks for suggesting I have some blood-work done. I go to the lab every other month to have blood drawn so I'll ask m doctor to include a test for iron stores next time. Truth be told, I expect this monster fatigue (and daily nausea) is a side-effect of my new medication. I'm going to try reducing the dose; I see my doctor next week. Thank heaven's Katy's meds came through and you don't have to worry about that particular detail. I hope you get a good rest and manage to keep your head above water.

    Ellen, I'm glad you & Jim enjoyed the flower show.

    This year, I hope to go to the lilac festival that's held every May at the botanical gardens. I've never been before but - given how much I love lilacs - I imagine it would be beautiful. A friend & I planned to go last year but it rained for the entire week that the trees were in bloom. Hopefully, the weather this year will be nice.

    You're way ahead of me with regard to spring cleaning. All I've done so far is talk about it :)

    Molly, I'm so glad you've made some headway with the IEP situation. It would be wonderful if the parent liaison could attend future meetings and thereby prevent the sort of abuse that occurred at the last meeting. Good work!
    To-Do Today

    clean washroom
    empty wastebaskets
    put laundry away
    put dishes away
    weight-watchers meeting

    God bless
    Anne Theresa
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  7. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Ellen, I'm glad you and Jim had a good time, he must be back on his meds again?

    Molly, I'm always happy to hear that someone good is helping have so much on your plate already and deal with all of this sick too. Amazing woman!!

    Not sure about recipes, I've bought Gluten Free for Dummies and a few others that should help me figure out everything that I need to do. I'm hoping to spend a few minutes in my kitchen today moving the toaster and a few other things around so I don't contaminate hubby's food with wheat toast crumbs. Getting Katy to wipe counters is going to be another battle!

    We have such tiny kitchens in Europe that it's going to be difficult to create a clean area for him. I usually tuck my toaster in a cabinet next to my casserole dishes but I'll have to break this habit as well, because of the crumbs.

    Anne Theresa, you've been having so many problems with your meds lately you poor thing. I'm not sure what this med is for but creating monster fatigue and nausea can't be good.

    Today the plan is to go and turn in my passport paperwork then do a bit of shopping on base. Hopefully a fairly easy day. I still need to continue sewing new jammy pants for myself, now I need cotton ones for spring.

    I'm still losing weight and getting into the 'scary' zone that I worried about when this all started. I see my doc next week and plan to have a thorough discussion about it. And get my consult to the internist as well.

    Hugs all,

  8. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Hello all,

    Nancy, I hope you & your doctor can determine the cause of your weight-loss and get things sorted out. Hugs.

    Medication update: I decreased my medication (topomax, it's a anti-seizure med oft prescribed for migraines & neurological pain) by 1/4 and after 2 days, it seems the fatigue and nausea have improved. Thank God! Now, I'm going to hold it at this level and then talk to my doc about it when I see him next week. Hopefully, he'll support this change.

    To-Do Today

    shower & shampoo
    put clothes away
    clean washroom
    dress & make-up
    to the mall for blood-work, lunch & shopping

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  9. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    This week has flown by and this is my first time checking in.....I hope all are getting better.

    Nancy- I have a wonderful gluten free pizza crust recipe if you'd like it. I have a GF bread book too, so let me know. Nobody here does gluten free, but when my son was sick, I researched it a bit.

    Anne Theresa- I hope reducing your Topomax will help with your fatigue and nausea.

    Ellen- your time with Jim sounded nice. Glad things are going better with him.

    Molly- best wishes to you and your family. I hope things will be better for your son soon.

    To do:
    Clean my kitchen
    Try to get rid of my cold!
    Get ready for two performances this weekend......organ and piano
    Dinner tonight.....don't know yet!

  10. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My daughter and her family are coming for a visit! They still live in Alaska (we're in WA state) and she will be down with her two little girls on April 21st.....can you sense that I'm excited? Her hubby will join them about a week later, so we'll have two good weeks to visit. Yay!
    Have a good weekend, all.....
  11. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all,

    Yesterday I over did things a bit doing some yard work, but I was so glad to get it done. There are some overgrown bushes that block my view into downtown Stuttgart. Last year I couldn't do anything about it because of my leg injury. Yesterday the sun was out for the first time since forever and I just couldn't help myself.

    I still have a bit more to do, one of the bushes was an overgrown weed type thing, picture a rosebush without the pretty roses. Yikes, my arms and legs are all torn up from the branches falling.

    So today I just took a wonderful day of rest and played poker much of the day online. Also rested for a bit and just really had a nice day.

    Terri, I'm so happy for you that your daughter is visiting. Hope everything goes well.

    Anne Theresa, I know we have to balance our need for medications along with side effects but yours have all been terrible lately you poor thing.

    Hugs all,

  12. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Hello everyone! It has been awhile. I've been reading trying to catch up on all of you.

    Molly: I am sorry for all the hoops you have to go through for your dear son. I cannot imagine how frustrating it must be. It was great to read you were in contact with a parent liasion. Maybe this will be a huge, positive step. How is your husband? I am very sorry about his dad. It is never easy when a parent dies no matter what age. Is he starting to feel better and his AP symptoms lessening?

    AnnaTheresa: Fatigue is our enemy isn't it? It is so pervasive and maddening. You are doing better than I with keeping up your home. Remember to pass if you need to! I'm hoping you go to the Lilac Festival! I LOVE Lilacs. So beautiful and their fragerance....oh, what can I say!!? Take good care.

    Nancy: What a time you have been going through. How is you DH? Katy? You? You have done very well, especially with how ill you can be. Hat's off to you! Menopause is not a woman's friend. It was a drag. I was 41 when I went into 'Chemo-Pause' and 43 when I had total 'hysty'. Whoaaaaaa. It is amazing how many times a woman can toss a blanket on and off! My head would get so warm it would process my hair color QUICK! I have a site regarding gluten free, organic foods, etc., I found in my ARP magazine. Wow, that is aging! It is: If you want to check it out. Take care of YOU, too!

    Ellen: Sounds as if you've been busy with spring cleaning. Hard to believe it may be just around the corner! Who know's in the area we both are in! It is good to hear you had a nice outing with Jim. I am happy you both enjoyed it! Pace your energy!

    Terri: WOW! Two week visit from your daughter! What a gift! I am sure the entire family is very excited! How far are they, hour wise from you. I bet it is quite a distance! Have fun!!

    I've been going to PT, which maybe I mentioned earlier, for my neck, still. There have been some positives and the practice is wonderful. I have been more fatigued, along with other busy days, life etc. It will be worth it though!

    Major flooding where our cottage is. We were lucky compared to so many people. Our chain, and other close by lakes where over seawalls, into homes, etc. It rained forever and left a mess once water started subsiding. It was the worst flooding in thirty years. We have our cottage on the market. Not the best timing!

    Our grand baby is due April 13! Cannot believe he/she is almost here! Our DD looks beautiful, and the baby seems to be huge! She and her DH are very excited! I can say, we are too! This will make both of our mom's..first time great-grandmothers. They too are ecstatic. I am praying they will both be healthy and the delivery, and uneventful one. We made reservations for an Easter Brunch. Baby is due, day after and don't want to be caught in kitchen if she would start in labor, OR, if she has the baby earlier.

    My to do list:

    Put away laundry from yesterday. (done)
    Put more laundry in the dryer (I started this morning) and fold it the same day! :)
    already made our bed
    hopefully, clean one bath

    Take my place in the recliner! LOL

    I think of you all often. Take good care of yourselves and enjoy the weekend..

  13. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Thank you so much for the information on that web site. I've found quite a few products that I'd like to try.

    Katy made hubby some GF pancakes yesterday and he loved them. That was one of 2 products I was able to find on base last week.

    He's trying to hang in there and this weekend he had an iota of a spark of energy again. I can tell by his eyes, if they're clear and open he feels a bit better but most days he wakes up and leaves for work looking like it's the end of an 18 hour day when it hasn't even started yet!

    Katy's doing ok for now, I almost hate to answer that question because every time I tell someone that she's doing good, something happens that day.

    She's alert, playing poker online with us and doing VERY well which speaks for clarity of mind at the moment and laughing a lot with us.

    But we still need to find her a new psych doc and soon...the meds her GP gave me are only for a month.

    I really thought my menopause symptoms had peeked after my hysterectomy but I guess I was wrong. Just wishful thinking that I'd get away with the surgical menopause and skip the rest of the stuff that we women have to go through at this age.

    Hugs and so glad you stopped by!!!