To-Do List: January 18 - 24

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  1. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    Today is Tuesday and I see that no one had started the weekly posting yet so I decided to do it. I'm guessing everyone is either busy or not feeling well. I've had a bad cold. Today is my first day out in several days. At least I'm not wheezing anymore and I'm not blowing my nose as much either. Of course the cold medication is helping, too.

    I did manage to make it to the library to do my volunteer job and, of course, this is where I am using my lap top. I am happy to report that my lap top and I are getting along better these days. I haven't been having any problems with it at all. Of course if I need to print anything I need to use the library's computers or I could save something I type on a disk or flash drive and then print it off of that.

    I never did hear from the last job I applied for at the Tecumseh Historical Museum. I was hoping to get an interview as it sounded like an interesting job. Oh, well.

    I had planned to do some small painting jobs, but right now I am busy getting our taxes ready for our tax man. Harry normally does it, but his job has been keeping him extra busy, which is good, of course. So I may have to hold off the painting jobs until late January or February.

    Last week I received a surprise phone call from my niece, which would be my sister's daughter. She has two children, whom I have been sending cards and christmas presents to. I was surprised that Sarah (my neice) let me do this as my sister doesn't want me to and usually my niece does what my sister wants. I think I have told all of you that my sister has done a lot of nasty things to me over the years and we don't talk too often. My counselor (I no longer see her) told me once that she felt that my sister probably has a personality disorder - narcissism, although she couldn't be sure without actually counseling her.

    Anyway, Sarah said she was calling because she thinks she has fibromyalgia, but we really didn't talk about that very much. I really think that she was calling because her mother said that she feels closer to Sarah's younger brother and Sarah is having a hard time dealing with this. There is lots of other things that Sarah told me about her immediate family that she is really struggling with. While I really feel for Sarah, I have to admit that I was cautious when I talked to her. My sister's family really hurt me when I was settling the estate (including my niece) and I don't want to get hurt again. But I know if my sister decides she wants her daughter back, Sarah would go back to her mom and I'm afraid I would get dumped. I would like to think that my niece is finally growing up and seeing her mom for what she really is. It would be nice to have a relationship with her and to be able to finally see my great-niece and and great-nephew. I have noticed the last few months that Sarah has been sending me notes which are really friendly and has thanked me for the gifts for the kids. Harry said just to take it slow.

    Nancy: So how are you feeling? You must have been feeling really bad to have your husband stay home from work that one day. I hope you are doing better now.

    Well, I had better go now. I have to go to my swimming class.

  2. hugs4evry1

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    Hi all....

    Ellen thanks for starting the list and you're right, I've been really sick.

    The weaning went well until I went off the Effexor. I've been having trouble just moving ever since. Two days ago I brushed my teeth and was very proud to accomplish that. (had been 5 days)

    Yesterday I showered, yeah!

    Had to cancel doc appt yesterday, too sick to go. Katy asked both the doc and pharmacist about my symptoms and both told her I was just unfortunately sick on top of the weaning process but should be seen asap. I'll try...

    Sorry not to respond better....


  3. AnneTheresa

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    Hello Ellen & Nancy and those who follow,

    Thanks Ellen for getting us started this week. I'm sorry you've been troubled by a cold & glad you're feeling a bit better now. It's nice you're getting on well with your lap top. I used to use one from work and I just loved it! Being able to take the laptop with me was very nice, though I must say I like my at-home system with it's large monitor & keyboard along with the comfort of my workstation, chair with lumbar support etc.

    It's nice you heard from your niece but you're wise to be careful around family members who have the potential to hurt you. At the same time, you don't want to close your heart completely. Harry's advice, to take it slow, is good.

    Nancy, I'm sorry you feel sick. I've been under-the-weather myself the past few days, though nothing in comparison to what you're feeling. I've been feeling on the verge of a cold and flu (one that will hopefully not materialize) since last Friday. Most of us with FMS are familiar with those flu-like symptoms: nausea, dizziness, headache etc.

    Being able to clean your teeth and showering are definite steps forward (believe me, I DO understand how those small things can seem insurmountable). Although you may very well 'coincidently' be sick at the very time you're coming off effexor (as the doctor and pharmacist suppose) I wouldn't completely discount withdrawal as a possible cause or contributing factor to the way you feel.

    I don't think doctors, pharmacists and others completely appreciate how sensitive our physical systems can be. What may not impact on a typical person may have disastrous effects on a person with FMS. Ill effects are frequently amplified and out of proportion with us. At any rate, whatever the cause, do take extra good care of yourself. I hope you feel better soon.

    This week, I'm taking part in an online focus group for people with diabetes. I'll earn $250.00 for participating and I'm having fun trying to decide how to spend this windfall.

    God bless,
  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Hi all,
    So sorry to hear of you not feeling well, Nancy. I hope each day brings you better health. Nice your hubby was able to help. How is Katy's job going?

    Ellen- I love spending time in the library too. I have never volunteered there, but it is such a peaceful place, and full of good things to read. Lately, I'm too busy to be there much.....and then only for maybe 15 minutes! Good job on the swimming....keep it up!

    Anne Theresa- I guess I had forgotten you were diabetic. Take good care of yourself. I think of my dad's diabetes and how he suffered his last years. I think a lot of his problems originated with his pacemaker.....I think he had an allergic reaction to it or the procedure to put it in, because that's when he really went downhill. Do you do a lot of cooking for you and your sister?

    Busy today with music stuff and homeschooling. I may start to do some music subbing soon, as my piano students are down this year. I'm not excited to do it, but our income is down and expenses keep going up, so I'll give it my best. The boys may wind up having more classes at the high school if I remain busy with subbing.

  5. sorekitty

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    I don't know where to begin. Since Liam had the long tantrum at the Y (punched me in the eye) and the police had to come escort us to the car, I have been very busy.

    Emergency meeting with the Regional Center, met with new psychiatrist for 2nd opinion, filled out forms to start the process of AB2726 (a CA thing to start county mental health to fund) and was stuck in my house as Liam would not go anywhere and I didn't feel safe taking him anywhere.

    So this past Monday he was very hyper and manic in the morning. i was at my wits end. Then my friend babysat him for the day. When they got back Liam flipped a switch again and had an out of control tantrum. I called the Safety Crisis team and we decided to meet them at the psychiatric hospital. He was admitted that evening. It was so hard to see him in the state he was in.

    I have been on the phone and doing all kinds of things regarding Liam. I am running on nervous energy.

    They are thinking of only keeping him for 3 days which isn't long enough IMHO so I plan to ask for a discharge meeting and the RC and the Safety team wants to be there. They have to tell me HOW is he ready and safe to come home? they just started him on a new med yesturday how can they monitor if he comes home?

    Chiropractor (I pinched a nerve in my arm leading up to my neck)
    Couples counseling
    Meet with hospital social worker
    try to rest

    Sorry to hear that you are all not feeling well. Anne Theresa have you visited your son's house yet? Been wondering about it. Ellen yes, good advice to take it slow and create lots of boundaries.

  6. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I can't talk too long. Unfortunately, I had to use up a lot of my computer time here at the library getting into the website for my unemployment for the State of Michigan. My unemployment doesn't actually end until June, which would be a year. They sent me a letter yesterday, but I'm sure that they like to do it well ahead of time just because there are so many people here that don't have jobs. I decided to try reapplying online just because trying to call them is such a hassle. Harry had to call the unemployment office in Ohio because he didn't work a week during the holidays and between finally getting in on the line and then being on hold, the whole call took an hour! Luckily, I figured it out so now I am all set, but it didn't say how long the extension will be. The letter said that I will receive a letter in the mail so I guess I will find out then.

    Jim and I had a good day together yesterday. I just ran my usual errands and of course Jim likes to ride along in the car with me.

    Nancy: I'm so sorry you have been so sick. I still have this awful cold. I keep taking the cold medicine, but I think this cough is going to linger for awhile and I'm still blowing my nose quite a bit. And this is after having it for ten days. But I don't really feel too bad right now, just a little tired. I hope you feel better soon.

    Molly: It sounds like you have really been through so much with Liam! I can't believe he gave you a black eye! It's too bad he couldn't have stayed in the hospital a little longer. I'm not sure what they do for him there, but it would give you a little break although you are probably visiting him quite a bit. I hope that things calm down for him soon.

    Terri: It's too bad that you have to take on more work, but you know how it goes with bills. They never seem to stop coming. I really feel fortunate since I've been off work. As long as Harry's job keeps going the way it is, I think we will be fine, even if I have to apply for disability and not have any income at all. I checked the balance in his checking account and see that he has $10,000 in there right now! I knew he had a fair amount of money in there, but it didn't know he had that much!

    AnneTheresa: I'm glad you are enjoying your online group for diabetes and it's nice that you are getting paid to do it, too. I have participated in a few research studies and got paid well to do one of them. The others were freebies. But I don't really care if I get paid or not, but if they do pay, it is a nice bonus. So have you decided how you are going to spend your $250.00? It would be nice to do something fun with it!

    Well, I had better go, girls. Have a good weekend.


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