To-Do List: January 25- February 31

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  1. AnneTheresa

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    Hello friends,

    I hope everyone had a good weekend and that the week ahead is filled with many joyful moments.

    I had a nice visit with my youngest son over the weekend We drove to the city where my eldest son lives but his apartment was dark and his car wasn't in his driveway. So we came back to my place and made some dinner.

    The weekend took a lot of physical/emotional energy so I've spent most of today resting between doing a bit of housework and laundry.

    Molly, how are you holding out with all that's going on in your life? I hope Liam's getting the best of care. Let's hope this crisis has demonstrated, to the professionals, the extent of the issue. Maybe now you'll get the quality support services you need for your son. I hope the pain from your pinched nerve has eased up.

    Terri, would you sub at one school or several? I can understand how working from home would be more appealing than substitute teaching but I'm sure you'll find several aspects of subbing that will be to your liking. As is always the case, there are pros and cons to each situation.

    Nancy, are you feeling any better? I hope so.

    Ellen, you're way ahead of me in terms of preparing for your taxes. Mine have been done - for the past twenty years - jointly with Dave and so I'll have to sort it out for myself this year. The biggest hassle is going to be finding all my documents between the house and here. You must be feeling comfortable with your lap-top now. How do you find the keyboard? I've often wondered if a laptop keyboard would be compatible with fibro-fingers?

    To-Do List

    Finish Laundry
    Boil eggs for salad
    Make jello pudding
    online banking

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  2. alaska3355

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    Hi all,
    Thanks, A.T., for getting this thread started this week. Hopefully you'll get some help on sorting out the taxes this spring!

    The subbing I will do will be a fairly long term sub one school. The band director also does some instrument repair at another school, but I won't be expected to do that. I visited today to see the lay of the land, and the kids seemed fine. They can't help that they are adolescents....middle schoolers...and I think I can handle them. They were very curious about me in the back of the room and my two boys came along. Probably the girls were curious about them! I will sub there for two weeks to a month, depending on her recovery from spinal surgery.

    I've got to run the boys to scouts now......sorry it's short!

  3. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Terri, the sub position sounds interesting. I'm sure it will be a good experience but if it's not to your liking, then at least you have the satisfaction of knowing it's only a short-term project.

    I've been slow getting started today, as I have been most days lately. My energy has been very low this week. I've been using my sun-lamp for seasonal affective disorder (my sister calls it my 'happy lamp') hoping I'll pick up a bit.

    To-Do List

    clean bunny cage
    clean washroom floor
    clean fridge
    work on editing project

    God bless,
  4. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, thanks for getting the list started and for keeping it going while I was so ill.

    I'm so sorry you didn't get to see your oldest son, I know that must have been a horrible disappointment for you. But bless you two for trying to go see him, that too must have been difficult.

    Terri I hope your sub job goes well. I know they pay well here overseas for substitute teachers and you can basically work when you're able.

    I'm feeling so much better now although I seem to have caught a cold while out shopping yesterday. I deserve it karma is horrendous. I made fun of the hearty Germans sitting outside and having coffee on the coldest day of the year and ended up being one of them after I bought a new vacuum and couldn't walk around the mall with it.

    I have made it through the weaning process from the Effexor and chose not to go back on another AD because I am NOT depressed and never have been.

    I spent at least 2 weeks (I have no idea really how much time passed while I was in medication hell) in bed not being able to move...

    I would wake up numb in the face and body parts and if I moved it would come back. It was almost like hallucinating...If I rolled over in bed, or blinked it felt like chunks of my face were falling off. If I got up to use the bathroom, it felt like my knees fell off while I was trying to walk.

    I was a mess, but I knew I was doing the right thing to just muscle through it, although it would have been easier on my body to just go back on the med I didn't want to put it back in my body when it was so awful to come off of.

    Hubby and Katy were wonderful through this. Hubby took off work for me one day and in all of our years I've never had to ask this of him.

    Katy would go in to work with hubby at 6:30 am even though her shift didn't start until 10:30. I couldn't have driven if I wanted to which I didn't.

    And yes, I'm feeling better as I knew I would after making it through hell first. I have more energy as I did while I was weaning too.

    I did get sick while the weaning process was going on too. I had forgotten to take many of my enzymes so that was a horrendous problem and I think I caught everything they brought home because my body was doing so poorly.

    I need to make another doc appt. Was too sick to go to mine.

    Today my housekeeper comes so Katy and I may go out for a bit. So hard to watch this wonderful woman clean my house...

    Hugs all,

  5. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Nancy, I'm glad to know you're feeling better. Some medications can have quite a hold on a person's system and can be wicked-difficult to withdraw from. When I came off the anti-depressant - paxil - it was a horrendous experience but, like you, I persevered and felt a whole let better when I was finally free of that particular med.

    I used the treadmill (in the apartment building's gym) for the first time tonight and I really liked it. My goal is to use the treadmill or stationary bike on the days I don't get out for a walk. It's been cold and windy and the streets are snow and ice-covered, so the treadmill made an excellent alternative to a walk outdoors.

    My pain levels have been very high lately and so I hope the exercise helps.

    To Do List

    Make appointments for massage therapy, nails, vision
    fill in change of address forms
    make grocery list
    check out city bus schedules
    catch up with email correspondence

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I can't believe it's Friday already and I'm just now getting on here. It's been another busy week for me. Monday was Jim's birthday so I brought him to my house. We went out for lunch together at a chinese restaurant in the town I live in. Jim had never been in that restaurant before. He's always happy to try out new restaurants. They happened to be playing classical music and there weren't a lot of people in there (we were eating later) so we could hear the music easily. We heard two songs that our mother used to play on the piano. It was kind of like our mother was there with us, which I found to be strangely comforting. My mother's birthday was Weds. of this week and my birthday is on Sunday. When my parents were alive, we often would go out for dinner to celebrate all three of our birthdays at once since they are so close together. I will be 51 and Jim turned 53. Since Harry spent so much on me for Christmas (this laptop), I asked him not to buy me a birthday present.

    I also saw Jim on Weds. since I had to do my usual errands and Jim and I got our teeth cleaned that day and Jim had his monthly appt. with his psychiatrist. Harry was not coming home that night so Jim spent the night with me.

    I saw a part-time secretarial job advertised in last Sunday's paper (finally!) so I just finished typing it here at the library a few minutes ago and will get that out in tomorrow's mail. Of course I have no idea how much computer work is involved in the job. It's in the same town as my old job was. I never did hear anything from the last job I applied for, which was just before Christmas. I should get the usual polite thanks, but the job has been filled letter soon. That's just good business manners, but not everyone does this.

    They are renovating our library here, but are not working during the time the library is open. They work at night. They are not adding on to the library, but are tearing out some walls and changing the floor plan. They will be adding six more computers, which will be nice and adding more space for laptop computers, plus putting in a place for those who drink coffee. That seems to be the new thing for libraries now. The one library in our county recently put in a place for people to sit and drink coffee. My husband likes that, although he doesn't have as much time now to come to the library. When he used to be layed off in the winter, he was at our library all the time. He and I both love to read.

    Nancy: I'm glad you are feeling better, except for your cold. I'm still fighting the remnants of mine. I'm thinking I had more than just a cold since it has hung around for several weeks. I really wonder if I had a cold and a mild case of bronchitis if there is such a thing. I still have some mucus in my lungs that I am still trying to cough up, still blowing my nose a little, and, of course, I am coughing a little. But you know how coughs can linger for awhile.

    Terri: Good luck on the temporary teaching job. But like Anne Theresa said, if you don't like it, at least it isn't a permanent job. I used to do temporary work as a secretary. That was one nice thing if I didn't like the job-I knew I wasn't staying forever! Of course if I liked the job, it was hard to leave, too. Better watch your sons, though-they might be getting some girls calling them!

    Anne Theresa: I'm sure it will be harder doing the taxes this year since it's your first time without Dave, but I'm sure next year will be easier. This is my first time doing them by myself with itemizing. I used to do my own taxes without an accountant when I was single, but it was easier for me especially since I didn't have a need to itemize then, but now we need to. Hopefully we will get a refund this year.

    Well, I had better get home and continue working on laundry and dusting. Talk to everyone next week!