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    Good morning all...

    I've been wondering how all of you are doing since I can't find a recent 'To Do' list post, so is everyone doing ok?

    I've been busy with the new house and although we'd like to be finished it just doesn't seem to go that way. Each new season brings on it's own special 'to do' list....rearranging closets for winter clothes etc. Since I've added at least 3 sizes since my ovaries were removed that's even more work for me.

    I've been busy getting my sewing room finished and both of my machines are in the shop for their much overdue cleanings and tune-ups...oh how I miss them!

    We're still awaiting our new doors both front and patio. Katy and I were alone back in October and the alarm system went off as if someone had tried to break in so I know I'll feel better with my new doors installed.

    Our storage shipment still isn't here yet and hubby's admin people have diddled for so long on the paperwork that it expired Oct 1st so today he'll be doing paperwork to get the long term storage extended so we don't have to pay for it, then it can be delivered. Ugh...round and round and round...I was really hoping to have all of this done before the holiday decorating started.

    I finally got my handicapped placard this past week and wow I'm so glad that's done and now it's official. It was surprisingly easy to do but we have to go back for the new Maryland licenses, now you have to prove that you were born and we forgot our passports!

    Katy is working on getting her married name paperwork straightened out since we were a bit busy before and things just didn't get done. Her new passport should be here soon, then it's a new social security card, then we can get her back under our insurance which will keep her medicated and insured another 3 years! Then she can get a driving permit, learn to drive then get out and start beginning her new life. She's doing well, is so very helpful to us around the house and loves her new basement space. (It's lovely down there, the previous owners spent about $40,000. on finishing it)

    So life is going really well for us, it's beautiful here, we even had an 8 point buck and a doe outside our patio door recently!

    Hope all is well with everyone and I'd love to hear how you all are doing.


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    Moving is so stressful and then not to have your belongings to put away in your new home.

    Your new house sounds really nice and how wonderful to see natures blessings right outside your door.

    Do you have birds too? Maybe getting a nice bird feeder would be fun to watch the birdies this winter.

    We have lots of birds here and I watched a finch like bird go ice skating in the bird bath.

    I've been busy with some changes at work--a new boss for one of my jobs. I think it will be good for the company to have some new ideas.

    I have been busy making Christmas ornaments from beads, shells, wire and pipe cleaners. I donated a bag of them for one of the local animal shelters for their fund raising craft show. [This Message was Edited on 11/11/2011]
    [This Message was Edited on 11/11/2011]
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    So nice to hear from you and no as yet I don't have any bird feeders outside but would love to get some by spring. We planted a few hundred bulbs in the yard since the previous owners didn't have any flowers in the back at all and only a few out front. It was beautifully landscaped, just not to my taste. I'm excited to see how they'll do in spring and I'm hoping for a wild explosion of colors!

    I haven't really had much time to start crafting yet although I'm really enjoying having my sewing room back. I took my Bernina Quilting machine back to the shop because of tension problems...being hormonal doesn't help my frustration and I thought it would be easier than throwing it out of the window! I should be getting it back today. I have some Christmas quilting that I'd like to get started on.

    They've delayed our storage shipment again so Katy and I need to start pulling out Christmas decorations. I can only image that that shipment will come at the worst possible time....let's guess Dec 15th to the 234rd??? I can't count how many of our plans have gone awry since we've moved.

    Great to hear from you and I hope to hear from the others soon.


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    Hi Nancy and Beadlady,
    Glad to hear you are both doing well and getting ready for the holidays. Nancy, I hope you get or have gotten your things by is comforting to have your own holiday decorations this time of year, those things that you've had for many years. We haven't put up our tree yet (it is in a box!) but will probably do that soon.

    I'm afraid I don't do any crafty things....just do lots of music and cooking!

    We had a really nice was yours? We stayed home and had a couple of guests at the table, which was nice. Two of our kids live pretty far away, so we are glad to fill in the empty spots. We had a new grandson born in Sept. and we get to see him occasionally, as he is in Canada about 6 hours drive north of us. The last time we saw him, he was only a week old, so we are anxious to go sometime in December.

    I hope to hear from a few more people who have been on here in the past....and new ones too!


  5. hugs4evry1

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    Great to hear from you!

    Congratulations on your new grand baby, you must be so excited to see him again! This should be a great time to do so, aren't belly laughs due at this age? Love that...

    We had a really nice Thanksgiving, just the 3 of us but still beautiful and I love the Christmas season so it's joyous to me to begin it with a day of Thanks.

    All of my decorations are up minus the tree, we need to do that this weekend. I pulled out things from boxes that I hadn't seen (or been well enough to pull out) for years and years.

    We have a gas fireplace and it's just beautiful and decorated like I new it would be. Funny but when you're shopping for your home, Christmas is one of the things that you look at when buying. Where will be put the tree? We even put lights up outside, so pretty. I've been waiting for this for years and years!

    I have a doc appt this morning so hoping to start seeing specialists again and see if we can finally figure out exactly what's wrong with me...ugh


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    It is SO great seeing you three.. Visual or not!

    Only have a guick moment but want to say hello! Nancy, I am happy you are "home" and enjoying your Christmas decorations! I will check back soon and catch up with everyone.

    Has anyone heard from Anne Theresa? Or Ellen? I really am concerned.

    I am going to be a grandmother again! Sam, our first, is now 2 1/2 and so much fun. Jim and I have laughed about the new baby and how in the world she/he could be loved as much as Sam! Thank heaven, hearts are made to expand for much more love to be added! This sweet one to come is due end of May.

    Many, many gentle hugs to you all..

  7. hugs4evry1

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    Wow it's good to hear from you and congrats on the new blessed event!

    I started this thread hoping to hear from both Ellen and Anne Theresa as well, so I keep popping back in to peek and see if they've stopped by. Let's hope they're both just busy with the holidays and doing well.

    I've just found out that my son and Dad are going to 'surprise' me and show up for Christmas. I haven't seen my Dad since he visited us in Stuttgart about 3 years ago so that's going to be wonderful and a dream come true. He's 79 now and it's so hard for me to travel.

    Hope all are doing well!


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    Great hearing from you! Both have them have not been around in awhile. They were such a part of this thread. I miss them and hope they are both well.

    How wonderful to be together with your Dad and son will be 'home' for Christmas! I remember, clearly, when they visited in Germany. The best present you could ever receive!!!

    Our daughter learned she was pregnant with a little girl. Of course, we are ecstatic! I continue to pray the baby and Elizabeth continue to be healthy and safe. Thank you for the congrats!

    I was happy to hear Katie is doing so well! I pray you all get 'settled' in very soon! Check in from time to time...please?!

    Hugs to everyone,

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    Yes, I know- Christmas was a few days ago, but we like to think it is still Christmas up until New Year's! Even up until Jan. 6th (Epiphany) but by then, school is back in session and life is pretty much back to normal.

    We have had a lovely break. Our daughter, son in law, and two granddaughters have travelled down from Alaska to be with us for Christmas. It has been so great having them here and getting reacquainted with our granddaughters. Last summer we got a hot tub, so they are out there quite a bit! They think it's fun being outside and "swimming" in December!

    Nancy, I'm glad they figured out why you were losing so much weight.....the ovaries, right? So you are back to a healthier size. That's really good news!

    Kim: good to see you on here again. Congrats on the upcoming new grandbaby! Aren't they fun?

  10. hugs4evry1

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    Very nice to meet you! I too, won't have any grandchildren but I've accepted it because I know I wouldn't be able to be the kind of grandma that I'd like to be.

    Your humor is very much appreciated! What kind of crafts do you do?

    I just moved from overseas this past spring and I'm still trying to organize my new sewing room on my good days. I need to buy shelves and redo the closet in the room so I have more storage space. I tend to get confused when I go in there, too much clutter for my poor tired brain!

    Teri, what a blessing to have them home for Christmas. I enjoyed having my Dad and son here very much although we had just gotten hubby a new pup the week before. Luckily, she's a very smart and good girl so it wasn't too much trouble, just some lost sleep from her first week being here.

    Also bringing out all of our Christmas decorations made the home feel more 'ours' finally. Katy's worked hard to clean everything up for me, we just need to take the tree outside for recycling.

    Hugs all,