To-do List: March 2 through March 8

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  1. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I don't see that anyone has started the post for this week so I decided to do it. I hope everyone is doing okay. Today is my first day back at work, but I am thinking of taking some time off this week since it is break week and no one is here. I think I will take off Tuesday and Thursday and then come in just for a little bit on Weds. and Friday. Friday is payday and Jim and I are getting together on Wednesday so I need to come into town anyway. There really isn't anything for me for do here. I looked at my pay stub and figured out that I have 65 vacation days! (that's figuring out the five hours a day that I work). So I definitely need to use up some vacation days. It's just that I hate to use them when school is in session, but I guess I could use them on Fridays when it is quieter here. There aren't that many classes taught on Fridays. I don't want to lose my vacation days.

    Harry is going to be gone tonight and maybe tomorrow night. He has to go to Buffalo and some other cities along the way. I hate it when he's gone overnight, but we are both thankful he is working. There are some drivers where he's working that are not. They keep him busy most of the time. It isn't often that he has a day off, although he did last Thursday so he was able to drive me to a doctor's appt.

    I have to see my ear specialist this week on Friday for a post-operative check up. I'm sure he will say everything is fine.

    I talked to Jim on the phone yesterday. He sounded good.

    To-do list:

    -pick up prescriptions
    -go see a movie at the theatre (I'm seeing "Taken")
    -empty dishwasher (done)
    -mail bills (done)
    -buy some panty hose

    Well, that's it for me. I'll talk to everyone on Wednesday.

  2. alaska3355

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    Hi Ellen (and those who follow)
    Glad you made it back to work and are recuperating well. It's nice that you have that cushion of days off to use when you want to....maybe you and Harry will have a getaway sometime.
    You asked about my son with the Canadian girlfriend....he was just up to see her the past 4 or 5 days and is on his way home as we speak. They are so alike in their interests and really enjoy each other's company. She is only 18, so I hope they wait a bit on marriage!

    To Do: Clean house
    Get ready for a birthday tomorrow (mine!)
    Take son to a saxophone lesson

    The boys feel it's a little hard to go back to reality, after our little break last week. One was sort of hoping that if he put a note from the hotel on his pillow, they might show up and make his bed! Dream on, buddy!
  3. greygodess

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    haven't been walking. Got way too cold. Today was brutal with the wind chill.

    Nancy: I believe deer leave 2 tracks.

    There are two things I wish for right now. One is that my fingers would find the right keys. The second is that my cat, who wants attention, would leave me alone.

    I am going to order tickets for our oldest son and two of our grandaughters to come in from Tucson this summer. It has been a big production and I need to get it done. So hope everyone is doing okay. Godbless
  4. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all...

    Ellen, thanks for getting the thread started this week. I'm glad you have some extra vacation days to help make the weeks a bit easier on you.

    Good luck at your post-op appt!

    Terri, I'm glad you enjoyed your break...

    Grey, thanks for the info on the deer tracks, I thought the same thing.

    Well yesterday I was extremely busy. I woke up and did updates on my computer but they messed things up and I lost sound and a few other important things so I spent a lot of time trying to clear that up. I also had no dial tone on my phone for a few days so it made things harder.

    But I finished my living room project yesterday as well. Finished covering the sofa cushions, washed the windows, laundered the sheers and switched them with my bedroom sheers so they go better with the new fabric. I also did some laundry that's been piling up too. It's amazing what you can do it you're not glued to the laptop!

    Today I have to go to the clinic on base and beg meds for Katy. She's officially out on Thursday. Her doc out in town is an idiot, we called last week and asked for her to send the prescription to our house since we had to cancel her last appt.

    Called her last night, and she said Katy gave her the wrong address (which she didn't I was right here when she gave her the address) so.....she mailed the prescription to our APO address. That means it goes all the way to the states before coming back here and with the weather in the North East, it could take weeks.

    I was hoping to get some rest today after working so hard today......and Katy's not doing so well right now. I forgot to give her the afternoon pills yesterday so we had some problems again last night.

    I'll be glad when hubby gets home on Thursday.

    Hugs all,

  5. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    This week I would like to get done

    wipe down all the kitchen cabinets & drawers

    change two cupboards around--so that all the cups & glasses are next to the rest of the dishes

    poopy patrol in the back yard

    vacuum bedroom and the rest of the house
  6. hugs4evry1

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    Good Morning all....

    Beadlady, I got a good chuckle out of the poopy patrol, just did that yesterday too! Although I used to tell the kids it was like hunting for Easter Eggs!!

    Well, we were unable to get Katy's meds yesterday, her doc is on leave this week and no one else will touch it since they don't know her history. I'm praying something good happens this week and the prescription comes in the mail in time to get her the meds before the end of the week.

    I had to wean her a bit to make her doses stretch and it really isn't a good time for that.

    But something odd has happened to me.....yesterday as tired as I was, I was still able to take her on base, grocery shop, pick up the mail, unload groceries and put them away doing things around the house by myself since hubby's still gone.

    Then today already, I've scooped cat litter, showered and dressed, put in a load of laundry, folded one, cooked myself breakfast, cleaned up and it's not even 10:00 am!!!

    I'm wondering if the iron supplement is helping because this is more than I'd normally get done in 2 weeks....and I haven't even listed all the little things I've done around the house too.....Wow it would be wonderful to regain some of my life back.

    I've been cleaning up and organizing things that have been bugging me for months, but I was unable to do them. It's so odd to feel this good, I'm not sure what to do with it.

    Hope to hear from you all soon.....I'm going to play some poker to make myself sit for a bit and rest.


  7. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    So hopefully I can get my porch cleaned, that will be any all day job.

    I 've been trying to get to church on Wednesday night, have to drive myself, hubby is working long hours. I hate to drive at night.

    get Mom's bday present
    grocery shopping tomorrow
    see grandbaby Saturday.

    hope everyone has a good week
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Lacey good to see you posting. I hope you get your list done but try not to over do it.

    Katy's prescription did come in the mail yesterday. Had to go to base to pick it up but I feel better having it with me. I should go turn it in to the pharmacy out in town today but I know I can put it off until tomorrow if I have to.

    Hubby's coming home today and I'm so excited. But the housekeeper will be here cleaning and I want him to get some sleep and spend some quiet time together. I might just have her do the floors today...

    Hope to hear from all of you soon.


  9. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Sorry I haven't checked in before now. I've been busy with health-related appointments & tests. Nothing out of the ordinary; pap, blood work, mammogram, my yearly physical, but too many appointments all in a row and now I'm exhausted. I've booked tomorrow to rest, then I'm going to Toronto on Saturday with some girlfriends to shop.

    Ellen, I hope you're feeling fine and enjoyed your days off.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Terri! I hope you had a wonderful day.

    Greygoddess, your cat sounds like mine. He always wants my attention when I'm trying to type or talk on the phone :) How nice you're going to see your son and grand-daughters this summer. Something nice to look forward to...

    Hi Beadlady, It's good to see you. Poopy patrol does not sound like a lot of fun, though a necessary task, I know. Our upstairs neighbour (tenant) has a lovely big dog who uses our admittedly messy backyard as a toilet. Now that the snow's all gone, I hope my neighbour does a little clean-up without my having to ask.

    Nancy, I appreciate how odd it feels when you experience a couple of good days. I hope and pray, it stays this way for you. You're wise to make yourself take rest periods, not overdo or overspend your store of energy.

    Hi Laceymae. I hope you were able to find a nice birthday present for your mom. I hope you enjoy spending time with your grand-baby. Take care.

    To do

    shower & shampoo
    make bed
    empty wastebaskets
    put laundry away
    put dishes away
    grocery shopping

    God bless
  10. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    Dh is not doing well. Since his Dad died last week he hasn't been sleeping (even with meds), hasn't had much appetite. He is at the doctor getting a strep test. I hope they find something and can give him antibiotics.

    I have been over to MIL house quite a bit. I helped her write out the invitations and label them for the memorial service.

    Yesturday I had a "grieving" day. It comes and goes but I read the obituary that will go into the newspaper and couldn't stop crying. I ate my lunch out in the sun and looked towards where we had buried my ds dead goldfish just last week. Then I saw a dead baby bunny:( I could not believe it. Death is all around. I had dh remove it before my ds got home from school. I mostly stayed in bed. Sad, tired and very achy.

    My ds is pulling out all the stops with his behavior. He knows something BIG is going on and is very sensitive to it. He cried himself to sleep the other night for half an hour because of grandpa. He is waking up about an 1 1/2 hours earlier in the mornings than usual(God, help us).

    Library- to get children's books about understanding death.

    Shop- new waterproof mattress pad for ds

    Shop- clothes for ds to wear to memorial service

    walk Skeeter (our dog)

    plan for trip to see family in mountain house tomorrow (just under a two hour drive)

    Relatives from GA arriving Sat night help pick them up from airport

  11. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Girls:

    I meant to just work until noon today and here it is almost 1:00 and I'm still here. But after I post this message I will leave. I got up early this morning and got some things done around the house as my afternoon will be broken up as I have to go back to the hospital for another post-operative check-up. This time I will see the doctor who did the actual surgery, which will be good.

    Harry and I got into a fight just before I left the house this morning. It was over money again as usual. We had a fight the other night, too. I just don't have enough money to pay my portion of the bills. We've been hit hard especially lately with my surgical bills coming in and I had to pay to get my car repaired from the accident. Insurance doesn't cover everything. So I'm using my inheritance money, which I call our emergency fund money, to now pay the bills. So far I've spent almost $1,000 of it with $6,500.00 left. There's still a few thousand left in another account. Meanwhile, Harry sits with $4,000.00 in his checking and said he's going to invest some of his money. Must be nice.

    He did finally say this morning that if I apologize for being a "drama queen" that he will start paying 2/3 of the bills. I don't believe that being upset about spending our emergency fund money makes me a drama queen. And this morning he said that the the reason he split up the money is because I said I was leaving him. That's a new one on me. He's always told me it's because I wouldn't have money taken out of my paycheck to pay for the fact that his employer won't pay for Michigan income taxes since we live in Michigan and he works in Ohio.

    I'm glad I didn't agree to that now or I really wouldn't have any money to live on now. Then Harry says I should spread my money out so I can pay my bills better. How is this going to help? If I don't have enough money to pay the bills each month how is spreading out the money going to help? I get so frustrated. I finally wrote how out a note and put it in his note yesterday giving him examples of why I am short every month. He says that everything I say he already knows. And yet he doesn't seem to comprehend the problem!

    Then he says I should work full-time and I remind him that I can't because of the FMS. Then he says to work weekends and I remind him that working without a break would be difficult because of the FMS. And what kind of a job would I get? And would he help me more at home? I think not.

    I'm sorry this is so long, but I just needed to vent.

  12. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    Molly, death can be so difficult for those of us left behind - my heart goes out to you & your family. My own dad passed away 20+ years ago. I think about him a lot & sometimes - even after all these years -I still cry. There can be a sweetness though, a remembered joy when you focus on the good times you've had together and, if you're a believer, there's the promise of a heavenly reunion to focus upon. Take good care of yourself during this stressful time. God bless.

    Ellen, I'm sorry you & Harry are fighting about money again. I've read that financial issues are the #1 area of discord in a marriage, the topic that couples most frequently argue about - so you're not alone. (The #2 issue is housework and that seems to be the bugaboo topic for sweetie and me). Harry, God bless him, really does seem blind and stubborn in this area - you must feel very frustrated with him sometimes. We all have our blind spots. Thankfully, in most cases, our inherent goodness overcomes our blind-spots and our loved-ones forgive us our faults. I know that's how you feel about Harry; you love him - but - that does not take away the present upset and frustration. Vent away, my dear, and take good care.

    I did absolutely nothing! on yesterday's to-do list, rather I sat & watched movies with sweetie, then he went out and got our groceries later in the evening. So today, in addition to making up my weekly pill dispensers, I'm going to follow yesterday's to-do list.

    Enjoy the weekend, all.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  13. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Good Morning all....

    Anne Theresa, I'm glad you were gone for a good reason, I always tend to worry about you when you don't check in much. You've become a dependable lovely member of this thread and I always look forward to your posts.

    Molly, I'm so sorry for all that your family is going through right now. Please remember to try to take care of yourself too.

    Ellen, sometimes I just want to give Harry a swift kick in the butt on your behalf. I'm so sorry he's acting like a *&%#@** again.

    As for me, I had another wonderful 2 days this weekend. On Friday hubby and I went to the pharmacy to turn in Katy's prescription. We also went shopping and for some reason I bought myself all new very nice make up.

    We went back later that afternoon to pick up her meds then out to lunch together as well. It was so nice to be just the two of us again.

    Yesterday we went to base and I did some more grocery shopping. Came home, made lunch for us, then we went out later that afternoon and went shopping at a small nearby mall. I bought 2 new pairs of jeans, (my old favorites that got too big) but I bought 2 sizes this time in case I lose more weight.

    I bought some summery tees to wear with my spring jammies because I was already dreading the shirts not fitting anymore. I'm trying to head this off, because it gets depressing not having anything that fits although I've bought tons of new clothes. If I ever go back up in size, I've got lots of pretty things to wear in all sizes though.

    As for Katy, her doc is an idiot. She forgot the prescription for Elavil, so Katy's going to have to go cold turkey off of this dangerous medication after tonight. She also didn't include her nightly dose of Seroquel......I was so angry yesterday when I did up her pill pack. She's actually been doing quite well lately and I hate to see her slide back into dangerous territory.

    Today is a day planned for rest.....but I do feel great again.

    Hugs all,