TO DO LIST: March 22-March 28

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    I feel a little timid to start the post. No one has been around much and I wonder is our post dying out? Is anyone going to respond? Or will there be like 80 people reading and no response. Sorry I am emotional.

    I'm having a tough week. I am still very congested from the cold and weaning of Cymbalta is no picnic. It was giving me some side effects. We have our IEP with the new school tomorrow. It is for the AB2726 program that will offer mental health services to help our son along with the school. We received the final assesment report on Monday and I cried and cried as I read it. It was a snapshot picture of all the events of my son's experience of crashing and burning out of mainstream second grade:( It also went into detail about all of his developmental issues. Honestly I didn't think his eye contact was THAT bad but all these different professionals seeing him in all these different settings. It was too much for me to read. My beautiful baby boy! I cry now to think of it.

    I have to read the report again tonight because there were many things that I have questions about and I need to highlight those to prepare for tomorrow's meeting.

    On Thursday we have our first appointment with Dr. T a pediatric neurologist. I made this appointment 3 months ago and need to write out some questions to prep for that. This is the neuro in the group that works with autism. I have no idea what she can do for us but since his picture has changed I am hoping she can help.

    Meanwhile I am so happy that my son is doing really well. He is so loving! He is only starting week 3 in his new school placement and has hit a few rough patches but the dr today (how do I keep track of all the drs and professionals!!) said he is still transitioning and it is all new.

    My best friend is moving to Colorado. I am so sad. She is the bestest friend I have had in a long while. We took our last beach walk together this evening.

    I guess I just needed to get this all out. Molly
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    Hello all,

    Thanks Molly for starting the thread this week. Given our dwindling numbers, your concerns for the group seem valid. This group has been such a blessing in my life, it would be a shame to see it fall away. To that end, I'll try to post each week, as I'm able.

    My heart goes out to you. Having your best friend move away is a certain cause for sadness. I hope you're able to stay in touch with her and then, perhaps, you'll meet again, in the future. I hope tomorrow's appointment goes well - your beautiful baby boy deserves the very best care.

    I've been sick and have been sleeping a lot. However, today I felt well enough to go to the mall for a manicure, then later to the dollar store. I hope I feel well again tomorrow. Two days in a row would be divine!

    To Do List

    Shower & Shampoo
    Phone Bank
    Make Hairdresser's Appointment
    Price Carpet Cleaning Services

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
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    Anne Theresa-I am so glad to hear from you! i was worried you must be feeling really sick. What do you have? A cold? I hope you continue to have more energy and get back to normal (I mean normal for those of us with these dd).

    It is nice to have the IEP over with and it went well. Today's appointment with the ped neurologist went awesome. I am so glad I went. She had some great insights and recommendations. We will have quite a few tests that I think will help a lot. I am so very tired because the round trip drive was 50 or 60 miles and we stopped for lunch. Then I was feeling so much energy we went to the library for a long while and that put me over the edge! I have been so tired from the day.

    I called a chiropractor a friend recommeded and am hoping to get in tomorrow. my neck and right shoulder have been in excruciating pain for the past 2 weeks. I know the cold and this neck thing are caused by the stress of what we went through for the seven weeks ds was in the hospital(one week) and out of school.

    Thursday eve:
    epsom salt bath
    fold laudry
    bed early (at least rest if I can't sleep; haven't been able to sleep lately)

    I hope we will hear from more TD list friends
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    Hi, Girls:

    Yes, Molly, I, too, have noticed fewer people on this post. And I'm afraid, I am one that doesn't get on here as often, but I do try to get on here once a week. When I was working, I was able to get on here every day during the week during my breaks, but that situation, of course, has changed since I lost my job. Unfortunately, my FMS has taken a turn for the worse since last summer. I rallied and it got better in the fall and part of the winter, but the FMS has spread to my arms and hands and now I've been flaring for the past couple of months. Some days it's not as bad as others.

    Also, my husband is gone from work so much, that I am doing even more at home. This week I took my car in and had some maintenance work done on it. This is something my husband would have normally taken care of, but he is not able to now. Of course he and I realize that we really shouldn't complain that he is working so much as the opposite problem certainly wouldn't be good, especially since I am not working and will be applying for disability soon. Also, the library is undergoing renovations, so I am not working here on Tuesdays until further notice. Melanie decided it was just too hard having us volunteers here with all the work being done. Especially someone like me who was working with the books out in the shelves-right in the way of the renovations being done! I do miss working here, though, but will use the time to get more of my spring cleaning done.

    Today is bright and sunny, but very cool. I miss all the temps in the 60's. I'm still collecting unemployment, but feeling funny about it since both Harry and I now realize that I can no longer work. I also realize that my concentration and memory have deteriorated, too. It's very frustrating, but I try not to let it upset me too much.

    One reason I work at the library and sing in the choir is to hopefully help improve my memory and concentration or at least not let it get any worse. Also, I like to socialize and I know that's good for us mentally, too. My choir is busy getting ready for Easter. If I don't get on here next week, it's because it's Holy Week and we sing a lot that week. It's the busiest week of the year for church choirs-we sing five times! I love the music we are doing. It feels good to be using my voice again. It has been 7 or 8 yrs. since I last sang in a church choir. I had to quit because of the FMS and trying to work. Too much.

    Molly: You sound so frustrated. Maybe you have talked about this before, but are there any support groups for parents of autistic children? If not, then there should be. You and your husband have certainly been through so much. My brother puts me through a lot at times with his OCD, but it's a different situation. He's not my child, although I love him dearly, and he doesn't live with me. And with my best friend moving away, there goes your support system. You and her can always e-mail, but that's certainly not the same as talking in person. I was just trying to think of a new support system for you. Is she moving so far away that you couldn't visit eachother sometimes?

    Theresa Anne: Talk about my bad memory, I read your post and now I can't remember what you said on it! I know you were responding to Molly, but I can't remember the rest!! Well, I hope all is going well for you. I hope you are able to exercise and use the hot tub at your apartment. How has the weather been in Canada?

    Well, I need to type a quick letter to my friend in Austria before the library closes in an hour. I hope more people get back on here and let us know how they are doing. Take care everyone.



    Hello Molly and Anne Theresa..and to all those who will be posting later..

    It's been a very long time since I last posted on this board and I will try and do better in the future..I've noticed that there aren't many "posters" on this board like there were in the past..hopefully, that will change..

    Molly, it really sounds like you have a full plate...and I know things get hard at times, but, hang in there..things will get better...your son sounds like a very loving young man..a true gift from heaven..and he has a terrific mom!

    Anne Theresa...I think of your son often as I work in my is his eye? I'm hoping that his eightsight is he still working in vineyards or did he find some other line of work? I know your life has taken a different road, but, I'm postive that you will find your way and will smile and be happy again.

    Hubby and I are facing some very difficult financial times..things are just not going well..we're not alone, I know, but that doesn't make me feel any are truly having a hard time, and there is no end in sight for any of us..the hard times just keep roll'n on in...

    We are going to be first time grandparents..our granddaughter is due to arrive the middle of July and we are so will be nice to have a baby in the family's been 29 years since the last little one was born!! Yikes..that's a long time ago!! :)

    Until I post again, I wish everyone warm and sunny days..

    Bless you all...
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    Wow! I am really happy to see everyone's posts.

    Ellen: Sorry to hear that the fms is getting worse. We just got our church bulletin of all the services and events for holy week and it is a lot. I'm glad you were able to join the choir again and hope you have a nice week. My friend is moving far away but she will visit this summer and has asked me to fly out some day because she is planning her house to have guest room and I love Colorado. It is so beautiful there. I have lived all my life in San Diego and seem to at least recently make good friends with wifes of military men. Then they move away! I do have some other people I can try to get together with and get to know better. It is just hard sometimes when any crisis seems to pop up and I have to drop everything to care for my son. I hope that will calm down. I had an autism support group 5 mins from my house 1x per month but they moved it to 30 mins away and it is at dinner time, rush hour traffic yadda yadda yadda. I really want to work on finding some nice supportive friends.

    Wildwoodwine: I remember you! It has been a long time. I'm really sorry to hear about your financial hardships. Is your wine for sale at Trader Joe's? I'm just curious since we shop there a lot. Congratulations on your soon to be grandbaby! How exciting!

    Today I saw the chiropractor and was very happy I did. She said I must start taking care of myself or my body will give out. We have a babysitter and are going out to dinner tonight with a couple from our church. This is something my husband and me decided we wanted-to have couples friends. Our life will be what it is but we are ready to try and enjoy whenever possible.

    The pediatric neurologist wants to run a lot of tests. MRI, overnight EEG, metabolic blood panel and mitochodrial dna panel. She said that mood disorders can really be symptoms of metabolic disorders so it is important for us to test. Wow! Interesting. So my life will most likely not slow down anytime soon. I just have to learn to live with this and still take care of me. It is not easy. My son is very weak, has poor balance, significant fine motor issues and she is the first to tell me his head measures in the 90th percentile which is common in autism but NOT in Asperger's/high functioning autism. I was sad when I saw him struggle to walk a straight line and touch each finger to his thumb. Oh and the dr was really angry at our last school which let him fall apart. She said schools generally don't like to hear her name because she recommends services.

    I have so much on my mind! My brain is going to explode!
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    Hello all,

    Thanks Molly, for asking after my health. I've been struggling with a bladder infection and though I tried alternative remedies (garlic pills, cranberry juice) I finally had to take anti biotics to rid myself of it. Thus, I was sick and run down from using anti-biotics. Thankfully my infection is gone and, now that I'm finished the anti-biotics, I feel much better.

    I'm glad you have some positive things happening in your life (a good chiropractor's appointment, dinner with husband & friends) to balance the stress in your life. Having a guest room available to you in Colorado is a bit of a silver lining with regard to your friend moving. I know you'll miss her day-to-day but being able to plan a get-a-way visit from time-to-time will be great fun!

    It seems this new doctor is a true advocate for children with autism. She may be just what's needed for your son to get what he needs to live an excellent quality of life. You do well by your son, Molly. Take care of yourself.

    Hi Ellen, It's been cool here too. Actually, it's downright cold today. brrrr. I hope that lovely spring weather comes back soon. It's nice you're able to be in the church choir again. I don't sing well enough to be in a choir but singing has always been my favourite part of a mass or service.

    I'm sorry fibromyalgia has been troubling you to such a degree. Mine has been bad too. I've been walking most days and that helps. I've been sleeping more than usual but when I'm awake my energy level has been good (compared to my usual bone-tired fatigue). This illness is certainly changeable, one never knows from day-to-day how they'll feel.

    It's so good to see you JB! Congratulations on the new grandbaby! I hope all goes well with her birth. I'm sorry about your financial hardship, particularly because there seems no end in sight. I'll pray for poor farmers everywhere. Thanks for asking about my son. He did regain his vision after the accident, thank God. However, when he gets tired, he sees double and needs to wear an eyepatch (or get some sleep). He opted not to have corrective surgery because it was too risky. He's still working as an assistant wine-maker. Take good care and keep in touch.

    Nancy, I hope you feel better. It saddens me that your good spell was so short-lived and I hope your sense of wellness returns soon. Gentle Hugs.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa


    I'm so sorry I didn't say "hello" to you in my previous brain is on "pause" and it doesn't allow me to remember who all has posted...again..I'm very sorry...

    You sound like you are one busy girl..I use to sing in a choir, but, now, the RA as affected my vocal cords, so now I sound like a frog when I sing...I miss singing...

    I luv going to the library..I luv the piece-and-quiet, which helps me concentrate on what I'm reading..hopefully, you'll be back there in no time...

    Gotta scoot..dinner time..

    Take care...
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    to see you, JB! It's been awhile....congrats on the new grandbaby on the way!

    I have been missing in action all week. I am getting ready to fly up to Alaska to be with my daughter and her family. She is having hernia surgery on Wed., so I'll be up there Tuesday to help with the two granddaughters and cooking and whatever I can do. I am soooo looking forward to seeing them all! We only get together maybe once a year, and I miss them so much. So, even though it is for a surgery, I am excited to go!

    Haven't heard from Nancy this week.....hope you are OK?

    Hugs, Terri
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    Sorry I haven't been around for awhile either. Fibro is really bothering me too. I keep plugging on in trying to do the basic stuff.

    For the weekend I would like to get these things done:

    Find someone to color Easter Eggs with me
    Get my car cleaned out--might have found a nice young man to help :)

    No idea what we're doing for Easter--sometimes we go to friend's house and make brunch

    On Sunday I want to go visit one of clients that I deliver meals to her on the Meals on Wheels program. She has no family and her caregiver is away for the weekend.

    So hoping to make something for her and go have some tea & cookies with her for a short while anyways. She is my favorite client
    She is very fragile so I wouldn't take her out of her house, but I can try to make it look cheerful.
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    Hi all,
    Sorry I've been missing again and Molly, thanks for getting the thread started. I decided to borrow this thread since I didn't see a reply button on the current week's thread.

    I'm still waking up sick as a dog each morning, like the worst cold ever each and every day. My guess is my allergy meds just aren't working anymore and I've got it on my 'ask the doc' list for my next appt (which I need to call and schedule soon).

    And yes, we're still having internet problems daily and minute to minute since the cyclone hit Europe a few weeks ago. It's really beginning to bug me since we often listen to music from St. Louis area where I grew up. They have a great classic rock station that pipes over the internet.

    But the biggest problem of all which hubby and I have just recently begun to identify is sort of an identity crisis.....we've realized that we just don't know how to live in a less than catastrophic environment and we have to relearn joy and simple pleasures.

    Life used to be 'normal' and then it wasn't for almost 7 years. Even going to the store to shop or have a coffee could be fun, yet we never knew what we would find when we got home.

    Now that things are really good with Katy, she's still working steady and doing well although as yet, uninsured....we have to learn to live our lives all over again and we've forgotten how to do that in a normal manner.

    Add to that my recent change in situation since the med change...I almost never go back to bed during the day instead of 18 hours a day spent there, and we have an entire new life to create.

    It's good, really all good....I have no reason to complain but it's like living with someone who's all but insane for 7 years then she's ok.......huh??? Our blessings are many it's just that we're both a bit lost learning how to live like 'normal' folks again.....

    We've been working on organizing the house, even the furniture that was stuffed into a back hall has now been moved out since the snow finally cleared. We've been gardening, I bought quite a few trees and flowering shrubs for the yard and 5 beautiful hand made barrels for my deck. We went a bit crazy with it this year since we only got the yard last summer finally.

    Yesterday I organized a utility type closet in my kitchen, which gives me a 5 drawer plastic cabinet to hopefully continue organizing my messy sewing area in the living room. (I used to have a sewing room at one time) But today my plan is to find and pull out my spring clothes and jammies and reorgainze those even though the weather is still very cold here. (it's 29 degrees this morning)

    Sorry not to post to you all individually but it's almost time to eat again. I'm glad and relieved to see the thread continuing.....

    Hugs all,