'To Do' List Nov 23-29?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hugs4evry1, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. hugs4evry1

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    Hi all,

    Went to doc, needle went thru bone so finger's broken....

    Can someone help out w/the list this week?


  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Girls:

    I just finished my volunteer job at the library so I decided to get on the computer while I was here. It's amazing all the books I am finding that are misfiled. Most of them are only a couple of books away from where they are supposed to be, but I always find several that are really lost and no one would ever find them. The time just flies while I am doing this, plus I am doing a little cleaning, too. The shelves really get dusty. I guess I must like what I am doing.

    I can't believe that in a week it will be December. A month from now is Christmas eve. Where does the time go? We are still having pretty decent weather here-temps in the 50's most days so I am able to get my kitties out in the yard sometimes and go for my walks. The pool is closed all this week for repairs. I was already going to miss Thursday because of Thanksgiving.

    I stayed home all day yesterday and I have three-quarters of your basement cleaned. It has taken me forever to do a thoroughly cleaning at home. Of course getting sick all summer really delayed that. I never did get the basement and garage windows washed, but I guess that will wait until next year. My arms and hands are better, but they still slow me down.

    Tomorrow I have to get groceries and get what I am taking for Thanksgiving ready. Fortunately, my MIL gave me easy stuff to take. Jim has his shot at the doctor's-the one that he has every three weeks tomorrow so I will see him as well.

    Nancy: I am so sorry you have broken your finger with the sewing machine needle! I remember my mother telling me that when she was in high school, she did the same thing in class, but fortunately she didn't break her finger like you did. I'm not sure what you mean by needing help with this post since you have already started it, but I will try to get on as often as I can to keep it going. It must have been so painful for you. Take care and I hope it feels better soon.

    I know you have already celebrated Thanksgiving, Anne Theresa, but I would like to wish everyone else a happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get back on here again, but I will try to.

  3. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all,

    Nancy, What terribly painful way to break your finger - I shudder just thinking about it. I'm glad you went to the doctor and have had it attended to, and I hope the pain has subsided somewhat. I hope it feels better soon.

    Ellen, I'm happy to hear things are going well for you at the library. Our weather has been as nice as yours, surprising given that it's almost December. It's nice you've made such progress with your cleaning. Basements, in particular, can take a lot of effort to clean. It's always such a good feeling of accomplishment, when you finish the work and see how nice everything looks.

    My pain level has been high and I feel woozy. Nerves, I think. Four more days until I move.

    I'm in the midst of a busy day. This afternoon, my sister and I met at the building to inspect the apartment and get our keys. Everything looks so nice; walls freshly painted, carpets newly cleaned. Then I did a bit of shopping and afterward came home to do some packing.

    In a few minutes, I'm heading out again to meet my niece downtown for dinner. After dinner we'll go to go to a play together (musical/comedy). I'm very tired and hoping for a second wind so I might better enjoy the time with my niece. I'll have some strong coffee with my dinner, surely that will help.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  4. sorekitty

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    Oh Nancy, sorry to hear about your finger. Ouch! That must really be bad.

    Ellen, your job sounds really great. I have often thought of working at the library since I'm there so much and really enjoy the children's section.

    Anne Theresa, good luck with your move. I'm so glad you are getting out to see a play, that sounds great.

    I am doing so badly for the past 3 weeks. I notice a lot of extreme anger, sadness, exhaustion. you name it, it's bad.

    I am livid with the school district. My ds was talking today about how much he doesn't want to go back next frigging Monday (isn't it only Tuesday?). I feel like I really want to hurt someone. I will have my husband call the spec ed guy tomorrow and tell them it is not fair or okay to let the aide go on Thursday until they figure out a proper and legal placement for our son. I called the child psychiatrist and left 3 messages since Friday. i have questions and I need answers. My ds is waking at 4:20 each day and I'm so sleep deprived. He went to bed at 7 tonight so i will go to bed very soon so i can handle life.

    We are headed to MIL for Thanksgiving and we will bring some sides. I feel I have no support even though I have a little bit here and there.

    Did you see the latest article? On Disability Scoop dated 11/10 the title is Autism Mom's Have Stress Similar to Combat Solder's.

    Honestly I have avoided being on here as much as usual because I am so angry etc. i have never felt such anger that I can remember. My family is extremely judgemental so I am staying the hell away from them over the holidays. Besides my son is not that familiar with them. He is not wanting to leave the house. I cannot even run small errands. It's pure effen insanity here.

    Sometimes I don't wanna post here cause so many people read and don't respond which makes me feel naked and exposed but hell I need all the support I can get.

    I will call the psychiatrist for me tomorrow. Oh well bad timing with the holiday but I may as well get a head start.

    Truly i wish everyone a happy holiday. I'm sorry i'n so insane.

    ETA I keep misspelling psychologist vs. psychiatrist[This Message was Edited on 11/24/2009]
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    Hi all...

    If you can excuse my typos and such I'll try to post if I can but the hunt & peck typing is exhausting for me.

    Molly, please don't worry about the # of ppl looking at the thread. Sometimes I look 3 times a day but don't feel up to answering. If you need to vent, please feel free....I think we can honestly understand your frustrations.

    This injury is very depressing to me after having this hand braced for over 2 months and now this. It takes every small part of my life that was left to enjoy and makes it so much more difficult.

    Thinking of u all....


  6. AnneTheresa

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    Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

    Nancy, I can imagine how depressed you must feel over this latest set-back. Leaving you without the ability to sew and type must really make you feel at a loss. I can only pray for a speedy recovery.

    Molly, please don't despair over the number of people reading without responding. Like Nancy, I often look in without posting, as I'm sure the other posters do, so there's probably not as many lurkers as it may appear. Even so, you are anonymous here and though it may not help you to know this, your sharing provides a window into a very real problem and there is no better education for people to truly understand the impact of living with these issues. My heart goes out to you and Liam and I share your frustration and anger at a system that could have provided the necessary support had they only listened to you at the beginning of the year. I hope and pray this is resolved soon and to your satisfaction.

    Tomorrow is moving day. I'm all set and ready to go. My friend is taking me shopping tonight (I'm going to buy a new desk - the one I'm using presently is old and not worth transporting to the new place) and the out for dinner.

    So, the next time I post it will be from my new place. I shouldn't be off line for more than a day or two.

    God bless,
  7. alaska3355

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    I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. We did and we ate too much. Our son made it home from Canada for the weekend and will be going back on Monday. He'll take his car this time so he'll be able to get back more easily at Christmastime.

    Nancy, I hear you on the hunt and peck system....it takes soooo long! Just use shorthand, like when people text. Ppl? Anyway, I'm sorry for your finger.

    Anne Theresa- I hope your move goes smoothly and that you have the help you need to do everything. You just be the commander and tell everyone where things go, OK? I hope you found a nice new desk. That's exciting!

    Molly- hang in there. Maybe your appointment will help...you have so much on your plate. As the others have said, don't feel bad about sharing your feelings here. We try to support one another.

    Ellen- I think I would love to work in a library as well! They have such a great "book" smell and are peaceful and quiet. Too bad you don't get paid, but at least it gets you out. Maybe it will turn into a paid situation.

    To everyone.....have a great weekend and don't get lost in the crowds shopping!