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    I saw a message of yours on another post about migraines. I took note of it because of the way you described how and where your headaches start. I have a lot of neck/muscle pain that causes headaches. My chiropractor said it is from my occipital nerve which is in the back of your head by the base of your skull. If you extend and strecth the nerves it can become, I guess the word I would say is inflammed.

    When I first started seeing a pain mangement doctor for Costochondritidis (before FM was diagnosed) I developed a headache. Literally this headache lasted everyday for THREE months. The pain mangement doctor wanted to run xrays of my neck: I ignored him because I thought it couldn't have anything to do with my neck. After 2 months they sent me to a chiropractor who did run xrays, and boy was my neck a mess. It still is to this day but chiropractor is able to give me some help to relieve pressure off the occiptal nerve, and showed me things to do at home, and ways to treat my neck and head if problems start up and get bad. I have actually been dealing with the nerve and headaches this week.... it took two chiro treatments, triggers points by doctor, biofreeze, etc... to get back to "okay"

    Hope you are feeling better.

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