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  1. Cabbie

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    I'm new on this board, although I've been lurking for a while. I have CFS but not FM, and my major problem is fatigue. I also have headaches, brain fog, sensitive to noise and crowds.

    Donnasr - I saw that you go to Dr. Manning in Southington. Does he do anything for CFS, and the fatigue? I also read that you go to a support group in Southington; is that also for CFS or just FM? Can you tell me any info on the group, or where I can find out more about it? It wasn't listed in the support groups section on this site. I go to a group in Waterbury, but it's on a Monday night, and Wednesday might be better for me. (Donna-you only live about ½ hr from me).

    Can anyone else comment on Dr. Manning or recommend another dr. in CT? I saw that someone mentioned going to a dr. in Hartford.

    Any help would be appreciated. I've only had this DD for 2 years, but don't seem to be getting anywhere with doctors -you all know what that's like! My neurologist thinks the fatigue is from MS and wants me to go on ABC drugs (no other symptoms or additional white spots in 12 years). Chiropractor says it's CFS, but so far supplements he's given me haven't helped. My GP doesn't seem to want to address the CFS, or doesn't know anything about it.


  2. Lanie

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    I have FM and do see Dr. Manning. He is a rheumy and I am not sure if he takes care of CFS. The best advice I can give is to give him a call and ask. He is a great dr. and a really terrific guy all around. Very compassionate. Very thorough!

    Couldn't hurt to ask.
    I wish you all the best,
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    I would recommend Dr. Robban Sica of Orange, CT. I haven't personally seen her but I have heard good things about her. Personally I see Dr. Poesnecker of Quakertown, Pennsylvania but that's a very long drive from here. Check out his website. His team treats long distance patients via e-mail and telephone. I have improved my CFS a lot through his naturopathic treatments of the adrenal glands.

    Love, Jasmine
  4. Lumare41

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    Hi Cabbie. I go to Advanced Diagnostics in New Haven it's on Long Wharf.I see Dr. Ligham he is a pain specialist and has been wonderful.I take klonopin ,Trazadone and quinine sulfate for rls.I just started seeing him and he has given me kadian for pain.we just got back from R.I. and I have never felt better.I sleep all night and have a 75% reduction in pain.Good Luck
  5. DonnaSR

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    I am not sure if Dr. Manning deals with CFS, but you could call his office. I know he deals with fatigue, since that is a major symptom of FM, as most of us don't sleep well. I also went to a new doctor recommended by Dr. Manning. His name is Dr. Licata and he is located in Terryville. He is a DO, not an MD, but he can do pretty much anything an MD can do, except surgery I think. Anyway, I take a lot of meds and supplements, and he didn't blink when I talked about the FM. Unlike other doctors I have been to who pretty much wrote me off, and then blasted me for taking supplements, etc. The supplements work for me and I don't plan to stop. I did stop once, and paid dearly for it. The support group in Southington is primarily for fibro, but I have a number you can call if you are interested. I can't remember if anyone was there who had CFS. But everyone has fatigue! And many of the symptoms overlap, so it might be a good place to go. Let me know if you want any phone numbers, etc. I don't know where to post my e-mail address-but if you would like it, let me know. I'll check the board rules. By the way, what town are you in?

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    Dear Cabbie.

    I have had FM for 11 years now along with other illnesses and although I don't have CFS I am always tired with the numerous medications I take all day long and night. I have been seeing a Dr in Hartford who is great and handles me very very well. I am now an easy case by any means and my body is not simple. If body's are going to do one simple thing then you can plan on my body doing a 180 exact opposite and this Dr handles it all in stride. I would recommend him in a heart beat to you. You can even drop my name is you like and say I sent you as he is a sweet man. He is dosile and calm and will be quiet and listen to everything you have to say I promise.

    Dr Ralph P. Stocker, MD
    Arthritis and Related Disorters
    85 Seymour Street
    Suite 1005
    Hartford, CT 06106
    (860) 244-9400

    or his Avon CT office

    Dr Ralph P. Stocker, MD
    Arthritis and Related Disorters
    54 West Avon Road
    Suite 203
    Avon, CT 06001
    (860) 244-9400

  7. Cabbie

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    Thanks for your suggestions about doctors. I made an appt. with Dr. Manning for Sept 24. That's the first day I could get. I totally crashed from Saturday to today; I did too much on Friday, but never crashed quite this hard before. Feeling a little better tonight; I hope to go to work tomorrow. I went to my GP today because I felt so bad, and when I told him I was going to Dr. Manning, he said he had a lot of patients go to him. My GP just checked my heart, lungs etc, and ordered some routine blood tests.

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