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    so since CA doesn't experience the 4 seasons as here in new england, how do you actually feel in your spring and fall? i mean, are you virtually symptom free, more energetic, happier?

    i know I AM. but i will surely tolerate winter more than the terrible summers here. there are many days that i just go from air conditioning, walk out to the car and feel exhausted. is that bad or what? i'm 47 and in the summer i just am somewhat useless and have to avoid lots of outdoor activities, obviously!!

    let me know, how you feel during your spring and fall.
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    I had a big ol long response here.. and Poof!! Off it went to cyber space!! So... this one is gonna be shorter because I have to leave in a few minutes..

    We are about the same age.. I'll be 46 next month..
    I see you are still working too.. How in the heck do we do this!! lol!

    The spring and summer are a little better.. like you the heat exhausts me.. the winter flares up my joints and raynaulds..

    I haven't had a symptom free day in over 10 years.. I don't know what it would feel like! gosh.. that would be like heaven!!

    I do events.. (weddings, parties etc.) for a living.. during the spring and fall, (and holidays!)I work extra
    long hours because it is the most popular time of the year for weddings..

    when I get run-down.. I flare..

    It's a vicious cycle.. I need my insurance.. I need my income.. I work my butt off.. I get sick..

    But.. at least then I'm not sweating and sick.. or freezing and sick!! lol!

    Ok.. I gotta scoot.. we are off to see my stepson tonight!

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    i cannot believe what you're doing to earn your $ and insurance------you deserve a great big medal for that!! if you've been doing it for years then perhaps your body has adjusted and become stronger 'cuz i know i'd be on the floor in just hours!

    when you're in a flare, you STILL work the banquets??

    you're a strong woman for sure. i'm certainly not a wet noodle by any means but i also have osteoarthritis in my lower back so you see why my reaction!

    when was your last flare? ya know, i'm surprised that i haven't had a bad one for a while now...have the other wonderful symptoms like headache, slight fogs, minor aches and pains. oh, and recently: a new symptom, my feet have been a bit painful. like shots of random pain on the soles and tops of each feet. not a big deal but i can't seem to find another reason for this other than fibromyalgia.

    keep in touch when you can!! have a good day today!
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    Hi Kim!
    You know actually, I started this job after I got sick. I was on complete bed rest for a year.

    I was a factory supervisor by trade and I knew I couldn't go back to that.

    I started here as a banquet server, I would work a shift and go home and sleep for two days! Eventually I worked into sales, then Banquet Manager.

    I gave up my job as Banquet Manager because I couldn't take the long hours on my feet and went back to sales..

    I worked up to Sales Director and here I am.. I don't have to do all of the banquets. Just the high profiles. The majority of the time I'm behind a desk pushing paper and booking events.

    I work 90 percent of the weddings.. But I don't have to stay for the whole event, just get the bride down the isle and get them through all their agenda events... (toast, cake, 1st dance.. etc. ) then the Banquet manager takes over.

    I do work most of the political events.. We have got to dinners for a lot of important people.. even the govenator!

    I love my job.. but it is exhausting. I have been hospitalized a few times with my colitis and it seems it has alway been when I got really run down. The only wedding I ever missed I was in the hospital.

    The biggest problem is the fibro fog. I've learned to work through the pain with the help of meds for the most part.. but not through the fog. It is causing me alot of grief.

    I have actually been flaring for a few months now. I think it is just that I have been run down. But my lymph nodes have been swollen off and on since before Thanksgiving.. fevers, more joint and back pain then normal.. And just exhausted. My new signiture fragrance is Ben Gay!

    There are many days I go home and go straight to bed.. Not fair to my family but sometimes there is just nothing left.

    The thing with your feet.. Ok.. alot of us get Planter facitis. That was the reason I gave up being banquet manager. I know Tonakay also has it and a few others on the board. Mine started out feeling like a stone bruise on my heel and at it's worse I got shooting pains all the way up my leg with it. I don't know if it is really part of fibro but alot of us seem to get it. You may want to do a search on it and see if it sounds like what you are dealing with..

    Ok... I gotta get busy! New Years meeting in a while!!

    Have a great day!