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    Hey there! :)

    I just wanted to say "HI" from one doxie lover to another!:)

    I have never meet another person that has as many doggies as I do! LOL

    I too, have SIX dachshunds!

    I have 3 black and tan long haired ( two are female, one is male ) I have two short haired red/brown males, and one short haired black and tan female!

    You are so right on your profile "they are just like potato chips" just simply cannot have one! LOL LOL

    My dachshunds are the light of my life."OK" my Grandson is too......but honestly my dachshunds make my life worth living!

    Iam happy to meet you and happy that we share the same fondness of the dachshund breed!

    BTW I also have a rottweiller, and a dalmation!

    So............I have a total of EIGHT doggies! LOL

    P.S. Please feel free to post to me anytime. I'd love to share doxie stories with you! :) LOL
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  3. doxygirl

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