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    I couldn't figure out how to respond to your question on my post, so I'm answering you this way.
    My acupuncturist is also a Dr. of Chinese medicine. He puts toether the herbs for me. What
    happens, is, on the first visit he asks all kinds of questions, and looks at any medical test results
    I might have from my regular M.D.., then he takes the pulses on both wrists. Then he looks at
    my tongue. He has been looking at my face and my eyes. After I have the acupuncture needles
    in, he leaves me in the room, with subdued light and lovely music. During this tiime, if I have
    requsted herbs, he makes a preparation up especially to fit my needs at that time.
    My insurance happens to pay 60%(I have health insurance from my school district, linked to
    Blue Crosss Foundation Plus). I pay the difference at the time of the visit. Herbs, however,
    are not covered. My acupuncturist has dropped all insurance compay associations except mine.
    He is goingn to change his office around, so he can work on many people at once, and then
    he price will go down to about $20,00 a visit. Some acupuncturists already do this,
    and some work only on the ear, wnich contains points that refer to the whole body.
    One rarely needs to put a gown on. I can't lay down, and my acupuncturist has had great
    success working on me, fully clothed, and sitting up.
    I hope this helps.

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