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    i think you need to go backdown the tanf...not unless they expect your son's father to support you and your daughter tooo...

    call yu congressmans office in regards to the tanf situation as well and the ssa issue....

    you are in dire straites right now...i know welfare isn't much trust me been on it...and i even had a ding dong case worker send me to the work classes...and the other one caught and called me up jodie we can not have you working if you are disabled...i said i was just doing what the caseworker told me...and told her thank god..i needed surgery in less than amonth i was was having a nervous breakdown...

    anyways...i can not beileive the states think 300$ is enough to support the three of you...but then again maybe it is so...i know a couple of years ago here in marin coutny california they were giving me...548.00 a month to live off from to pay my health insurance...then when they did get some chid support theywould give me a $50 dollare disreagard....well let me tell you rent is expensive here i had a 2 bedroom 2/bath apt...paid 1,245 a month for rent plus my utliities do the the heck could i afford to live here....

    so i was ready to packup go to michigan go live w/my disfunctional parents until i got my section 8 voucher...well anyways alocoholic boyfriend at the time said he would pay me and nt to leave..well he did...but basicaly i sold my soul...luckliy he was not physically abusinve ,,,he would make some synde comments at times but i knew whee they wee coming form...

    sorry this is long...

    what abut your daughter getting a part-time job to help w/rent? i know how hard that must be to think about...

    how about finding a roomate or something?

    call the social worker see ab out emerngency funding for rent and a section 8...anything...hud housing....

    i have beenthere and still am workign through this mess myself

    call congressman office do not email them they will not ususally read them...i wasm or successful by calling them personally...

    contact yru socal worker theya re there to help you

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    bumping for you
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    Thank you so much for all the information, when i applied for tank they said because of my son child supoort it was over the guide lines. in the state of indiana for 2 kids there tanf amount is 294 per month and food stamps and medicaid. So they say im over the limit for cash assistance.

    Im going to contact my local sentors and congressmen to see what all i can do, Something has to help.You had said can my daughter get part time job, my daughter is only 9yrs old, i have talked to my 16 yrs old son about getting part time work after school, with hopes he will, its so hard to get kids to understand what mom is going through here, esp. teens..

    I have all the info so contact sentors and congressman and who ever may be able to help in my case i think. i just have to get letters wrote and keep fighting for this. im very disappointed at my lawyer for the appeals board, when i went to his office he told me your case will be approved at appeals or remanded back to a new ALJ being the judge you had was bias. Well appeals said they were not excepting my appeal and dont feel there law judge made any wrong decisions.

    But yet after all my complaining about how this law judge did me he is no longer in indianapolis and was only a law judge here for 3 yrs. he discards all there own vocational expert had to say at the hearing she told him there was no job i could do. he told me while he was waiting for my neurophyic tests results if i would go get a job he would pay me all the back pay from the day i appied but no futher checks, thats un heard of. This SS case has really been horrible, I keep being told it my age caue I'm only 43 they say. I have so many health problems its unreal. but yet so many other cases with less or same some younger some older than me win there case. i must be doing something wrong here.

    I want to thank you all everyone who has taken time to give me advise and phone numbers and names of who to contact. Vilke has been my friend here for few yrs now, she knows all i have gone through, she has been wonderful in helping me im very grateful too.And I thank everyone for all the kind words and help here.

    I will keep you up to date as i keep fighting this battle to try and live and support my 2 kids. its been a nightmare for me. and it just drains me so badly.From the time i wake up till i do to sleep which i dont get much sleep pain wake me up alot, i worry and wonder what to do next.

    I did get help from trustee with power bill she was able to pay 227 on my bill that left me oweing 360 still then now i have new bill in cut off notice and my bill is 640 i have appointment on 24 with energy assistance i was told they can help apy some of it. and Im going to contact churches see if they will help too, I have to have power me and my daughter both have to take breathing treatments daily. i told power company this they dont care I told them I cant work im waiting on SS they dont care.

    its a ruff road to go but I have faith and I pray it gets better.and again thank you so much for all your kind words and advise.
    love dreamer6200

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    for you...try salvation army see they can help as well w/utilites...can yo et a smaller apt...or a roomate to help...

    i have been where you have been...stilled worried about every day...well one day at a time...

    best wishes

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    call you local housing authority if not....see if they have any hud housing available for the diabled....

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    I am not sure if I understand who is having the problem or what, but I do know how hard it is to get SSD. They always turn you down the 1st time, why I don't know. On appeal, this is what I did. My Phychiatrist & Rheumatologist wrote letters to the court stating that I waa disabled due to this
    damn disease. My sister also wrote a letter stating how

    much I had changed. She stated how my cognitive skills are so bad, i.e. I can't think straight, loss of memory, confusion, depression etc. I gave all of these to my lawyer.
    When I had my appeal they had a court appointed phychiatrist and a dr. there who asked me alot of ??'s. It

    was approved. Do you have a lawyer that specializes in Social Security? Do you feel he is good & that he faught
    well for you? They will pay you back pay. I don't know if this helps in this area or not. Well, I wish you GOOD LUCK!!

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