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    Hi! I am in no means an expert or have all the answers. I am still waiting to be diagnosed. I tried Lyrica for a couple of days until I found out how much it was going to cost me a month. With Blue Cross PPO it was going to be $45. For some people that is not a lot but I am a single mom and live on a teachers salary and like the rest of us on here I have med. bills out the a**! It also did not offer immediate relief which is what I want.

    I have been having horrible headaches and pain in the neck which I was told was a tension headache. The doc adjusted me and it went away for about 3 hours. (These have been going on for about 1 1/2 months. Pain pills would last for an hour or two and then they were back. Went back to the doc and got a shot of Toridol(sp) in the hip on Wednesday. I did not want to have a miserable Thanksgiving. I woke up Thursday without a headache!!! If I get one now it is tolerable. They told me it is a temp. fix but it did offer relief. My blood pressure has been high so not sure it that was causing them or not.

    I also went to Wal-Mart and bought an Anti-stress Microwaveable Pillow for around $10.( I found it in the Pharmacy) It seems to help. I would not put it in over a 1 min and 30 seconds because it does get warm. Also if you are sensitive to smell I think it smells like Froot Loops.

    I too just found this web site and find it so helpful. Up until recently I did not have a doc that really listened to me and my family thinks I am a whiner, hyprochonriac.... Which lately I guess I have been a whiner.

    Good luck with the neck pain and if you find anything else that works, please let me know!!

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    Hi There,haven't been on in a couple weeks and still missed your reply to me until tonight.I just can't figure out this new web site,OH WELL maybe I'm just dense!!!!I certainly hope you are feeling better and your neck and head are alot better. I too have a pillow type thing that I put in the microwave it kinda smells like herbs. It really helps it makes a moist heat.I use my heating pad alot too.I'm proud to say that I've felt better this week than I can remember. It's almost scary, I've been almost housebound for a year and I've been out 3 times this week with my husband WOW!!!Kind thoughts to you all. efaye