To Elaine and All whose Dad's talked to them ALOT !!

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    I Had A Father Who Talked With Me:

    I had a father who talked with me.

    Allowed me the right to disagree,

    To question - and always answered me,

    As well as he could - and truthfully.

    He talked of adventures, horrors and war;

    Of Life,its meaning, what love was for;

    How each would always need to strive

    To improve the world to keep it alive.

    Stressed the duty we owe one another

    To be aware each man is a brother.

    Words for laughter he also spoke,

    A silly song or happy joke.

    Time runs along, some say I'm wise,

    That I look at a life with seeing eyes.

    My heart is happy, my mind is free,

    I had a father who talked with me !!

    I thought this was beautiful. It was in the paper in the Dear Abby's column so some may have already seen this. A loving daughter assked Abbie to repeat this for her and Abbie did for all good fathers !! It was written by a talented retired school teacher who was also a writer.

    I know I am thinking about my deceased father as well as many of you. I know Elaine sure is !!

    Enjoy !!


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